warm tube amps nitro finish on guitars i smelled a les paul that smelled like marshmellows and finally strawberries
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anyway, I also picked up a small/cheap head to play with for now -- a valve junior. And guess what, there was DEFINITELY something screwy in the JVM head.

the valve junior is louder at 7 o'clock than the Marshall JVM210H 100 watt stack was CRANKED TO FULL. unless all the power tubes DIED except one, which I find highly unlikely because it had plenty of clean headroom (as much as a 100 watt amp), theres no way it'd be quieter than a VJ thats barely even on.

idk how the valve junior was louder because i have a jvm410h and mine is pretty damn loud its louder than all my friend's amps and theirs are 100 watts too.

maybe you could get a dsl100 with awesome tubes or a jcm800 2203
idk but i think you would mean the actual natural color of the wood before the paint not a painted on sunburst
It should be the same as it's bigger brothers the dsl 100 and dsl 50 except 40 watts and a combo look on
How about a Marshall dsl combo or tsl combo though I recommended the dsl over the tsl
the options are 8 ohms for either the right of left side or 16ohms all 4 speakers of 4 ohms all 4 speakers .
So I have a 2x12 that im putting marshall g12 vintage speakers(v30's) in but i dont know how to wire it, both speakers are 16 ohms btw. I was just going to use the input jacks from a 1960v cab is there anyway i can do that? or would i have to get a complete new input for this? i was thinking maybe like wire it like the left side of a 4x12 would be and connect it to the switch and run it as if i was using only one side of the 4x12 but idk if it would be the right ohms which should be 8 if i do it like that i think. Is there a better way to do it with the input jack i have?
You also have to remember the afd 100 has a built in attenuator to make it go down to 1 Watt so as long as you make it less than the speaker rating say the speaker is 75 maybe put it at 50 or less to be safe. Since I wouldn't like running it with only one 12 in speaker anyway. Id use at least two
I haven't played one but epiphone has another les Paul with a Floyd and coil tapping too and they made they the neck smooth not gloosy snice thats faster and some people do that anyway. Oh well it's called a les Paul pro fx
The customs don't have a maple cap like The standards unless it's a custom pluss or something and the maple cap also makes it brighter
I want to use it properly and not turning the amp up and attenuating the volume all the way down to bed room. I wanna use it on stage or practicing so I don't drown out anybody
Yea the mass 100 has a actual volume control and tone controls others have don't though. Like the mass150 it use has low-mids and high-mids thats it you use both of those to control your volume and tone so i was saying i dont its as easy as themass100 or200..
So about the Weber attenuators which do you perfer? I looked at the mass200 and the mass 100w I didn't really like the idea about having the bass and high controls for the volume,but I haven't used it so I'm not sure if I would be finew with those models that do that(mass III mass 150 and mass light 100w)
You don't get the same tone or sustain on 2 or 3 as you do on 5 or 6 so the mv thing doesn't work
I had looked into the mass 200 and 100 I think
So OK now I'm pretty sure about the hot plate but if I wanted to go down to bedroom levels would the power brake be more notice able volume change since it can minus 30 db and the hot plate can only do 16db? Not really my main concern just a question.
I'm found a deal on a the hot plate 16 ohm and a Marshall powerbrake I found them for about 130 dollars each. Which one should i get ima be using a 100 watt marshall head but not all tge way on ten maybe like on 7 but im not gonna attenuate all the way down its still gonna be loud
ok so if i was going to pick from the power brake, the weber mass100w or 200, thd hot plate at 16 ohms, alex attenuator or the black cat leash which should i pick or maybe narrow it down to? and why? also i couldnt find BurstbuckerPro's profile on here
Yea I wasn't really thinking of the air break more of what I put in my first post
Both gigs and recording and home use butwhen at home I don't have to be too quiet. How is the Dr z on transparency
How much does the aracom run used?
I'm looking for an attenuator for my JVM410h and 1960bv. I was looking at the altair,marshall power brake, thd hot plate, Weber or maybe a Alex attenuator or a black cat leash. I. Would like to stay under 400 even though the Alex and black cat are pretty much that. Used is definitely. Option I found the power brake for 200 and a thd 4ohm as well but I perfer 8 or 16 ohms.found the altiar for 120 but I'm worried about tone sucking and rumors of it coming unsoldered. I live in San Antonio Texas but found pretty much nothing on Craigslist. I'm willing to save for the Alex attenuator or the black cat but how do they compare to the power brake or thd? I like that the thd has nose reducing built in.
