Does anyone here own both the 333 and the 333xl? Or has anyone played on both? I'd like to know the difference between the tone of both.

I read a review from somebody who said the 333 has the exact tone that they always wanted, and that it sounded really good; but the 333xl had a little different in tone with "tighter" gain than the 333.

I'd just like to know what's the better option.
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Hey, I use podfarm. If you really want a decent metal tone, I heavily reccomend getting the metal shop pack and use the amps that come with that.

My chain is usually:

Noise gate ----> Tube screamer ------> Amp from metal shop expansion --------> suitable cab&mic ----> reverb [optional]

Yeah I've already picked that up. Guess I just have to tweak around for a bit.
Before purchasing, why not wait until the Bugera trirec gets released? Check it out and you might just save yourself some money.
Does anyone have any settings for the line 6 Podfarm? I can get decent cleans/crunches. But every time I've tried getting a high distortion sound it turns out either too fizzy, or no where near distorted enough for a good metal tone.
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Oz retailers are starting to advertise the new Bugera Mesa clones!!!!

This mob are a rip off on Bugera anyway.
You can get cheaper elsewhere in Oz.


Now I have no idea if I should get the 333xl or this.
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Nah I told ya mate, theyre NOT worth a c-unt full of cold water!

DEAL with Behringer direct!

IF the prev owner registered his amp when he bought it, they will have the amps serial number on record, so you wont need the receipt!

Sounds like a lot. Then it looks LIKE they have sent it down to Melb (Kilsyth) to Eastern Keyboard Services to be fixed.
HE is the man who did the upgrades on my Bug.

Kilsyth? I'm 1 suburb from there. Very good to know that someone's close if a bugera product stuffs up.
Adds more treble to the tubes IIRC. That's what it did in my RM100 at least.
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Ive done a few stencils, but i would never do it to anyone's private property without permission. Stuff like the outside walls of public toilets etc. i think is fine. But i detest the shitty tag crews we have here in Melbourne. They throw up tags and the usual stuff, but here they are renowned for the usual other gang stuff. Stupid really.

I know exactly what you mean (being from Melbourne myself).

Not only do we have scumbags doing crappy scribbles, but we also have cops doing it too. Ever heard of CTCV? It's a bunch of undercover cops who tags over murals/pieces/colourful art so that the public think of it as hideous and ugly, Giving themselves more community support against graffiti.
100. Get hit by a train.
I used to do it a lot, passionately. Arrested twice for it too, although since I never painted anything of private property or anything that wasn't already destroyed I never served a jail sentence.

Is painting private property stupid? Oh yeah.
Is scribbling a simple word like "penis" on a wall stupid? Yep.

If I ever saw somebody doing one of the above I'd be outraged. Painting on somebodies house, car, truck, what have you; is stupid, disrespectful, and giving the real artists a bad reputation.

I don't stand by that type of stuff. I stand by colourful pieces and murals, and after being arrested, have resorted to doing legal pieces in areas with councils permission.
I don't want to disrespect anything by expression of art, and it's better me doing something with a written letter of permission than me doing a line on a jail wall, for every day I serve.

Just keep it in mind that not all graffiti writers are bad people, looking to destroy a building.

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Knackers, I think the 333XL will be THE go for you. It does metal and all points in between. You said you may want to do other music in a few years time, so the XL will be the most versatile.

I was going to buy this 1, but it was too much overkill for me so opted for the less powerful V55HD. (Which is VERY nice btw)

But the 333XL would BE ya best bet. And GET the head. Don't go the combo. They aren't as nice and they are VERY heavy!
Better off pairing it with a GOOD speaker set like a Marshall/Celestion type arrangement, OR do what I did: LORANTZ speakers! THESE compliment the Bugeras real well!

From ya name, I assume you LIVE in Moe? Valley boy yeah?

I live about an hours drive from Moe actually. I was considering buying a head but wasn't sure if for the extra ~$150 the combo would be better. I've currently got a shitty Behringer cabinet with bugera speakers though, so I don't see using a cab would really be much of an improvement unless I'm mistaken.

I'll jump into the closest store soon and see if they can give me a hand. Sadly they only stock 333xl's (and pricey ones mind you) so I'll simply go there to test.

This picture may contain traces of midgets.

