probably going to sound really sexist on this but be for real yall. Generally greater muscle mass, larger brain size, less commitment to emotional feelings/attachments. comon, not to say that women are inferior, or that it's impossible for a woman to be smarter or stronger than a guy but in my opinion men are generally > women when it comes to survival of the species
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I've always been able to LD. I didn't know it wasn't normal until now.

same, whenever people would tell me about their nightmares i'd just be like "pssh just imagine something else it's not that hard". I always figured that everyone controlled their dreams
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I thought it was common knowledge that all women are evil?

A common misconception, but feel free to spread the word like a good citizen.
my room mate got so plastered at one of his frat parties he came back so drunk he showered in ALL of his clothing. didnt bother to take his wallet or cell phone out of his pocket, or even his shoes off. Wtf?
i used to know a french canadian kid named Monsieur who was fat and had glasses; he was my best and only friend from 3-4th grade. We went to a black private school together, but i was switched back into public school after 5th grade. We kept kinda in contact over the years, but one day he went to a hip hop club around a bad neighborhood and got jumped by 9 guys. He got messed up pretty bad, sue the club, and moved to an out of state college. havent heard from him since
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China has the largest military

America has the most funding

Britain has the best led

Canada has the best Trained.

Also the German, French, Indian and Israeli militaries are formidable

i know im late on this thread "jordan is in 10th grade, hes mexican, and hella ripped."

did anyone else picture a 16 year old mexican kid with teenieboper mustache, on a lowride bike or something.
doubt anyone remembers but i got a new camera around thanks giving, and ive just been messing around with it since. these pictures are mostly from around my house; any comments or criticism is appreciated


had to take my lip piercing out for a 6 hour shift, i could feel the knot of scar tissue forming 2hours into the shift. when i got home i just loled trying to put it in blehhh
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I think people are jumping too quick to judge you here.

You did make it clear that you didn't want a girlfriend. You probably should have made it more clear by the sounds of it but don't feel too bad. You should have just said "Just so you know, before we do anything at all, I don't want a relationship out of this. I'm just not looking for one. We should only hook up if it's you're fine with all that"

You shouldn't need to explain things so clearly all the time. What you said would usually suffice for the ground rules. Just too bad I suppose.

As a matter of interest... why didn't you want to start a relationship with her?

You just have to get over it mate. It's the straight out truth. I know it sucks, but you'll be okay eventually.

hmm, sorry to spam up the thread i know it was a few pages ago but thanks everyone for the advice. And yeah, i thought i had made it pretty clear; i didnt want to stop before hooking up with her and have like a formal "im only sleeping with you; no relationship!" contract-like conversation, that'd make me feel so akward and arent girls supposed to be good with subtle hints/ body language?

i dont want to date bc im in college lol, i like to party and i have way too much school work to be serious about any one person anyways.
k, so i just lost one of my best friends awesome.

i'll try to spare you the wall of text which would include the history of our freshman college year.

super long story short we've hooked up a few times over the school year, she wanted to date, i wasnt ready for a gf (those are the exact words i used) so we stopped hooking up for the remainder of the school year. FastFoward>>> we hooked up a few times during my summer class which only lasted two weeks, but here's the kicker it wasnt really my idea for that to happpen.

you're probably thinking "hey dude why'd you hook up with her that's leading her on". Nah man, she asked me to come sleep with her in her bed every time, shower with her etc. I ALWAYS said no or "why?" at first but she would come up with some **** like "i just dont want to sleep alone tonight" or keep asking until i caved, and i actually flat out refused to shower with her twice after she tried to convince me to for like 5 min. SO in my mind i figure that she gets the hints, and is only asking me to sleep with her repeatedly bc she just wants to hook up, which i was cool with.

Well about an hour ago im talking to her on facebook; apparently she knows someone who knows another girl that i've hooked up with (this also happened towards the end of my summer classes) and she sent me this long ass facebook message about how i "used" her:

Think about how a true friend feels to know she's been putting out, in hopes it'll make u like her more. only to be shot down bc ****** wants to ****.

WHAT? She doesnt want to talk to me ever again. I cant help feeling like this is sorta my fault; am i in the wrong for hooking up with this girl after making it clear that i dont want to date anyone? Should i have flat out refused all the hook ups? I cant help but feel like there's a lesson in this i should be learning but im not even sure this is my fault. Do you guys think there's anything i can do to get my friend back? I already told her i'd promise to never hook up with her again, and that i never initiated any of the sex and tried to resist it but she wont listen and just keeps accusing me of using her
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Dude, I do. She gets aggressive/depressive and it makes me feel like crap. I really do not feel anything for anyone else, but it is impossible to convince girls otherwise.