Hey jetwash69 how do you run gnx4 with your jvm? I have a problem when I try to run my rp250 thru the front end the delay gets all distorted on the gai channels . So when I put it in the effect loop I find myself only using the delay but i wanna use the other effects on the pedal. I know some would work like time based effects but I would like the noise gate and wah and such
The jvm and dsl are not the same the dsl has 2 channels and 2 modes Per channel ex clean/crunch is one channel and the crunch is a mode or another selection basically then it also has lead1 and lead2 lead two has more gain. The jam has 4 channels and 3 modes per channel each mode on the jvm has more gain than the one before so the jvm has clean:green, orange and red. Crunch green, orange , red, od1 green orange red od2 green orange red . So almost like 12 different sounds in one amp . And green is the cleanest and red is the most distorted. The dsl has 4 different sound and the tsl has only 3. About the jcm thing well its more of a name than anything because the dsl is also jcm. There is an amp called jcm800 but that's a whole nother story. Umm the tsl is 60 watts I believe and yea 3 channels but no extra modes in the channels. Um the tsl602 means it has 2 speakers and the tsl601 has one I think the dsl410 has 2 speakers but I'm not sure.. Also the jvm has the most gain out of any Marshall made and it has 2 master volumes so you can have a regular volume then like a solo boosted one or whatever you want it also has independent eq selection and reverb for each channel
well its not really a good deal. but where are you buying this from. maybe you can get a couple hundred of if they have a sale of price matching thing. i have a jvm410h myself i got it for 1900 plus tax and i got my 1960v cab for like 500 used. i would also prefer a dsl and anykind of tsl. imo the tsl just doesnt have the same tone as a dsl and the tsl pretty much only has 3modes/ channels(clean,crunch,and lead) whereas the dsl has clean,crunch,lead1 and lead2. also if you have a cab already i say look at some dsl's even think about a 2x12 cab instead of 4x12 because the 4x12 is so much bigger and harder to get around. maybe you can look at avatar cabs and put any kind of speakers in it. i know my next cab will probably be from there because a new marshall 1960v is like 1000 and a avatar cab is so much less
i love LP's but i didnt like gibsons quality on their stuidos they felt so light and not like the other ones like there standard les pauls or even epiphones lps i liked better and the roland cube is a very awesome amp and cheap im not so sure about the spider but i liked my marshall mg so you basically just need to go and play to see what you really like
i used the removers before and itt was fine after wards
If there is residue left over you can get some adhesive remover pads it get it off. It will do the trick
yea the emgs battery has good life thousands of hours i only had to change like once in a whole year but if you do get emg make sure not to leave the guitar pluged in cause that will turn the pups on thus wasteing battery life.. for the duncans i have a jb sh-4 in the bridge of my les paul and the neck is a sh-2 jazz i love the sounds of them together. if you wanna use the jb and invader the hotter pup should go in the bridge. but i do reccomend the jb/jazz combo also seymour duncan has this thing called a triple shot which allows you to coil tap to either one of the coils in the humbucker and also lets you choose from a series/parrallel wiring so that allows you to have alot of pickup combos making for a very versitile guitar. sorry for my spelling errors im too lazy to fix them.
if you want a marshall you can get a dsl100 or dsl50 for a pretty good price
idk why but what answer was just so funny and true at the same time
the tuner since they said it first but i guess i could be wrong
Id get that Jimmy page Number 2 les paul there so many sounds in there its awesome and its basically a vos'59 too plus to jimmy's specs
at first it was a little different but now i dont wanna go back. when i play my old picks on my clean channel it sounds so dull compared to my v-pick psycho .but some of there picks can be pretty expensive from around $2-$50usd the i think i may be wrong the 50 dollar one is 9 mm think though and my Psycho that is 5.85 mm thick was 15 dollars. they do returns i know because i personally emailed them and asked because i wasnt sure which pick to get i had bought a pack that came with 7 different kinds for a decent price
i use a v-pick psycho 5.85 mm for both acoustic and electric stuff i used to use a 2mm dunlop the v-pick sounds so much louder and better more mids and highs but also smooth sounding too the thickness lets you play so fast, and i know people prefer thin picks to play on acoustic but i still like this one because it has the same brightness they do as well but more volume

check out philx's ltd sticker guitar its way cooler looking
the gibson les paul traditional plus has a coil tap standard built in and its much cheaper than the regular standard that had that PCB inside it
how is a strat gonna be good for his type if music? I Love Les Pauls But you and also look at an explorer they play so beautifully and are cheaper than a les paul too but you should go to the store and find a guitar you like by playing them. if it happens to be cheap maybe you can get your amp too.
to infinity and beyond ftw just cause its there