alright man thanks!
Ive tried different cables and guitars nothing changed, and this morning the was some cracking and random intervals and no swells in volume or distortion.
its at 4, ive had it work before and sound amazing but for some reason it stopped
So i just bought myself a 5150ii and a krank rev 4x12 both used and Ive tried them both separately and they sound amazing, i put them together and they sound amazing. But all of a sudden i turn on my amp let it warm up to play and the amp has no balls and the tone is paper thin........ dose anyone know whats going on? its probably something simple i just cant figure it out.
alright man sweet if we talk speaker wise what would be the most articulate and ballsy a v30? or maybe some eminence legends?
so i just bought a 5150 ii and its sick, and now i need a cab will balls and articulation, under 800 is my price and i can be used or new what ever. btw i use a 7 string in drop A.
are vader cabs reliable and do they sound decent, if so where can i find on in canada?
tube amps have a much warmer sound and the sound much clearer but from what ive heard the g3 is a decent amp not the best but pretty good for the price
whats the diffrence between the Marshall 1960B and the Marshall 1960A?
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They changed they're name to Fryette I think? But I've heard the amps aren't as good. you can find em used though

Also I'd prefer a combo since he only has about 700 and He'll have to cheap out on the cab. I thik it'll just be the 5150 though

yeah for a combo i have a line6 spider valve 112 and holy balls not even kidding you can get almost any sound your looking for. alot of people dont like line 6 but i had this combo for about 1 year now and it has fallen off my cab once and only a knob broke. its very derible and its got a decent sound, good cleans and i play veil of maya on it and august burns red. i think it has an august burns red sound already made so yeah.
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JB uses a Block Letter 5150 with Mesa Cabs and Brent uses a VHT head of some sort. Not sure the model

did vht stop selling there amps?
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Ok so now my friend needs a good metal amp.
Budget: 700 or so. This is a an estimate since he's selling stuff to fund this.
Location: NYC
Most likely new but possibly used
Gigging: Hell yeah
Looking for a tone similar to August Burns Red and Veil of Maya

1) I would have him get the 6505+ 112 but it's not coming out for a while and he needs this amp soon.
2) No Bugera since he's gonna be gigging a lot with this and hauling it around. The last thing we need is relalability problems.

I'm just thinking a 5150 or a VH140-C if I can find one.

I know veil of maya uses the randal rm100 but that is too high in price, do you need a cab with that budget? or do you want a combo?

if you can find a used 5150 or 6505 that would be good or a madison divinity, carvin v3 is also a good amp and they all are well built.
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does anyone know what amps August Burns Red used on there new album? or the previous album?

does anyone know what amps August Burns Red used on there new album? or the previous album?
i saw a krankenstein+ amp the other day and now iam wondering if that is a good reliable amp? dose it have balls? and do you know any metal bands that use them to record?
how much is the rectifier new, and how dose it sound compared to the 6505?
iam looking for balls and for my amp not to crap out passed 7, and i use a 7string if that helps, oh and it need to be able to take pure abuse and then love!
ok right now **** is not going good for my gear, both my amp and my cab **** the bed after 5 years so now its time for change. iam not completely sure or what i sould get so far iam going with a 6505+ and a mesa cab but thats not set in stone so some ideas would be helpful i dont want the amp over 1300$ and the cab 800$. another question what amps do Bring me the horizon use iam listing to them now and i like there sound. so yeah thanks
quick question what would you guys recomend for a 7 string in drop a, what amp should i get buget is $1500 canadian and i like bands like lamb of god, periphery, blind witness, and anything in that range so i know its a totaly random question
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on the topic of triple rectos, it looks like one might be coming my way, and i was wondering what type of speakers would go best with it? Im looking for a LOG like tone, very punchy but keeps its clarity

mark uses mesa 4x12" and willie uses framus 4x12" and iam pretty sure the mesa's are loaded with celetion vintage 30's,
all right sweet, thanks for the help guys
yeah 1000, i have a nosie suppresor and an boss octave pedal and i looking for a 4 by 12
hey yall i need some help getting a cab that can take the road and sounds beatiful. i have a ibanez s7320 and that guitar has some balls now i need a cab that can match it. my price range is 1000 CAN it needs to be able to take a 6505 on it. thanks!!!!!
yeah also i would not like to use batteries
hey guys i just bought som pedals and i am wondering do i need a power adaptor for evey pedal or can i get somthing to power all my pedals? get i get some ideas?

Thanks a ton,
do you guys know when vader cabs could be found in westrn canada? or any where in canada
so vader looks like what most people said ill go check them out but more suggestions will help thanks
pretty sweet suggestions
Hey guys iam am looking to buy a cab that has nice tight bottom end for drop tunings, can take some beating and that is at a decent price, can you guys name some please?

thanks a ton,
do you know which one by any chance?
Hey guys i just got a qwick question

What type of amp does jeff loomis use?

Thanks a ton,
so far ive seen almot every one ay 5150 or 6505
br00t4l my bad
but the head have to be under $1200
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