Seriously though, I heard the tiny terror was pretty good.
So I'm guessing the 6262 pulls off high gain metal easier?
About the 333/333xl, what is the loop like on it? Is it hard to set it up so that when I switch to the clean channel certain effects will be on in the loop? (chorus/delay, etc).

Which is the most versatile series from Bugera? I'm into metal, but a year or two from now things might change. I don't want to have to buy a new amplifier every time I change tastes in music.

So should I go for a 333xl or 6262?
Why don't you go for like a used ESP LTD EC-1000?
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they really have gotten a lot more reliable than what they were credited for in the past. it seems that bugera has fixed all the little problems that were associated with them ... for the price you absolutely cant come close to beating these amps IMO

That's what I'm thinking. Here in Australia they're around $900 new or so. Most other tube amps are like $2000+.
Do any of you guys have some clips of the 333/333xl, and the 6262/6260?

I'm going to be in the market for a new amplifier soon (sold the Rm100 ) and these are the only cheap ones I could find in Australia. How are the reliability of them these days?
The abominable iron sloth. Check 'em out now.
Sorry for bumping, but you guys need to get your facts straight.

AXL trademarked the VHT name when the trademark expired for Mr. Fryette. They were then able to use this name for whatever purpose they wished. Because they then owned the name, and Fryette was still producing amps under the name VHT; they sued him.

It was a sneaky move.
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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

Most useless response to a useless response I've EVER seen on ANY forum/article/blog.


Check the fuses OP.
Andy, I love you.
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Instant awesome toolesque clean sound.

Step 1: Increase gain to point you like it at.
Step 2: Lower guitar volume as low as it will go.

Isn't that called 'off' ?

Give HC a break eh? It's not their fault they actually know how to handle gear.
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I'm sure they are but I can't spend more money on modules so I'd have to trade for the ones I want (Ultra XL and Blackface). The one he's selling doesn't have any clean modules. I could cope with two modules, clean and overdrive but 3 hi gain ones is a bit annoying.

High gain modules are always in demand. I'm sure there would be someone wanting to trade for a blackface.
I've got my gain on 5 and that's enough for metal. Lower the gain, add a boost. done.
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yeah that's what it's got.
the head I'm looking at doesn't have the modules i want though which is my main issue.
****ing hate all this really.

Modules are easy to come by.
It supports either 6l6's which give a bass thump, or EL34's.
And Zoom. And just about every rack mount effect processor.
If you can look into Ernie Ball wahs, Kirk uses a rack mount EB wah which is controlled by a customized wah as the footswitch.
Try a different wall socket. Turn off any monitors also.
Dude, just get something with some brighter speakers. V30's for instance. The Randall MTS cabs are great for a lot of applications.
To be honest, I love the Diezel VH4's. I'm saving for one to run in stereo with my Rm100.
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I know that was a joke, but you're almost describing the differences there, if a little backwards.

The USA muff is more fuzzy with a more saggy response and a very loose sludgey bottom end. Tends to turn chords into mush, from my experience, so it works best for lead work imo.

The Russian muff is more of a distortion sound, with a tighter overall sound, more bottom end but not quite as sludgey sounding. Better for playing chords than the USA muff imo.

Well there you go.
The American muff will have a bigger bottom end and a fatter tone to it.

The Russian muff will hold a lot of Nuclear content.
I'm pretty sure the v847a is true bypass.
Come on guys, keep it on topic.
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You do know UG is based in Russia right? And actually, UG is much more a 'communist' (lack of a better word) society than a democracy. However, you won't get banned for voicing your opinion. Although I disagree with some of your opinions, Moe, I appreciate that you are being calm and not acting like a dick.

Well there's no point in getting pissed off and acting like a dick about it really, It's a forum. I just don't understand why the mods choose to be so harsh on little things like ebay links.
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But alas UG Newbie it is a rule. And this thread is really out of place. He never advertised a thing. He never even tried to mention his username on ebay to give someone a way to find his product he "says" he has for sale. There again, I am lead to believe he is just whining about the rules like my teenage daughter. Just tired of hearing people whine about rules. Rules make the world go around. Some can even be changed. But not by posting a useless message on a forum for people to see that have no bearing on any rule this site has made for ALL users to follow.

It has been my experience that most people who try to sell anything on here are not really out to make a profit, but rather trying to unload gear while helping another fellow musician out.

I'm done now...

I agree, rules are rules. But we can whine about it if we want. UG's rules resemble that of China's laws. And if the Chinese can protest about it, why can't we?