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There is no Starbucks.

Not here in Norway, at any rate.

Really? A norwegian exchange student and I were talking about Starbucks one time, and I was sure he said that there was one in Oslo. Guess not.
whatever you do, do NOT scoop your mids, and make sure you eq to the band. Meaning, don't let your bass knob get in the way of the bass' territory. Just because it sounds good by itself having the mid scooped and the lows and high cranked, doesn't mean that it sounds good in a band situation.
Okay, first off I didn't even listen because from you wrote about them, it sounds like none of them are finished or were even attempted to be complete. I'm going to give you some advice, if you want people to like the music you write then you will need to complete a song, and you need to "act" like your confident about it, or at the very least be proud of it.

TL;DR: Don't release music that you're either A.) Not proud of B.) Not finished with or C.) Think is crap.
Stain the top, and clear coat it.
Peavey 6505.

EDIT: Or the Peavey 6534 if you like a more british sound.
shit did I say cardboard? I meant plywood, but it might as well have been cardboard. haha
Well, it looks very cool. But I wanna say that danelectro's guitars are made from plywood. However I don't know, I do know that theres a bass that I played, that was made from cardboard, and it was a danelectro.
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Pick up the Trombone. Thats what I did
And you made it?
I know that they have a jazz ensemble. But they also only hand out scholarships for the students planning to be in both jazz and wind ensemble. Unfortunately my instrument is only playable in one of those.
Okay, so college applications and auditions have finally started to stress me out. As it stands, the schools I want to audition for, hold them in mid spring, and I have no idea what I want to play. I want to play bass, but I have never touched a double bass in my life so I wouldn't be able to play in a wind ensemble, meaning less scholarship money, or none at all. SUCKS! So then I thought I'd play saxophone. Nope, I don't think I'm good enough to play on a professional level. So now I'm back to thinking about bass.

My question is, would I be able to learn how to play upright bass and prepare a good audition with it by April? And for those of you that have gone through this process, can you please explain to me how it works, and if I even need to learn this beast of an instument?
I second the peavey vypyr. Thrash and soft rock are WAYY different, so modeling is probably the way to go for you.

And if you wanna feel SUPER cool. Theres the Vypyr 30 in head form, and then get a 1X12 or 2X12 from Avatar Speakers. Half stack for less than $500.

EDIT: Actually if you want cheap, then the 1X10 would be better. Let's see.
Peavey Vypyr 30 head: <$200
1X10 cab: $250
it won't hurt anything. You can play guitar through it too.
umm I have to agree, wtf?

Get a Peavey instead of a fender dude. SERIOUSLY!
A valveking combo, or a vypyr 60 combo.
For a low growl I'd recommend cupping your hands over the ball and your mouth. Like you would live. But run the mic through a good preamp and a compressor, and maybe a gate to throw out the breath noise. It's the only way I've been able to get a solid sound.
well thanks everyone I was actually thinking that I might get this and just replace the pickups. If the Floyd sucks and starts going out of tune, would I be able to put a trem stop in it? Or would I have to buy a new bridge?
So I was sorting through Rondo Music's guitar list and came across a douglas. Generally I skip through al that crap to get to the Agiles, but today was different.
This Douglas to be exact.

Let's see, it has:
Neck Through Neck.
Grover Tuners
Licensed Floyd Rose (I think that's a good thing, you guys would probably know better than me though)
3 Piece neck
HSH pickup config
and it's $200!

what the hell? Is there something terribly wrong with the wood or something or is this legitimately a good deal? Can anyone fill me in?
a key that you can sing in preferably.

As for the quality, minor key's are nice, and you could use phrygian, or possibly locrian.
Key, notes, and time. As well as expression, and dynamic use. And possibly the major minor chords of a major or minor key.
The TT is a one trick pony
What's the nearest city to you?
and check ebay.

But why do you want a mikro bass? Are your hands small?
a guitars neck is longer, and the notes are more spaced out than on a violin. Duh. You're going to have to learn to frets the notes rather than feel them out. Proper fretting is done just above the fret, so it's a little different. And most guitarists use picks.

What is the closest major city to you, check out craigslist for guitars. And I'd look at ibanez and peavey, based on the style of music you want to play. Do you have an amp, if not you're gonna want one of those if you want to play with distortion, I'd suggest looking at modeling amps like the Peavey Vypyr or Line 6 Spider's (all but the spider 3)
Well, in a situation like this here, rape is OBVIOUSLY the only logical decision.

But now I have to get paypal and an ebay account. Oh well, I think I'll try and bid on it.
So I need to find a preamp to run my bass through into a Crown 202D Power amp. But I have a limited budget, because I need a car to drive to band rehearsal. Anyways I have about $150 for a preamp. This may not be neccesary, but I intend to eventually replace the preamp with a BBE Bmax. I just don't have the cash at the moment to do so.

I was looking at the ART Tube MP Studio

Would this work? I know it's a mic preamp, but from the reviews it looks like a lot of guitar players and bass players use it. