Damn it the pics wont share. But I got a Marshall 2555x (Silver Jubilee reissue). Best 2k I ever spent
So I ended up getting a Marshall 2555x 😍😍😍
So after a lot of amp tests, listening to clips and thinking, my new amp has been bought.
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My studio is a 2 bedroom house with an extra room and garage, and is still packed. AND I have some gear at the house.

I am single now, but I was engaged for six years or so. so glad she is not around. lol. thank God we never got married. but I refused due to uneven distribution of assets.

Thats gonna be me in 6 months 😂 im probably gonna end up stashing stuff I dont use in dads garage again.

Kinda glad I never got engaged, in fact that was the reason we broke up (she wanted to get married/buy a house/have more kids, I still want to travel the rest of the world I havent seen and being a dad to one is more than enough right now).
Haha. I also asked the SLOClone guys to send me some clips, they said they would in the next few days
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lol not according to Dave_Mc regarding recent site changes! although they seem to be back to the good old normal look now for the most part. function is another whole thing.

what's up shadow! good to see you back. good luck constructing the new rig.

dannyalcatraz you look pale in that pic.

Cheers Gregs. Ill pop by from time to time with updates/show off my setup when its done.

Is it sad that I live in a 2 bedroom flat but I sleep on a sofa bed now so I can have one room just for guitar stuff?
Thanks for the tips guys

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Hey Shadow 666!

Long time no see. Hope all is well. Sorry to hear about your hand and x-wif

The Hot Rod Avenger on the other hand I did really gel with and had a happier price tag in my budget range at the time. I gave it serious consideration when I got my Splawn instead. I know you don't want to hear this but a Splawn is what you want. It hits right in the middle of everything you are looking at right now. So, if you happen to see one used in AUS then buy it.

Good luck mang!

Not ex wife thank God haha. (Thats a bit harsh - shes a good lady and a a great mother to our child, we just had different plans in life).

As for the Splawn, Ive never even seen one in this country haha. So thanks A-hole 😂 because I checked out the site on a whim and emailed Scott about shipping and payment options just out of curiosity. Not only did he get back to me within 10 minutes like a deadset gentleman, his deposit policy means I could realistically think about ordering one in the next week or two. I particularly dig the Nitro with the KT88s from what ive heard.

So now another one to add to the list. Youve forgotten more about Splawn amps than I it worth it?
So after a few years of not playing guitar at all due to varying factors (hand injury/work/daughter/unsupportive ex partner), I'm back in the game as of a few months ago.

My current rig (which has been living in my dad's garage and collecting dust since 2013) is a Randall RH50T head and Orange 2x12. The cab is sweet, the head is nice but it's not really what I'm looking for at this point. And since I have some money to spend I figured what the hell let's upgrade.

Originally I was tossing up between a (new) Marshall DSL100H (about $1100AU) and a used Mesa Stiletto (guy's selling for $1500AU).

Pros for DSL:
- new so less questions off the bat (yes I know the build quality of the Mesa v a VIetnam-built Marshall means the Mesa may still be a better option in this area, whatever, peace of mind with new is real)
- prefer the high gain tone of the DSL, to me it cuts through better and sounds better for metalcore rhythms
- cheaper

Pros for Stiletto:
- Mesa quality as mentioned above (put it this way, I have no concerns with a used Mesa, I would if it was a used DSL)
- Clean channel (to me) has a bit more sparkle and character than the Marshall (it sounds like a good British clean)
- bit more exclusivity/cool points than the Marshall and let's be honest that's worth something.
- sounds better at low volumes than the Marshall to my ears - matters because I live in a block of units with all old Greek ladies who I don't particularly need to annoy (hell hath no fury like a pissed off yiayia)

So I was originally tossing up between these two amps, then I found something even cooler. A Soldano SLO (my dream amp) clone that would ship to me. It's not an exact copy of a SLO - it doesn't have the DeYoung transformers - but a clone of my favourite amp, at a price I can (in a couple weeks) afford...albeit more than the Mesa (by my maths it's gonna be a little over $2kAU when shipping and import taxes are included).

So basically help me out here - do I go with best value (DSL), shoot for the moon (SLO clone) or split the difference with the Mesa?

Also just the usual info:
- I jam in a band that plays a hybrid of 80s hardcore and newer metalcore, I mostly play lead in that band
- I'm starting a project of my own that's basically an emo/alternative rock power trio where I use a lot more clean/crunch sounds
- if it wasn't obvious, I prefer British to American voicing
Masochism, playing guitar for the first time in years and rebuilding my rig, what have you.
*pokes nose in forum he used to post in years ago*

*sees several familiar usernames*

*smiles with the comfort of knowing some things stay as they were meant to be*
Update: I got very lucky on eBay and found this baby for $600.

