That's actually a really cool idea.
I think that it should all be on one dollar bills, and that it should be released in increments like the state quarters were. The articles could be split into parts, and the amendments would be one separate bills, so one bill for the 1st amendment.

I have one, it's great. Just make sure your room has very little humidity, and that the window is sealed properly, otherwise your pickups will rust :/
Most of those you're going to need to get a cabinet with too. I'd suggest Avatar, but you're in the UK?
Go to venues where people like that may play. Or find some places that do open mic nights. And then just strike up conversation with those people that you see promising.
Well, I know a couple girls. In fact, my best friends girlfriend listens to metal. However, I tend to overlook metal and listen to other things instead.
Agile guitars from
Played a bunch, only because I was too nice to say no.
A friend of mine would come to me 3 days before a show and ask me to play bass, and I'd learn the songs, go to practice and realize that the rest of the band barely knew the songs because they were asked 3 days ago too. In fact, this happens all the time with this kid.

EDIT: It's obvious it didn't go well, and we were asked for an encore? The last time sucked though, the whole band stopped playing and I was the only one left. We were playing the Trooper.
Nevermind. Have you looked into the Peavey valveking combo's?

By the way, you should qualify all of These. It's the rules. :]
Well, what kind of bass amp do you have? If it's decent, then you could throw a decent distortion pedal in front of it. I personally really like it this way.
Their instruments look amazing. I'm surprised I've never heard of them. Anyways, if it looks good to you, then go for it. I'm thinking it is probably similar to a P Bass is terms of the neck and such. Anything you buy will most likely be better than a squier.
A friend of mine uses a Behringer cab, and it sounds great. They're really crisp to my ears, and he also had an insulated one, that was a lot warmer.

EDIT: In all honesty, I thought that his amp, a Valveking head, sounded a lot better through the Behringer cab than through his dad's Marshall cab. That's my opinion at least.
I definitely approve of the Ibanez S420.Ibanez guitars defintely great guitars, and their S series is my favorite. However, weigh all of your options. There are Epiphone, Schecter, ESP, Jackson, and Fender (Their blacktop series is pretty cool) guitars in that price range, and they're all good. So try everything you can.
screw marshall, really go for the avatar. It's the best bang for the buck. HONESTLY!

EDIT: And since you said you may be able to do $500, the 4X12's start at $499. Although, you'll have to scrounge for shipping costs.
You'll wreck your combo amp. By taking a the speaker out and going through the power amp in, you're taking the the powered signal, meaning it's hot, and putting through the section of the combo amp that is meant to take the line level signal and turn it into a powered signal. The electronics of the amp aren't built to handle a powered signal like that to pass through it.

Get a cabinet bro.
Honestly, I would have never thought you were 16 had you not said anything. Now, my question is, what the hell do you need such an extensive PA system for?
You already have a strat. Get the tele!
But a VCR player and watch it. Vintage porn is great, just don't tell your girlfriend, or anybody else for that matter. haha
Intonate it.

Take the 12th fret and play the harmonic, then fret it and play. If it's sharp, screw the saddle, if it's flat, unscrew the saddle
Just throw earplugs in, and go crazy.

Then start looking for ear donors.
Some post hardcore of course. The lyrics generally make you think, at least most of them do.

Story Of The Year
Poison The Well
Rise Against

Oh and Rammstein is metal but they don't really rage.

............ Katy Perry
Vox ac4tv

Peavey Vypyr 30 (Really would prefer the 60 watt version or more, but hey as far as solid state modeling amps go, this is the best)

This is only from looking at craigslist for a little bit, I wish I lived near Toronto, there is sooo much for sale.
Well single coils in the bridge sound really harsh with or without distortion, so my vote is for the HSS.
Sorry, but I think the shape is ugly. No props from me. :/

EDIT: The guy above me is probably right too, my first act guitar was made out of shitty plywood and had ZERO sustain. So, if you feel the need at least strip the paint down to the wood and check it out.
have you tried out any of the Ibanez acoustics in your price range? I have an AES series acoustic and it was $350. IMO, it sounded WAYYY better than the Gibson acoustic I tried out. HOwever, it didn't pass the test against a Taylor. haha
Technically, the number of tracks you can record at a time is dependent on your computers sound card. So, yours might need to be upgraded.
My favorite way to record is by mic'ing my amp and sending the microphone signal through a USB sound interface into Audacity, or Reaper when I had the trial. I dunno if Ardour works on Windows or not but that's also a possibility if you've used Pro Tools before.

Edit: Oh and like the guy a few posts up said, don't use effects, except for Distortion. But make sure you mess around before making any final takes because you want to find the sound that works and sounds best when recorded. 10 Highs and Lows and 0 Mids do NOT sound good recorded, and neither does a cranked gain knob.
Used Peavey Valveking, provided you have a cabinet already you can get the head used for around $400, or just get the combo.
Shure SM57 for a mic. Get it, you won't be disappointed.

As far as sound cards go, I have no idea. Same with how to get your amp to sound good, I was under the impression that the Spider Valve was decent. Guess not. haha
Let me start off by saying that unless your playing a large outdoor show, you should NOT mic the drums, and depending on the size of the amps, they shouldn't be mic'd either. A 10 watt bass amp? Well okay. But 100 watt tube halfstacks are probably a no go. The amps are close enough to the drummer for him to hear, although putting a monitor on him wouldn't be bad just in case there is a bass amp that needs to be mic'd.
It sounds like your problem is that your playing too much (I know, shoot me; blasphemy). Have you ever heard the saying, 'Too much of a good thing is a bad thing'. Well that's what happened. In your post it sounds like you just went from normal playing to super excessive amounts of playing. Generally, it is best to give your arms a rest every half an hour to an hour. Just take 15 to 30 minutes break. Your muscles aren't used to not playing now, so they tightened up after your break. Try and normalize things, and don't go to extremes, play for a little then rest. Eventually your arms are going to become used to it.

Oh another thing. STRETCH!

Edit: Didn't realize how much I wrote, haha
I have that Planet Waves cable. So far it's been pretty decent. I don't like that it doesn't really want to "snap" in though it just kinda fits there. It's weird, and I also don't like that it feels kinda flimsy, but it's good and long. haha
It's okay, I've been told that I walk like a girl, and that I sound like one. And are you heavier, cause that could be the source of your problems.

Fat people waddle. That's a fact. Lose weight
okay so you want a dual amp thing? well it might work if you had 2 ABY boxes.
But couldn't you achieve the same thing by

Bass > Sansamp > Bass Muff > Amp

So then you could just click the bass muff and you would have a clean sound. And you wouldn't need an EQ pedal.
No problem, but I didn't mean to say it was a genre, just a dance. If you could call it that haha. I listened, it wasn't bad. You have good tone, but you were rushing like crazy. Anyways, it was good. Great job bro.
I'm afraid to inform you that you have miscategorized Asking Alexandria, as they happen to be a Post Hardcore band with metalcore tendencies. Crabcore is a movement made popular by the lamest band to ever grace (ahem, insult) the Earth with it's prescense, Attack Attack!, and as such will never be anything remotely tasteful, nor "cool".

Anyways haven't given the song a listen as my computer has suffered a crash and I have yet to install Flash player yet.
wouldn't you make sure that the price is good BEFORE you had him do your basses?
That was my plan, but right now I'm using a distortion pedal through a solid state bass amp into a 4X12 bass cab.
Yea California sucks, move to Seattle instead.