is my link working now because it just worked for me
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you got the fake one but i don't know what the difference is besides the colors
someone said the real will **** you up but not the fake idk i'm looking at the real one nothings happening
sorry about that it worked for me like 5 mins ago but now it doesn't oh god it's already screwing me up lol
i was on another site and they were talkin about how this image is can **** your brain up or something heres the link

any thoughts
you have to get leopard to use it
Twin headed Dean

Anti flag
scratch that, that song suck

the remedy
pretty good the soloing guitar has weird tone and should be more distorted in my opinion also the bass (i think it's a bass) has weird timing compared to the guitar when it solos
search bar
only slide the 8 up which song is this
Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll The Musical about how these things forever changed into

Aids, Needles, and Techno
you could be like geddy lee and switch off from bass and synth
I would be very thankful if you guy's could give me some feed back and tell what needs to be worked on here


The song is in my profile it's the only song there
i can play bass, lead, rhythm, and contribute to song writing
i'll help with bass and rhytm guitar
can you send me your demos too i would like to have a crack at it
whats your genre
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no, guitarists are "coolists". you can do a lot cooler stuff with a guitar.

actually, violin is one of my favourite instruments, though i cant play it, and i have respect for anyone who can play any instrument (not the triangle, of course!!!).

thats good because i play the electric cowbell
sue that mofo for all his money and a tube amp
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What are songs with lyrics that you either can't understand or have difficulty understanding???

For me, and most other people, I reckon Tourette's by Nirvana.

thats funny i actually just listen to that song like a couple days ago and play in about every day since then for bands i can't understand

billy talent
minor threat
pearl jam
the list goes on. . .
g because the only string you self tune with on the the 4th fret making bends more flowing with the song
you love knobs

knob lover
you love two piece bands don't you

two piecer
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You know what I hate?

People who have two cell phones. I mean, why the fuck would you need two cellphones?!

one for business and one for pleasure
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I think you're part of the itty bitty titty club then.

But The itty bitty titty Committee Sounds so much better
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Whoever it is, it definitely isn't 4chan. Take that **** back to them!

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did you take this from my post?

what would happen
you just turn 15
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This always gets me thinking, is this a paradox?

me too