Did you get it at a discount? What is it? A little amp? Did it come in the wrong box? AND, what happened to the Peavey, and the VYPYR?
I didn't realize what a SPLAWN was! I have heard so much of it from your page, NOW I see it! WOW!
I also noticed my pickups don't line up with the magnets, is that a big deal?
I a a bit jealous! I just paid 300.00 for a Schecter diamond series 006. I love it, but what you got is MUCH better! Mine is BASS WOOD, which I already chipped. And it says it has Grovers, but they don't say it on them like yours! And you pick ups are MUCH better! I didn't know BEST buy sold great guitars! Which other ones do they have?
Thanks to all who voted and competed! Is the album going to be a "physical" album or a download like the other UG albums? I am so excited to be included. Should I re-master my song?
Hey, ZEGUITARIST. Did I post my entry in the right place?
Also. I downloaded it, it seems to work but I need to use my sound driver. Creative Sound blaster. Is it possible to change drivers???
Man this is what I need. I only have a 500 mhz computer though. It won't work??
audacity rocks for the most part .
It does line in mic in etc.
try it you will like.
And it works unlike a lot of music production software.
pinkys rule. I just started using all my fingers!! it helps . I wish I started before but thought I couldnt. Don't like pink though
I love this site!!
I need to change my user name how do I do this?
Thank you all
oh I just noticed you have to have a "state of the art computer"/ I'm poor
does kristal mix to mp3??
I'm using audacity which I like. I can no longer mix on old version or on new?
When I try to mix or render it goes through the motions the I get a straight line and no sound Please help.
Is there another better free recording too like audacity out there?
thx man!! I LOVE this site!
I need to delete a mp3 I uploaded??