March is good in Queensland, its hot enough to spend all day at the beach but not too hot
◘•Thea•◘`` Baby get shaky break the rules aaohhh says:
so honestly,why havent we had sex yet

S. says:
cus u didn't take advantage of me last night?

Mostly contralto but i have a pretty big range
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. I just dont know if it can work. If you take a look at any country that has attempted any kind of alternative government (communism,fascism,socialism), most have failed except Cuba and to an extent China,theyre still partially communist. But otherwise,i LOVE the idea.

Ummm...Sweden? That's a Socialist state and they go alright
i dreamed that the guy i've been into for aaaages was at a performing arts medicine conference with me, but then it turned into Bosnia/Serbia situation

and then he told me he hates me because i'm a manipulative btch and shot everyone i know =[
In Australia you'd get between $500 and $2000 for a four hour gig, and usually the venue provides drinks as well, and accommodation if needed.

That's about how much my band gets, with just classic pub rock songs
I taught myself double bass when i was like nine, you can do it =]

pizzicato isn't that hard, and if you learn to place your left hand on the fingerboard the right way you won't hurt yourself at all.
I think it's hilarious

if someone tried that on me i'd go for him
i made my best guy friend biscuits =] does that mean i like him?

and girls usually tell guys if they're into them
or their friends tell
dude nearly exact same experience. had to wait like 3 hours while that 1 guy was playing QUOTE]

That one guy is the BEST musician i seriously love him

i saw him at woodford in Australia, and he was amazing

The worst gig ever was The Herd, they were great and i was front/centre then i passed out
I'd F.uck
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Why do you assume that all men lie? And whether you realize it or not, you're making that case that women never lie. Not true. Not even close to true.

i didn't mean all men. My best friends are guys, and they don't lie to me. I just don't understand why the ones who do lie do it.

And i know women lie! i lie all the time, just not when it'll hurt people
I have like six in my wallet, a few more in my lipgloss purse and ususally one in my bra (handy for small items)

I sometimes do this for fun. Only when it's completely unconsequential - usually just to see if I can still pull it off.

Stuff like that's okay, but not when you're lying to your girlfriend about important things lol
I live in Mackay, one of the places that was declared a disaster zone from flooding..

I was staying at my girlfriend's place and the water was neck deep. Her dad got out his jetski and we were riding it down the streets, there were people who had to swim out their top windows.

My dad had to swim to work (he's a doctor) because no one's cars started, and it was too deep to drive anyway
Why do guys lie when it isn't really necessary?
Or just not tell you something that could be important?

Like, i slept with someone else. Sorry, i didn't think you'd care so i didn't tell you
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You mean one girl you know admits that she does...

Hahah point taken.
But no, most girls don't do it as much as guys
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mines really a question but w/e do women masturbate as much as men?


every single guy i know masturbates. ONE girl i know does.
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not normal, but easily explained as a fuckin PERIOD YOU IDIOTS

ahhhh periods arent that heavy man, they wouldnt leave a trail for days
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Home of AFL? That would be Ireland. You got Gaelic football and took away the soccer part. Sydney FTW.

bahahahhah A F L


right? that's kinda aussie to me.

plus, queensland is better.
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To be fair gypsy's are awful people.

thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard. Uh, do you actually know what a gypsy is?
because thats super racist and

as if you know every single gypsy personally, making you able to make that comment.

plus, there's no apostrophe in gypsies
i think stage presence is equally important to vocal quality but not more.

no one likes a sht singer so look for an above average, fun, interestingly bizarre person who won't end up ruining your sound but will contribute and change it enough to fit in

I am a vocalist by the way
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Ok I voted 21. I'm 23.

Ok in response to you out there that put 18 becuase of soldiers. I am in the Army. Have been for 4 years. I'm an SSG (E-6). I believe yes if they are old enough to carry a weapon to defend this country yes serve them a beer, so yes the people under 18 and IN the military should be allowed to drink. (Some bases alow this already, Fort Bliss being one that I know of, some still don't) '

So with a military ID they should be able to drink if 18. But those who like to say "If I'm old enough to serve and die for my country then I should be able to drink" Well I would like to say JOIN THE F**KING MILITARY!!! YOU ARE NOT SERVING AS OF RIGHT NOW! SO STFU!!!!!

Ok sorry, that sh!t pisses me off people who like to say that but are not in the military. Shut up!!

So my vote stands at 21 without a military ID and 18 with a military ID.

i get your point but i also think if you're letting military drink you're inviting accidents. a lot of people in the army are wankers trying to prove their obviously not everyone but yeah some people are and drinking only escalates that.

But i do understand where you're coming from, and people will be dickheads in the military or out i guess
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I like myself just the way I am.

Confidence. i like that
I'd be a bit less hurtful.

and i'd have a perfect body
Does anyone like every single thing about themself?

Looks, personality, talents, etc

i know there are things i'd definately change. what would you guys change?
hey not all girls go on about their ex boyfriends all the time

i usually do the breaking up, im over them first

and im a girl
my boyfriend's going soon =[

come back safeeeee
the hampdens

tghe hampdens

thats not too bad
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I like that "Give this girl a sandwich" weight
especially when she loves to eat

so lets get married
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I don't know where to start: rip on the comical misspelling of "hate," ridicule the misplaced distaste for other people's dress habits, or nitpick on the misuse of an apostrophe?

I think I'll go with the apostrophe. ' = possessive.

i think i love you
I would turn gay for them. mostly their music. but i LOVE them with all my heart
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Wow, quite a liberal poll result. Sorry, no gays, illegals, or abortion for me thanks!

why not? its not really a person yet, and its probably going to grow up in a broken home with much-less-than-perfect parents
use a ghd and straightening spray. i straighten mine every single day and i have no split ends and my hair isnt dry and broken.

but if you dont condition it regularly it probably will get all gross and dry. you could try leave in conditioner, put it in after its straightened
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Maybe you're just lucky. Come to think of it, when I was a kid I got a henna tattoo there and it settled as a big black smudge instead of the design.

You were so lucky.

i know. i count my blessings daily
perhaps you're allergic to something in it? i seriously doubt Turkey and Turkish Delight is evil, considering i lived there as an innocent, easily-cursed little kid and nothing bad happened
he was ****. we were was horrible

but you know, you have to suffer for your art, and now i make my boyfriends kiss how i want
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Both a vegetarian and an omnivorous diet can be healthy, but a balanced omnivorous diet is the best, as some nutrients in a vegetarian diet, although high in content, are not taken up by the body as they are found in slightly different forms.

not necessarily. you can actually be just as healthy as a vegetarian. i've been a vegetarian all my life and i'm healthier than most people with balanced omnivorous diets. Most vegetarians just dont know how to keep their diets balanced with supplements and legumes etc
So i've spent a few weeks skiing in the Australian Alps, and on the last day i stacked spectacularly and broke my right thumb and elbow, and tore my tricep
it was hilarious til i couldnt move my arm any more

but the point is, how do you guys keep in condition
when you cant play guitar for a while?
the darkness
bliss n eso

Up jumped to boogie - bliss n eso is what i always run to.