Really, it ****ing sucks, cause I love her, but the jealousy is getting pathetic.

might not be good advice, and im sometimes told that im an asshole but what i would do is tell her that. Maybe not so bluntly, more along the lines of "all this jealousy is really starting to piss me off, it's pathetic, unattractive, and it makes you look really insecure. if you cant stop i think i might decide to break off our relationship, at least until you can learn to cope with your jealousy issues".

that's my 2cents.
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TL;DR-My friend was complaining about being single all the time, now he has a girlfriend and is always complainging about her, even though he has only been with her a month at the most, and it feels a bit like hes taking digs at me sometimes.

he just sounds pessimistic but realistic at the same time. sex isnt that great, hell messing around is cool but it's not what it's hyped up to be. sounds like he's just realizing that life is a lie, slowly but surely it will happen to you too not to kill your visions of the future or anything; and everyone doesnt have the same opinions on sex/life so it may be different for you.
meh, linetrap is the only chick/w/dick that gets me going, the rest dont do anything for me for some reason. but i'd suck linetrap's dick dry; no homo
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So there's this girl I'm into, and I think she might be into me. We've been friends for a while (not too long) but only recently have we started flirting. The thing is, she's got a boyfriend, but what caught me a bit off guard was when she told me her relationship with him wasn't so stable (she's told me this twice, although not really directly if you know what I mean).

When we have time to work in class, she usually comes and sits by me. We've only hung out once outside school and that was when she asked me to help her with physics, but as I said, lately she's started to flirt a lot more. For example, she asked me to button her shirt cuff because she said she couldn't get it. However, one thing that makes me wonder if I'm not in the friend zone is she said most of her friends are guys because she doesn't really like girls, but the way she makes eye contact with me makes me second guess.

I'm just not sure what to do with her having a boyfriend and all. I mean, if she didn't, I would make a move for sure, but it's kind of got me stuck.

sounds like bad news, keep flirting but dont focus on her. I'd actually advise you to look into other girls, ones without boyfriends. I also wouldnt flirt with her too openly in public, quick way to get her boyfriend to want to bash you

girls with lots of guy friends are double edged swords remember that.
INTP - "Architect".
Greatest precision in thought and language.
Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies.
The world exists primarily to be understood.
3.3% of total population. <----- how the hell do they know that?
megan fox.... bisexual too? She is now the hottest/sexiest/most attractive girl on the face of the planet as far as im concerned.

dont judge me
as many members of 30H!3 as i can get for 3 punches.
sometimes they're just as horny as you, but they'll hide it 20x better

they're not complicated at all, just different

a little bit of attention goes a lonnnng way

they arent as important as you think, trust me you'll have more fun hanging out with your guy friends at 15,16,17, maybe even 18 girls can wait until later. besides a lot of teenage girls are just as immature as their male counterparts
got so drunk i went to throw up in the bath room, but instead of puking in the toilet i just sat down on top of it, got confused as to where the toilet was, threw up on my shoes, and went to sleep. My friend came into the bathroom like 20 min later and helped me to bed i liked those shoes
people who dont think music is subjective

people who use memes; rape , mudkips all that repetitious garbage

people who "fish" for replies to their post

the inflexibility of the opinions of most people here, it's like highschool (imagine that), everyone thinks they're right and there's not a chance in hell that their opinion isnt superior or absolutely right no matter how much evidence or how many other people disprove things right in front of their face
i think i speak for all of us when i say every hole's a goal.

but in all seriousness, i wouldnt want to rape anyone in prison; you might contract some weird std, or they'll get pissed about the whole YOU RAPING THEM and kill you or something. Raping someone who already rapes other people is out of the question for most people who arent over 225 pounds or trained in some sort of crazy martial arts.

just stay as far away as from prison as possible, its a lose lose situation in most aspects.
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how long do you have to leave a lip piercing in before you can take it out while at work?

supposedly 3-6 months, however i've had my lip pierced for 11 months now, and about a month ago i went to get my wisdom teeth removed so they asked me to take it out during the procedure. mind you this was only a 2 or 3 hour task, when i come back to my senses the first thing i try to do is put my stud back in. let me tell you there was PLENTY of resistance, and this was before my face started swelling (which happened about a day and a half later).

