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"I reminded her that her mom died and this would be good motivation."

You say it so casually...

Well, her mom died of cancer so I reminded her that if she doesn't watch her diet she may end up the same way.

This is actually a good way to get people to change their eating habits. A friend of mine had a heart attack at 47 and he went from 250 to 175 and has stayed there for 10 years or so.

Overweight is not only not sexy, it is dangerous to your health and to your emotional state. Like my SIL is all sad she cant meet a nice guy.

Plus, processed food will make you depressed from all the chemicals.
First off, thank all the supportive people here who helped motivate my sister in law to get herself on a diet.

I am happy to report that for two days there has been no Popeye's Chicken and she has gone to the gym.

I showed her this article that someone here sent me:

I reminded her that her mom died and this would be good motivation.

I will post some before pics and then as this progresses we can all see the results.
I have one large pic in my profile but I could only fit so much. Plus I'm always adding stuff.
I have not been over there this week. I am working from home today because I need to pass a certain mission in GTA 4.

I will try to get over there Monday or Tues and let you know. I would guess someone may buy it for Halloween but if not it will sit there forever.
A cd is like 10 bucks on iTunes and you find it quick and download it fast.

Why would anyone bother stealing music. It's not worth the time.
LOL - dude, save your money and look for deals

Sorry for the little rant. I just hate little babies like TedWard. I mean, get a life.
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Because you're most likely to develop better technique since you won't have the amp's distortion covering up all your mistakes.

+head explodes+

not all of us play with distortion.
I have a story that's pretty funny now but at the time was scary.

One time I came home and the cops were at my house with a warrant. They took my computers, a bunch of computer books and all my cd-roms.

It turns out someone had been threatening someone in my town and they were on my un-secure wireless network. This was before wireless was common.

It took about a year to get this fixed and to get all my stuff back - which sucked and it cost me a few grand in legal fees. They never caught the person (to my knowledge).

That's why I always tell people here don't threaten the president or say anything too crazy.

They have sold more Hannah Montana cds and guitars then all the Diamond Darrell stuff combined.

Hannah Montana didn't even have to die for her career to take off.

I mean, both were sell outs. Hannah Montana was created by Disney and Diamond was a glam boi hair metal guy like CC DeVille who was created by Mark Ferarri.

Diamond Darell is pwned by HM


Seriously, what an idiot.

Oh, and just to show what a jerk Tedward is, here is a pic of the Hummingbird on the same table (Ethan Allen Drawing Table) as the Tele as well as another James Burton Tele I own on the same table.

Usually the people that are like, you don't own teh geetar" are the types with no clips of their playing and/or own a bunch of crap.

Quote by Tedward
I dont believe you actually own ALL of those guitars.

That's ok. Someone else said that so I made a bunch of videos at one point and if you look at my pics most of them are taken in the same few rooms. Also, you'll notice with the stuff I have had for a while I will sometimes have a shot with a couple other guitars in my collection mixed together.

It's all good.

The Gibson was $950.00. The Tele was $850.00

It seems like a foreign concept in this forum that some people are not morons and actually have the drive to make money.

I mean, I spent like less then 2 grand. If you can't save that and you're an adult maybe you need a new job.

As I have said many times, when I was a student at Berklee a friend and I saw that DAWs were going to be the thing of the future.

We wrote a business plan in a dorm room and using our newly learned Director skills we started producing DAW tutorials on cd-rom. We would sell these to music stores and eventually a lot of the big stores (Sweetwater, GC) were selling (and still sell) our discs.

We sold out in 2006 to a giant company. My wife is a nurse, but she only works three days a week but we do ok. I'm not a billionaire, but I have enough money to buy what I want.

Moral of the story - if you're not a fool and your not lazy you can have all the guitars you want.
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For Christmas last year, my dad bought me Spongebob: The Movie... which i don't even watch or like. My mom bought me some underwear and a sweater, and my grandma gave me one of those chocolate oranges. I don't really get any money, and usually the family rules for Christmas presents is no more than $40.

At first, I was really convinced that you were just some spoiled kid, but after reading into your story, your dad seems to be a really cool guy. In fact, you're a good man, you freakin' bought him a 1961 Fender Jazzmaster. That's pretty cool.

Well, my parents were not rich but they were educated. My brother was not into music but my dad supported him in what he did and coached sports teams (my dad is not really a sports guy) and all those kind of things.

As a parent, I can honestly tell you that one thing that was passed onto me is that if your children are interested in something positive you should encourage them.

If my son wants to be a guitar player, baseball player or cheerleader I will encourgae and support him. Unless he wants to be an emo, I would boot him out of the house.

I feel sorry for the kids who have loser parents that don't support their interest in music. I remember kids like that growing up - whose parents hated that they played guitar.

At the time I didn't understand it. Today I understand it. Some (most) of those kids were losers who had tried a bunch of things and didn't stick with anything. Most of them also were idiots who didn't do well in school.
every night put olive oil on a cotton ball and rub it in real
1- released a few products at work
2- started my sister in law on a diet
hang out at the following places:

1- sporting events
2- steakhouses
3- with republicans
4- with chavs
stop being a fat lazy biotch. Join a gym and man up and talk to girls.

sounds harsh, but it's true.

you're insecure. you must either have bad parents or no dad. i'm not sure which. trust me, high school girls are 10000x more insecure then you are.

you seem like a decent guy man up.
Depends on what you want to do.

If you're bright and driven you will do fine. Go to college for four years and work hard. Your 4 years of hard work will be rewarded.

