Updated all 7 songs.

EDIT: Finished an 8th song too.
Holy shit - this is some throwback!

ASSMONKEYS - Despite the title, has nothing to do with monkeys, or their respective arse(s).

Anyway, I definitely hear Memphis May Fire (maybe Oh, Sleeper too) - with this just being MIDI it's hard to judge what it'd sound like with vocals, because certain parts (Bars 30-37) have been done to DEATH, but if the vocal hook blows me out of the water, then I end up enjoying the whole piece, but I'd be careful with some of the eight note basic power chord shit, unless you feel like the vocals will completely change that part.

BRO BAR 38- i should slap you. I know I have heard that exact rhythm panned left (then right) into a breakdown at least 3 times! The part that comes after that is killer though, got me head-bobbin'.

All in all, the leads save you from a rather lackluster chord progression. (I don't mean to sound like an ass) I would add harmonies on top of your chords, just so its not the basic power chord. I do it all the time, and that, paired with good timing, can turn a boring progression into something never heard before.

Mellow - Good use of the piano and such, you seem to like that. I used to feel some type of way about pads and transparent ambient shit in the back, except with what I write now I'm trying to steer away from it. Having the vocal track really helps this one, I can get a true sense of how you want the song to go.

From an unbiased standpoint - that chorus is bangin', but I'm not a fan of the melody progression, I've heard things like it before, from bands that people REALLY like, so it's not bad, just not my thing.

I want to hear that solo recorded. Thats the last thing I have to say about that, haha. -- This song had a lot of good development and besides the funny sawtooth synth noises, I enjoyed it.

The last song blows everything else out of the water man. The changes in atmosphere are ridiculous and it meshes so fucking well. I can't pinpoint anything out in particular because this whole track is grade A. I would really draw inspiration from this track, it could really take you somewhere if the marketing matches the music.

Also, I actually used all of your advice and managed to make my 7 tracks sound better, I appreciate the extra set of ears!
Dude I appreciate the shit out of the in depth review! I'll listen to your tracks when I get off work.

I've been stuck in a hotel for the last few weeks, so I've been crankin' out the tunes, broski(s). I want to say metalcore, but I do try to blend it so it's not just rehashed tunes from 6 years ago, let me know what you think!

Dude that's how stoned I was.
This is a song.

I'm sorry, are you on Suboxan or Methadone or something? I don't mean to be a complete stranger interjecting on something personal, but you did post it on a public forum, sooooooooo.


Just kidding man, I went through withdrawal a few years ago when I had a bad drug problem, but I got to the other side, it's not so impossible.

I once wrote a song about penguins.

Yeah, I was really high and shit.
Rokkstar, the intro was very inspired by that song, good catch!

Here ya guys go.

I'll C4C whateva
Hey guys, Have been in a bad writers block lately, and this is really the only thing I could really get out in the last month or so. I still write metalcore, but it's progressed so much from what metalcore once was I have a hard time calling it that, but whatever.

If only every other argument involving opinions ended as nicely as that. Regardless, I try to at least glimpse into all sides of metal.
I would tend to disagree with that classification, but it's strictly opinion. I get what you mean with ABR, since they are christian I see the Messengers album as being the Book of Revelations kinda deal, forewarning evil and shit.
Which one of those bands would be considered deathcore?
I would say try to learn the most basic metalcore you can at first, (I'd say something like The Fall of Ideals by All That Remains/Shadows Are Security by As I Lay Dying) These are very good examples of the peak of what I BELIEVE to be the best metalcore, before every band started doing the same thing. Learn to write like that, then start to incorporate some of the more technical/odd meter metalcore (August Burns Red's "Messengers" album) is a good example of that. Djent/Technical Metalcore could be something like Circle of Contempts "Artifacts In Motion" or Northlanes "Singularity". These albums are good examples of that. Learn the building blocks of generic pedal riffs (As I Lay Dying), transgress to odd meter (August Burns Red), then eventually the more technical bands. If you don't know how to begin to write it, don't try Periphery at first, but that's just my opinion of how I'd do it.
It sucks that tens of thousands of average people have less say then 1 person with a net worth in the billions.

sh1tz f4cked 4 reel bruh
The Radon hides in a computers software, waiting for the moment to strike.
You live in a peppermint patty.
I wish I was hip and relevant with all the new slang the Pit uses, but I'm not, so I can't diss you.

^^ That's an oldie but goody.

I always wanted to be the cool guy who brings stories to the pit that have't had threads already made, plus the fact that you guys are jackasses, albeit clever jackasses, still a jackass. (Metaldud) So, wanted to hear what the gang thought about this shizzle.

Regardless, I browsed threads to see if this has been talked about or not, doesn't seem to have been.