so idk, maybe it's different for some people. im starting up a job in about 2 weeks as well, so if anyone can recommend any great brands for clear jewelry or "invisible" jewelry i'd appreciate it greatly.
1) she's psychologically unstable
2) this is one of the worse cases of PMS i've ever seen
3) TS is leaving out some detail
4) some girls do **** like this on purpose just so they can tell their friends or have something to talk about, they're odd creatures my friend
job i used to work at i had to do just about everything while stupid teenage girls texted on their phones and talked about whatever it is girls talk about, fixing make up, etc f*cking around.

but i never walked out or left

and i'll probably end up working there again this summer
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So the rapist's life is so worthless that if someone killed him they shouldn't be punished as much as any other person that kills anyone else?

And if this was the law, where do you draw the line? What if I killed someone who broke the window of my truck, should I get less of a punishment?

no, obviously the law on reducing the amount of time a murderer would spend in jail would only apply to a violator who would be serving multiple years in jail, 5 or 6 plus not petty crimes.
TS you want to reform murder laws around revenge and false thoughts of justice? that's kinda jacked, but i sorta agree. i think the system would work better like this:

say someone is has a nasty record like murder, rape, armed robbery, etc a long list of criminal offenses and someone kills them. depending on the number and the severity of the dead criminal's crimes years can be taken off the murder's sentence. i think that'd be pretty cool, and it would encourage people to behave better because people who murder them would suffer less time in prison. but at the same time, criminals murdering other criminals would just get out of jail faster law is complicated
@Demons&Wizards on page 33, who is that?
it's kinda like anything that someone knows, you can also know. aka it's one huge human megabrain
i love mars volta, and dream theater, and im glad that you posted this in the pit and not any other sub forum. i dont read those; thanks for telling me i'll be sure to get em

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More importantly: The Fall of Troy - new album sometime in the fall!!!

i hope it's better than manipulator, not to join the hate bandwagon but that was a weak album.
guilty as charged

ever drop food on the ground or a floor that you know is pretty dirty but ate it anyways?
im 18 and i think it should be 25.

the only thing 15-23 year olds use alcohol for is "getting trashed" or "****ed up out of their minds". I hardly see kids these ages using alcohol responsibly.

EDIT: Where im from (southern US)
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So I think I've fallen for this girl. This usually wouldn't be a big problem, but this isn't the type of girl I usually go for. She's a couple years older than me, has a kid, and smokes pot. But I really like hanging out with her. We flirt a lot and I find it really easy to talk to her, which is something I usually have trouble with. I think I could deal with the age and the kid, but I'm not sure about the pot. I don't know if I should pursue this or just remain friends. Could I please get some opinions from the wise people of the RT?

no offense but sounds like a real shaky character

and i think it's funny how different opinions can vary. as soon as i read "she has a kid" i was like WHOA NOW, but im sure as soon as you found out she smoked pot you probably said the same thing =P. i'd kill for a gf that would smoke pot with me
being repeatedly stabbed or impaled but not killed, or any type of super gruesome act that wouldnt kill me but would hurt really bad and i've have to see my guts spewing out or my arm being torn off or something. *goosebumps*
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Yeah I asked her what I'd done, she said I hadn't done anything and it wasn't my fault, then I asked her what was up and she said I shouldn't worry and she went to bed. There's obviously something up with her 'cos she's never like this but she says there's nothing up, and like you said, I don't wanna push it.

maybe she just needs some "alone time", she could be pmsing and not want to snap on you, or sadly (not to jnyx you or anything) it sounds like pre break up.

depending on how much you like this girl:

a) ignore her til she comes around


b) keep pushing and try to figure out what's up

good luck mayne
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I get enraged by people who think their metal is better than other peoples. Listening to these bands does not make you any less of a metalhead. I listen to Lamb Of God and A7X and will follow it up with Nile, The Faceless, Meshuggah.

You're a douche sir.

it's not that he's raging because he thinks his metal is better, he's raging because people are "stereotyping" him with generic mainstream metal. i know where he's coming from. i was listening to salt the wound and studying chemistry last night and my flat mate came in. he was like, "sup dude, blah blah blah, do you like metallica, or senses fail"?

ugh, lol dont try to pretend like you listen to metal by naming 2 well known bands