I've only played it a couple times so far but I love it. Versatile as hell, sounds surprisingly good clean (way better than a 5150/6505) and the gain is really sweet to my ears. I'd like to get a bit more punch out of it, but I'm learning the EQ is extremely broad so I'm sure I'll find a tone I love (I tend to like very heavy bass/mids and lighter on the treble).
Quote by AWACS
Why not get another JCM800?

Oh man...I would, but like I said, money's a factor. For me to save up for another JCM800 (considering I picked the old one up for $1200 after haggling and that was a total bargain) would take me too long or I'd have to dip into my house deposit fund which I'd really rather not do. Like I said, my new gear money is about 50% tax return and 50% winnings from a good night at the casino a few weeks ago.

Quote by Dave_Mc
welcome back

i dunno if the 20 watt jet city will have enough headroom, as spambot says. I haven't tried the others (and have only tried the 50 watt jet city head).

Dave! How are ya you Irish bastard?

Thanks for the advice bro. You're right, I've listened to a few clips and I'm not sold on the Jet City's cleans. I've played the VHT and it's better in that regard. Haven't tried the Randall yet but reviews say it's pretty good at staying clean at high volumes.
So after selling off all my guitar gear about a year ago (including my beloved Marshall JCM800...*sniff*) I've decided it's time to get back in the game now that I have a house and a spare room to dedicate to gear.

I've been searching amps lately and the ones I'm looking at right now are:
- Randall Diavlo RD50C
- VHT Lead 20
- Krank Rev Jr (used)
- Jet City JCA2212 20w

Keep in mind I will try all of them before I buy (I've tried a Rev Jr before and liked it, haven't given any others a spin yet) - this thread is just me looking for anyone who's owned any of these amps or has extensive experience with them and is willing to drop a few pearls of wisdom.


- I play in a pop punk/hardcore band (think A Day To Remember, Escape The Fate, Sleeping With Sirens) but I muck around with all kinds of stuff in my spare time. I.e. I need a versatile amp with a good clean channel/clean headroom that can also play heavier leads. Not deathcore heavy, but gain is nice.

- Read the above, read it again, then ask yourself if I really want a 5150/6505/etc. (The forum really has not changed much since I used to be a regular).

- Gigs are in the future, so it needs to not only have nice cleans but headroom that I can play un-miked gigs (parties, parking lots etc) without much if any breakup.

- I have no objections to used gear, but finding good value used stuff in Sydney is like finding a jacuzzi in the desert. What comes up tends to go very quickly. It's not a great market right now. The used Rev Jr belongs to a friend of a friend who lives 4 hours away.

- My budget is $600AUD max and I would ideally not even spend that. Don't bother suggesting that I save more and wait - my money goes on my kid, my bills, my car or towards a future deposit on a house. This money is really gambling winnings/leftover tax return more than anything.

Cheers in advance
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weezer and green day duh

American Beauty rock.
OK guys, so one of my mates just had his first child and my nephew (Well, not biologically, but you know how it goes).

I'm playing a solo gig tomorrow (opening for a friend's band in a backyard) and I want to do a cover of a song that's about and appropriate for the birth of a baby boy. Unfortunately most of the songs that come to mind about childbirth are ****ing lame (With Arms Wide Open, Lightning Crashes etc).

Anyone able to think of any good songs that can be played acoustically for such an occasion? Folk/punk type stuff is best but open to anything. Nothing too hard though - only a few hours to learn it right.
Forgot to say - I also love to cook (especially to bake) to the point where any girl who moves in with me has to learn the kitchen is my domain.
I liked dressing up and impersonating women's characters from the books I read as a kid, but otherwise I was pretty much a little dude. I played sports and only wore boys clothes cause that's all my folks bought me.

My 12 year old sister also played sports and wore my old clothes, but she did all the girly stuff as well. It is true and ****ed that because masculinity is seen as superior, girls doing "boy" stuff is alright and even encouraged - when my sis showed talent for soccer our dad was rapt - but boys doing "girl" stuff is somehow wrong. I had my dramatic flair beat out of me pretty quick, although it's resurfaced now I'm an adult.
I once sexually assaulted a horse in Berlin.
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start by learning complicated drum rolls, polyrhythms and how to play while chugging a beer. Don't worry so much about keeping the beat because that's the guitarists job. Make sure to remind him of this! Play loud so people will know you're there. it's important

Sounds like solid advice. Doing this. Thanks bro.
Here's the deal. I've been playing bass in a band with my friends for a while. Haven't really gotten anywhere because finding a drummer has been nigh on impossible.

