Sorry. Yes I changed the batteries. I will go get new ones just to make sure though. I also wrapped some paper around them to make sure they were rattling.
So I purchased my first "Real" acoustic the other day. It is a 2004 Taylor 314ce 30th anniversary edition. I bought it used for a great deal. I love the guitar to death. And it sounds perfect, until you plug it in. When I plug it in and play, there is a slight distorted sound to it. It's like something is rattling ever so lightly causing this sound. I've tightened everything, restrung it, adjusted the neck, even felt around inside on the electronics and I've found NOTHING. I do not know what to do next besides take it to a shop. I don't play live and it's really not a huge deal, but to a tone snob like me, I cannot live with it like this.

Here's a pic. Sorry it's a crappy cell phone picture. Since this, i've tore it down and waxed everyhting on it.

I've been using auqaphor for 4 days and washing it in the shower in the morning with a gentle soap. It started peeling really bad this morning so I discontinued the auqaphor and not im hitting mine with Eucerin lotion. Seems to be okay except for the random colored skin flakes all over my shirt.
I agree with the longer scaled length for lower tunings. The EC-1000 in Drop C was flopping all over the place even with beefy's on it. The MH on the other hand is fine.
I went from the EC to the MH-1000 and i'd reccomend the MH for sure. It feels better than the EC did.
EMG's or use the search bar.

750 for that? Hell i'd have sold you my LTD MH-1000 for 750.
My first one ever. Artist is Jennifer Billig.

Struggled with the same decision. I saved the money and bought the EC-1000 sold it now I have a MH-1000 but i couldn't justify the extra money. It's just not that much better.
I have a LTD MH-1000 with a Floyd 1000 series on it and it's awesome. It my first floyd and I have no problems with it at all. Take the time to read and understand how they work and you will be golden. I set mine up myself.
Still one on my favorite guitars I have and I own a $2000 PRS
Yeah that's kind of what I was leaning towards I just need yall to keep me in line.
Hey guys I haven't been on here in forever. But here's my deal. I have a beautiful PRS Custom 22 10 top hardtail. A guy wants to trade me a 1974 les paul deluxe for it. Now all I do is pretty much play rock and metal. I'm not sure how the small humbuckers would do in the LP. I've always wanted a real LP and I guess this is my chance. But I do love the crap out of my PRS. Im torn. The guys said the serial number is 507xxx which seems to check out as much as I could find.

I come here for advice. What would you do? This is rough.


The LP:

I just started using it and FL Studio. So far it's not too hard. Im getting the hang of it. I used a Southern Classic by 8ball and MJG - Mr. Big as a sample and made a really rough song. Let me know what you think. It's in my profile

Keep in mind i play guitar, not keyboard, and I know nothing about synths and samples and electronic music. Thanks guys.
BTW i uploaded those boston songs in my profile.

Ill go get that tab right now. Thanks man
Hey guys what's up? Recently i've learned my favorite Boston songs such as, Foreplay, Dont look back, More than a feeling. What are some more songs that rock like this? I just love thier style.

Im not looking for more songs by boston, im looking for songs by other artists. I normally play metal but im branching out cause no one ever knows what I am playing.
Not looking for trades man. Sorry.
I purchased this thing about 3 months ago. I paid over 800 for it. It is in perfect condition no scracthes, blemishes or anything. The action is set low and I have it tuned to Drop D. This guitar really isn't for me and I am wanting to buy a jeep so I need to sell it. My Price is $675 plus shipping. I will ship this thing anywhere I dont care as long as you pay for shipping.

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I have a LTD MH-1000 in trans black I want to sell. EMG's Floyd Rose, Pretty much brand new.
When i play and I need to go do something I normally leave it on. But if im going to be gone more than 10 minutes or so I just turn it off.
Humbuckers..... ur single coils will suck at it.
Look at google sketchup. It's a free program and you can get soooo many models off of Google. I use autocad for a living but im not sure how to make a CAD drawing for a CNC machine. However alot of these sketch up files are to scale so you could get all of your mesurements off of it and put it into your CAD program.

Your welcome!
I know when i saw them live. One dude was playing an LTD MH-1000 in blue. Thats about all i know.
Got a new MH-1000 today in the trans. black. This thing is soooo badass. The quilt matches up perfectly and the floyd rose is not the nightmare everyone makes it out to be. It came in E but i already tuned it to D and fixed the bridge height. Everyone that is scared of a Floyd, don't be they aren't that bad. I am going to do the 18v mod to the EMG's tonight.

Oh and theres a pic of my PRS too it's decently new (to me.)

Go arkansas!!!!!! WOOOOO PIG

After the jew fest last week in the swamp, if we can come out and beat Houston Nutt our former coach i will be happy.
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I;m using all JJ pre-amps in my Marshall...but i assume they're a bit better in there to "boost" the amp a bit more...whilst the XXX will already have a nice amount of amp distortion..

i have a spare Groove Tube and Sovtek i could pop in the V1 slot...but idk

Like you said man, i think the Marshall can use all of the extra help it can get so JJ's all around will be cool. When i put all JJ's in mine it reminded me of my 5150. The highs were really harsh and there was just this weird high pitched whine.
I have Ruby 6l6's and JJ's in everything but the very first slot, i have a Sovtek in there and i really like how that sounds. All JJ's in the pre amp was too harsh on the highs.
I love my XXX. The crunch channel is amazing. I can get anything from blues to metal on that channel and the cleans are pretty good too.
Quote by Circambria
yes but you don't know about my bad luck lol. I'd end up destroying something that was completely fine.

...still, I'll look at some tutorials and get a general idea of what I have to do

Its not hard at all. But why dont you get something that you don't have to do any mods to? I wont buy a guitar if I know "Oh those pickups are crappy, i'll have to replace them." It seems redundant to me.

However a pickups swap is not hard at all. If you have done any soldering before it shouldn't be a problem.
If this is going to be your main axe, get a fixed bridge. I'd suggest a hellraiser.
Get a Mexi HSS strat and use some money for some other cool things.
You can get a way better guitar for that. You're paying for the SYN inlays and other gay stuff.
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It depends on if the place you play it at has set up the guitar or not. Becasue my would not stay in tune when I first started playing it because the strings needed to be streched but then after that it stays in tune.

When it comes in the guy is going to put a EVH de-tuner on it and set it up in E with my strings that i want on it. So it should be ready to go. Ill just abuse the hell out of it and see if it goes out of tune.
Are there any other guitars i should be looking at? I dont want an ibanez btw. And ive never even owned a FR so i guess i dont know what i should be looking for. I guess i could just dive bomb the hell out of it and see if it stays in tune.
Hey guys whats up? Well i have a collection of hardtails, my favorite being my prs. Anyways i want to keep my hellraiser so i can keep it in C but i really want a guitar with a floyd on it. I wanted an original floyd but they seem hard to come by. I really dont want to spend over $1000. I was talking to this guy at my local shop he said he could get me a transparent black MH-1000FR for $825 out the door. That is a smoking deal for sure. But the thing that scares me on the LTD is the Floyd 1000 series. I want to know that i wont have any horror stories with this bridge. Any ideas?