not bad - fairly good dude
OOOoo thnx heaps! =D
Hey Ultimate Guitarers!
Just a question about tabs (chords) on the ultimate guitar website - what does it mean when the chord has brackets around it??

help would be largely appreciated!

Thanks, Joey
what type of acoustic? - Lime Tree by Trevor Hall is a good one, or Wonderwall by Oasis. But I guess they're pretty slow, i dunno - are you looking for Rock or what?
I think it could be the strings - use a lighter gauge!
What are the BEST guitar strings I should use? I use Dean Markley right now and they're pretty good, from your experience what are the best strings for an intermediate player?

Hum with your guitar playing, and eventually you will become a good tone singer, and will sing the right tone to any music, but for timing concerns - practice makes perfect!
well you need guitar pro - have u got that program?

If you do, right click on the file and click "Open With" (then click Guitar Pro 4/5)
Definitely The Epiphone!
the BESTEST amps i think out there are the Roland amps, brilliant FX, brilliant sound, im not sure what model it is but ma mate got his Roland for $800 - its AWSOME - sounds, FX, and all
Ok Everyone Im Friggin Sorry I Worded The Poll Wrong - I Cant Edit It Now!
i agree - it aint good nor bad - though tilted towards the bad side a bit more./ I LOVE F.O.B but i gotta admit a song like Beat It shouldnt be attempted as a cover, ESPECIALLY as a punk rock version!
Hey everyone,
I'm left handed on the guitar although I've learnt right handed. I know a fair bit of other people who also learnt right handed who are lefties. I dunno whether to learn right handed, or to use a left handed guitar and learn that way... i know it would make it a bit harder though (because of the tabs n stuff)

thumb index + middle!! YYYEYYYY
J&D Telecaster - worked greatly :P
Yer i totally agree with darkbiter, im christian too, but y tha **** wouldnt u see a doctor??