The other guys suggested to me today that maybe I could give drums a go and we could get one of our other mates in on bass. Nek minnit, I'm agreeing and buying a drum kit that I see for cheap on Gumtree.

Problem is, I've never really played drums before in my life. We're a no talent punk band where basically my main job is to hit hard and fast so I figured I can do that - but am I being delusional? If not, where do I go from here - would a couple of lessons be a good idea or am I wasting my time thinking I can get it in such a short space of time?

We won't be playing shows for a while, but I reckon I'd like to give this a go. However, I wanted some advice first and while the Pit may be a hive of scum, villainy and ******ation I figure some of you must know a bit about this sorta thing.
So moved into the new house today. Been here five hours and already the neighbours hate us because of my guitar playing. Plus, our dogs. And our mates coming round and us all having a few drinks in the front yard.

Goddamnit I hate the yuppies of inner Sydney.
I studied politics but I'm a web copywriter.

If I hadn't knuckled down I'd be even more of a ****-up than I am.
I listen to everything except dance music and extreme metal.
She's still hot and can sing. I saw her a few days back at Soundwave.
TS is just butthurt cause the hair metal bands get more pussy than he could dream of pulling with his experimental grind noise blackened death thrash metal one man project.
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Which JCM800 is it?

4010 50w lead combo. I think it's a 1986 model but not 100% sure.
Need some settings advice guys.

I got a JCM800 combo a couple years ago, but have hardly been able to use it in my old apartment because of noise issues so I only ever played it live where I just wanted crunch.

Now I'm moving into a house with my fiancee and kid (those of you who remember when I was a regular a few years ago and what an irresponsible f***wit I was may be surprised) I've actually got some place to play it.

My new band is alt-country-punk (Basically we're just Lucero wannabes) but I'm trying to find the right sound. I know you can get beautiful glistening cleans out of a JCM800 but I can't find it. Anyone got any tips?
My #1 is musician, but I'm also a professional copywriter so if all else fails I got that.
I love Phillip. He don't give a f***.
There was a time when I did, but I'm too old for that shit now.

Besides, I like punk, hardcore and hip hop and dislike most metal.
Hey guys. Long time, no see, but I just needed some advice.

Thinking of digging out my cash I keep hidden from my fiancee/kid for this.

Old school analog 4-track. Good buy?
It's a very volatile friendship if it is. But I'll only accept it as such when I let her meet my kid.

As for the second part, that was my indirect doing. I used to have them on my Twitter page and one day I reverse psychologied her into looking at it/following me. A week later she was comparing my penis to a giant dildo she'd seen in a sex shop.
No pics on me, but I spent my entire Xmas bonus on a JCM800 50w combo.

Thank you, Hindu atheism refusal to celebrate Xmas.
I wouldn't call us friends. It's a bit of a love-hate relationship. There are some things that are very friend zone-ish (she comes to me when she wants to know shit for her TAFE course etc) but she's also more than happy to tell me to get ****ed and give me shit whenever any of our coworkers start joking about it or whenever I hit on her or she thinks I'm hitting on her. Again, this is about half the time - the other half she'll come wiggle her butt in front of my dick or talk dirty to me.

Another note: she's seen pix of me naked and she knows that I'm pretty well endowed. Not bragging, just stating the fact. I like to talk about it around her.
Plenty. To name a few: Rancid, Green Day, Offspring (within the punk scene), Rev Theory, Creed (by seemingly everyone), a lot of 80s hair metal (by elitist metalheads who're jealous they were getting all the pussy back in the day).
Done that already. She's said yes once but I had to cancel because my grandma died. Second time, she said no. Third time she said to figure out a better date.
If you'd asked me before this year I would've said men without question.

Then when I worked in a movie theatre and saw the crowds of women coming in for Magic Mike and the things they were saying (I saw more than one dildo in a purse)...I think both enjoy it the same, women are socially conditioned not to show it as much most of the time.
Raised Hindu. I don't believe in God, so I guess you could call me an atheist.

However I do follow some Hindu rituals and observe certain days - not because I'm religious but more out of wanting to uphold my cultural heritage.
Merry Xmas arseholes. I don't celebrate it, but it's my kid's first and she got all excited.