Behringer gear isn't all complete crap. I've played a few 2X12 combo's that weren't half bad. They just have a terrible reputation. Although, I don't know if that pedal is going to sound as good as your friend's setup through the Behringer amp. :/
Uhhhh, Weird Al Yank-a-dick.
So what? People take things too seriously, and they get pissed over nothing. Can someone honestly tell me a well thought out argument for NOT doing what they did? I mean, sure it might be in bad taste, but it's what they wanted to do, so let them do it, it's only a Halloween costume.
So, as the title says I'm looking to build a speaker cabinet to use with my bass amp which I'll be using guitar and bass through. Mainly I'm concerned about the need for tweeters and a crossover. Or could I build one with a tweeter that I can possibly turn off? Oh, and I'm not sure about speaker size either. My last bass cabinet I had 12's in, but I didn't use it for guitar much. So, should I go 12's or 10's?
Takamine for sure. They make great instruments.
So you'll get your guitar scratched up, big deal. A guitars a tool not a vanity object. With tools you use them for what they're made for, in this case, making music, and with that tool you treat it well so that it allays does it's job right. Putting another pick guard on it would be treating it badly. Juss saying'
Well have you downloaded guitar pro?
Paint thinner would be my guess. Or maybe just tell him he needs to get a new drum head.
Well if you don't slot them, when you pluck the string it will move around, and then your tuning is all whack, and so is the intonation. So why don't you just slot the mother****er and save yourself some time down the road.
Quote by mh1986

How do people even rationalize stealing music? Its stealing somebody's lives work. Must make them feel all big inside. They need to start slapping prison sentences on these people as if they'd stolen it from a physical store. The amount some people steal is tantamount to grand theft which is a felony folks.

If you can't afford your music then you shouldn't listen to it. Would you steal a car because you couldn't afford one? Nope. Theft is theft, I don't care how its rationalized.

Well, then people who put music on the computers and burn disks should go to. The process behind illegal downloads are the same, some guy copies the disk to his computer and shares it through the internet with all his "friends". Just because the media is different doesn't make the action different. I don't think that it is morally right to download, however I also don't believe that $20 for a new cd is morally right either. So, say what you will, but if the music is good then buy it, but if it's not, download it and decide later.
Yea you can get an XLR to 1/4" adapter from Guitar Center or something. Maybe even Radioshack.
Well, I really enjoy the bass player from Chiodos. Don't know his name but he;s got some pretty cool bass lines. Also, the bass player from Story of The Year, oh and from Thrice.
Well I wouldn't get the Windsor heads if you're going for a metal tone. I would go with the engl if you've already got a decent metal guitar. Although, you have the 5150 already so maybe the guitar would be best. Go with the guitar.
Lose some of the bass and crank the mids up more. That's why you're not getting the tone that you want. A lot of those older metal bands used marshall amps which are VERY mid-y. And besides, nobody likes a sterile tone, which is what you get with your miss scooped.
That's quite a ways away now isn't it?
The Peavey Vandenberg has a really thin neck. Thinner than Ibanez Wizard II necks
I just moved to Mount Laurel, NJ a couple of days ago and I'm looking for some people that might want to hang out and jam. Just looking to play on acoustic guitars right now, but I'm mostly into post-hardcore/screamo and pop punk. I don't know anyone around here, so if you wanna jam and you're not old (like 22) or too young (probably about 16) hit me up please.

Edit: This makes me sound kinda desperate. haha
Do you realize that the strings are all octaves? You could tune it with any online tuner, and probably even you're line 6 (Not quite sure how it does it). Ee Aa Dd Gg BB ee OR Ee Aa Dd GG BB ee
I dig it. The singer is really good, and the guitar player (you I'm assuming) has a good voice as well. Wish you guys were in my area so I could come see you play.
Possibly. I'd go for it anyway though, it looks nice.
You are a good man, but keep in mind. A situation like that never goes right. Eventually she's going to beat you with a dildo during sex then dominate you in the bedroom.
Check out irongear pickups. Specifically the steamhammer, or the hot slag.
Send it to me, and buy a new one.
Ha you're screwed. I'd leave the Kahler in bro, it would be too much work to fix a hole like that. You could try building a Les Paul to put your Tune-o-matic in though
Dude, talk to him and tell him that he should play her a song sometime that morning if he wants it to be special. And what he could do is be the announcer dude and play the song before you guys get up to play. I think that that would be fair.
I guess that it would be smart to maybe get a lefty strat, so that you can get the higher fret access. But, Jim Root plays a tele, so they're not incapable of doing metal. It's really all dependent on what you're comfortable with.
Hot rod deluxe maybe. If you can find one. You know how to search, so search your own craigslist.
Look for any Fender tube amps.

EDIT: I felt like searching anyways
Fender Super 60- $325
Fender '68 Bassman - $650
Fender Twin Reverb Combo- $1000 (A little expensive)
Kustom '72 Coupe- $650 (Never heard a bad word about Kustom amps)
Put the EQ at noon, and slightly boost the mids, and boost the treble slightly more than the mids.
And I would add Delay, and a flanger.
Well, just how many people are you playing with exactly, and are you ever planning on doing something more, like a full band situation with two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals? If that's the case then I'd vouch for something you can play a little louder with.
Check out the neotech straps. I use one on my sax, and it's incredible, so I'd imagine that their guitar straps are great too.
Jeans and a T shirt. Do you wear jeans? or do you wear swim team sweatpants or something?
I used to think blowjobs were gross, then I got one. Turned my world upside down.
Get a Delay, the Boss DD7 to be exact
Theres some fretwear up on those higher frets, and the fretboard is looking a little gunky. Clean it!!!! It'll be one hell of a brunette bombshell afterwards. In fact, I'm quite jealous.
Or like some of the breakdown parts in Second and Sebring by Of Mice and Men? It's just the sound of one string being played open. It kinda depends on your EQ too, try boosting the mids a little bit.
Ha, that's great. DO IT!
It looks like it's just chromatic, at first glance at least. I don't know of any other scale that plays 3 half steps in a row (eg. C - C# - D).