Freud conducted an experiment on a boy named Hans on this, I remember it from class. I think the Oedipus Complex comes from the unconscious mind, so you don't really 'know' about the desire.
I'm looking for a nice smooth overdrive pedal were chords don't go all buzzy and messy. Can anyone recommend any? Preferably under £100? ta
Hey, definitely down to buy it! Good luck with recording and such!
I think i heard that driving around on GTA? Not a big fan of rap but just listened to it and it seems pretty catchy!

Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Hey, I think it's very well put together and everything sounds tight. I like your singing style too, reminds me of Rancid. Nice job!
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I really like my philosophy professor. He's smart, funny, down to earth, friendly, and genuinely seems interested in me and the things I have to say despite the age gap. I have a crush on him and I don't know whether or not it's serious, nor am I really thinking about it because I wouldn't pursue anything this semester while I'm in his class... or at all, really, I'd have to think about it. I do want to be able to talk to him one on one though, and we always walk together after class or have a cigarette together or something but it's always cut short by other people or by the fact that he has to get to his car.
Would to be too audacious to ask him out to coffee just to chat? I don't mean it as a date, despite my feelings, but I don't know if it would make him feel too unprofessional or it's too forward for me to do at this point. I just enjoy his company.

I don't see anything wrong with asking him out to a coffee and chat, but as he is your professor, he might not want others to start thinking things, as he could get into a lot of trouble. That being said you could just ask and see what he says. Try not to spend too much time with him though, as your feelings might grow stronger
I don't agree. Obviously there are women that are funny, same as with guys.
I agree, money is important, but there are more important things to consider. They could at least show some respect.
Ha ha this made me laugh so much!
I really wanted to get to the Download but I have feckin exams!... Sonisphere it is!!
Im so tired - Casino

Check it out
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I'd say 'is'. You usually refer to a band collectively. Sounds better.
Jeggins and those boots that look like they have been caught when fishing.
Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time
Vampire Weekend - A - Punk
Warm-up act: The Prodigy
First major act: Blink -182
Second major act: Metallica
Main act: Foo Fighters

I'm not too sure but maybe you could say something about revocation, or that communication must be made before any acceptance. Equal publicity shown if he decides to take down the advert?

Use Partridge V Crittenden to define the advertisement
Esso V CCE for the promotion
Byrne V Tienhoven
Errington V Errington
Shuey V USA
Username: Carmen Barlow
Uni: University of Chester
Age: 18
Course: Counselling studies with Psychology
Time attendance: September 2010
Yeah I know they are people and they're just doing what they gotta do. But I find it to be rude to go knocking on other peoples doors to talk about their own religion, God & Christianity. It's best to just let people decide for themselves. Besides some people take it really leave them alone lol.
Wow that Dummy Jack mod works?! I have a Peavey VK 112, and a Dummy Jack. gotta try that out! thanks whoever found that out! x
I'd go for the Vox. You can always change the speaker if you wanted to.
I was awarded the TPM medal of distinction! I bit 2 bullets, so my beliefs are fairly consistent! Good test
Toffee sauce with Bananas & sugar sprinkled! :P
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For reverb check out the Malekko Chicklet.
For the other things I really need a budget.

pedals that arent over £100 preferably.
I'm looking to get a delay, reverb and tremolo. Any suggestions as to what I should get? or anything else?

I have now :

Jim Dunlop Wah
Boss DS 2
Boss AC 2
Electro Harmonix nano metal muff
MXR Phase 90

Read people's minds!

Lynard Skynard - Freebird?
Yeahhh! Went to my first choice uni today, and it seems great! Plus I snatched a Gibson SG special for £450 the other day, which I'm still buzzing about! Sweeeet!
Foo Fighters
Jackson United
The Answer
Nuclear warfare would be pretty bad.

The whole world flooding would be too.
Like imagine if Dave Grohl didn't play the guitar, would the Foo Fighters be the same?

I'm thinking about buying the Boss NS-2. Does it do a good job of removing distortion hum & buzzing?

Or can you suggest a better pedal?