EDIT: Also found the "concerned" acting to be pure gold.
I say we give everyone IQ tests. Whoever scores below the requirement gets their semen/eggs/birds/bees confiscated.
Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out how I can record dry guitar tracks, to be reamped by someone else. I also want to be able to monitor the tone, AND hear the track played back with it if I wanted to.

Essentially I'd like to arm two tracks simultaneously and have one recording dry guitar, and one recording with my tone. That way I can hear the tone, but not send those out to be used in the reamping/mixing/mastering.

I use Reaper as my DAW, I have a line 6 UX2 as my interface and running Pod Farm as my simulator, but not running Pod Farm through Reaper as a VST, I use the standalone one. Unfortunately I can't use the VST pod farm due to some bullshit technical glitches it gives me.

Anyway, If anyone has any experience in how I can do this, advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Everyone else has a general consensus on the opening riff being bland, and I do kind of agree, but I feel like the potential for raw guitar emotion is great between 37 and 52. The riff a 61 reminds me of like, Velvet Revolver or something, don't usually like this kind of genre, but it is pretty groovy.
Actually yeah, I did Ometh. Kind of a coincidence that it came out to be something like what you said I'd be good at in that other review.
Really? Never noticed that.
Not exactly my genre, but It's put together well. I don't really like the lead over bar 26 to 41, but I can see how it's meant to be more of an undertone for vocals. The part between 42-57 is probably my favorite out of the song, and I'm a sucker for harmonies. The syncopation (I think?) of the guitars between 82-97 is also very cool. Overall it's great from a musical standpoint, but as I said, don't listen to much of this genre, so it is difficult for me to find flaws in something I don't know.
Thanks alot man! I agree with the bass being bland, I usually go all out and write crazy bass lines but I felt like keeping it simple worked better for this song.
Just wrote this today, had no real mindset when I wrote it, just started writing. But I tried detouring from my usual, as I used to have fun writing with genres that I usually don't dabble with.

With that being said, I'll c4c and take constructive criticism.

As a guitar player, this song isn't crazy difficult. But, if you're that interested, I'll post a link to a rough recorded version up in this thread when I record it later this week.
It's a short instrumental. But, I was just reading over some other thread and metalcore became main topic and I realized how many people despise it when its done bad, but I understand that bad music is just bad music, every genre is plagued with it, but there will always be bands innovating a genre, even if its only a few, I think everything is still evolving.

I do plan on posting up more of songs in this style, just to getting critiques. Let me know if anyone wants C4C.
I've come to realize I am posting in a community which finds metalcore boring and generic, which I've realized is the way I feel towards most of it, but I still ****ing love the genre, so I've been trying to fuse some other things in with it, make it less boring.

So, let me know what you think, I'm always interested in what people who dislike the genre for its lack of originality think about what I try to do.
I am a guitarist. No piano unfortunately, thought I'd want it, never came a time where it fit well enough. It's not really tech, you're right, just normal riffs on the quick side.
Yeah, I wasn't very clear in the OP, I was dead tired. This isn't 100% complete, I haven't added some leads in yet.

Ometh: I just use the slap bass to bring out the sound of the bass in MIDI, and looking forward to your crit, you're a real asshole so bring it.
Hey everyone, just wanted to show off my latest creation. Just got done with it today, plan on using it for my band, just wanted opinions, really.

Hey everyone, this is the updated song, it's pretty much done.
Thanks man, It's more of a ghost note in between the breaks, with an accentuation on the snare for half time, I really can't think of a better way to do that part though.
Hey everyone, I rarely post anymore, just thought I'd show something I've been working on recently.

EDIT: Updated song down below.
Thanks alot man, I like writing pointless songs with clever lyrics, just to give my brain a challenge. I'll listen to your piece when I get home from work.

Recorded in one take around 4 am.

May God have mercy on my soul.
Hey everyone, have yet to post in DT, but have been browsing it for a while. Anyway, I've been "Amped" for the better part of 2 months or so, taking 2 or 3 days break every week. It was a hard habit to kick, but I finally did, and I know most drugs in this category deplete the **** out of my serotonin and I really feel it. I was wondering what I could do to help increase this naturally. I got really sick for 2 days after stopping, which might have been me withdrawing. (Teeth really sensitive/always cold)

Honestly, the only reason I stopped was because I grew a tolerance and Ive heard that snorting really damages your nose so it was essentially just a waste of money. My feet are constantly sore, same with my arms.

I know it'll all go away in time if I just eat and sleep properly, I was just hoping serotonin syndrome didn't set in, if I even did enough to cause that. I'm staying clean for a bit just to get my head straight, maybe have a drink every once in a while but, I'd really appreciate some tips on increasing serotonin, or just general tips from anyone who has done this kind of thing for a month or so, then stopped.