If you're the type of loser that is always getting in trouble at school, blaming everyone else for your problems (like your single mother on welfare goes to school and blames the teachers) and you drink and/or do drugs chances are your life is going to be funny (to SenorSmiley).

The real world is the best. I liked high school and when I think back on it I remember playing in a rock band, playing sports and having fun. In reality I think we tend to forget that you used to have to sit in classes that were boring, deal with certain teachers that were not as good as they should have been (some were great), and just deal with a bunch of crap.

I would take adult life over kid life any day.
Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band:


The California Dreams:
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I'm a total chav in the ole' US of A.

you and me both. let's stomp some emos.

Seriously, the girl is probably too hot to hang out for you and she got a better offer. Either that or she said yes for pity then her friends laughed at her so she backed out.

You can find someone else.
I am the same thing every year.

When I was in college I drove a UPS truck and I still have the suit.
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don't b dissin tha pit yo

maybe the ts is a chav. in that case go stomp some emos instead.
you probably get all your dating advice from 11 year old emos online.
Fair enough.

I bought this 1993 CS Reissue Fender Telecaster this past weekend as well.

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just dont drink yourself to death or get buttraped.
a guy from the local college died of alcohol poisoning during an initiation. you definitely wanna make sure that if you drink, you're around people who know how to act in those situations.

Yes, we all know a group of fratbois are responsible.

Frats are pretty gay if you ask me.

A bunch of guys doing paddling and homoerotic, ritualistic things in the dark.

It's like a Priest concert without the good tunes.
i would say do not make a backup track. play alone.

put a clip in ur profile
Just picked this up. 100th Anniversary (1994) Model.

look up walk this way by run dmc. it will tell you everything you need to know

Like the guy above says:

Sometimes you don't your own way.

Whatever that means
^ also bringing Batman and Robin and Sandy Duncan on Scooby Doo.

Also, the ending of St Elsewhere - the whole show was in the mind of a retard

Also cancelling OJ Simpson's show on Court TV. The last episode was awesome though.

Best TV ever?

Tie - Ralph Malph being MOLOK - devil singer on Happy Days


On Life Goes On when Corkey stole the Driver Ed car and tried to drive.
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I joined this band recently.
I joined as a bassit but I really want to play guitar
but there are already 2 guitarists already then the 3rd "guitarist"
We're all pretty good except this one kid.
I HATE this kid ***(for a seperate reason)
He literally cannot play, he's LEARNING guitar.
He doesnt own an instument.
I already have a guitar and a quote "big ass amp"
But I'm not allowed to play since I'm the bassit. I dont own a bass.
I CAN play bass really good though But I'd rather be a guitarist

TRANSLATION = You suck worse then a kid who doesn't own a guitar.

Solution = quit band and take lessons. Get really good (almost as Good as SenorSmiley) and show them
What did one Dead Head say to the other Dead Head when they ran out of weed?
"Jesus Christ, this band sucks."

How can you tell the Polish Jew at The Wailing Wall?
He's the one with the harpoon.

Dirty Johnny catches his father opening a prophylactic.
He says, "What are you doin', Pop?"
His father says, "Son...uh...son, I'm going to try to catch a rat."
Johnny says, "Yeah? What are you going to do when you catch it? **** it?"

A guy says to his friend, "I can't remember if the doctor told me my wife has AIDS or Alzheimer's."
His friend says, "It's simple. Drive her to the other side of town. If she finds her way home, don't **** her."

Did you hear about the blind gynecologist?
He reads lips.

Why'd the feminist cross the road?
To suck my c**k.

Saran Wrap is 50 years old today.
Well, it's actually 52 years old, but it took two years to get the roll started.

Why'd so many black guys die in Viet Nam?
Because every time somebody yelled, "Get down," they'd get up and dance.

How can you tell if the Easter Bunny is gay?
Take a whiff and see if the carrot you left out for him smells like shite.

How do you say brassiere in German?

Did you hear about the fly on the toilet seat?
He got pissed off.

What's the difference between a white cow and a black cow?
A white cow goes, "Moo", and a black cow goes, "Moo out de way."

How about the Polish guy who was jerking off in a restaurant because the sign said, "First come, first served?"

What would you call a Mexican woman with no legs?
I don't eat a whole pizza because I am not a ginourmous fatty moo moo - nor do I want to be.

It's ok once in a while, but it's not healthy!
Continuing Happy Days without Richie, Potsie and Ralph Malph. Also, making Fonzie a teacher
Bringing the Harlem Globetrotters onto Scooby Doo
Bringing Sam onto Different Strokes
Trying to remake Fawlty Towers for the USA (I forgot what it was called but it sucked)
Doogie Houser moving out of his parents' home
Replacing the brother of California Dreams with some stranger
Continuing Saved By The Bell without the real people
Replacing The Rockford Files with Magnum PI (also bringing Tom Selleck on TRF)
Making any episodes of Friends
Any REAL WORLD season after 3
Replacing Mr. T with Paul Lynde on The A Team
Replacing Horseshack on Welcome Back Cotter
When Adam Sandler replaced Cockeroach on The Cosby Show
The Cosby Show without Denise

These are just a few
Just put food coloring in your eye
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I haven't been mentioned at all...bastard

Domino_92 is my favorite
I would say sell it as a fake. As long as someone knows it is a fake I don't see you having a problem.

The only caveat I would add is that if you sell it on ebay make someone write 'for fake gibson' on the check or mo memo line so someone doesn't try to reverse scam you.