how bout you drive to WA every weekend to play. I need a band too
Cannibal Corpse
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Static X

I don't know half the bands on that list, but these guys are terrible.
umm I'm pretty sure using water would rust the **** out your strings, its happened to me before
well the maple one is going to sound brighter
while the mahogany one is going to have a thicker sound.
damn good stuff
are you standing close to the amp?
is there a computer monitor on nearby?
my amps humm when I'm close to them, and when the computer monitor is on

num num num num
so goood.
its not that i hate it, its just I don't want to spend money on something I'll rarely ever use
I hate guitar pro
Audacity can do that.
I forget how though, so check up on the Audacity thread

edit: someone said it faster than me :]
well not free.
My friend sold me a squier strat for $10 though, it sounds great, just has a million dents and nicks
for the Metallica song, I use a little bit of Chorus, and slight Delay. And some Chorus in the distortion really helps fill out the sound too. Hope that helps
hmmm, Boss DS-1
I hear Kurt used that a few times
Quote by cukd7x-a2-
that would be the worst splinter ever!

those were my exact thoughts
I found a wooden dildo on the sidewalk next to an elementary school

Kargaroos are badass
i would

1. Drums ( listen to a click track for tempo)

2. Bass ( listening to both drums and the click track)

3. Ryhtym guitar ( listening to drums, bass and click track )

4. Lead (etc etc....)

5. Vocals (etc... )
this used to happen to me too
hold it looser
If you want to put a single coil in your Lp, I would say use a P-90.
so next week we're registering for our Junior year, and I was wondering if I should take both Music Theory classes, or just one, then take the next in my Senior year

btw, there both 1 trimester classes.
I had a big long talk with my mom about this, and she convinced me that it should be legal.
Would you rather someone drive high, or drunk?
The Happening

it was so boring. Not what I thought It would be
Change of Seasons
Both by Dream Theater

Amazingly epic
Anyone wanna try and find out what amps these guys use?
I think I've seen Marshalls in some newer vids, but I can't make out the names in some of the older songs. And I really like that sound. Like off of How Will I laugh Tomorrow etc. etc.

Thanks in advance
I gave em all to my brother, but I kept all my Yu-Gi-Oh cards
I know. I'm a loser
It didn't make any sense to me, like they got super huge, but then they got small again
Yea, but its not good for your amp.
You could blow the speakers
plus it will sound like ****
totally awesome man
I wish I could play like that
damnit I was too late

Just get it by non-legal means. as long as your not producing and just messing around it's fine

Tell me, how is this possible?
try it
we can't tell you what sounds good, because we all have different tastes.
so just try as many different combinations as possible to see whats good
For whom the bell tolls-Metallica
Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

actually just about anything by Nirvana
Shut up nobody cares
1) Pissing off JB fans does not make you cool

I'd have to disagree, it's quite fun

and I would recommend this one, because it has a full length scale
thanks guys, I'll check out the modes.

For some reason I can't find a site that isn't dedicated to just one type of scale. eg. Major, Minor etc. etc.

I think UG needs a column or lesson with a complete list of scales

anyway, back on topic, could someone please find a scale with those notes? It would be much appreciated.
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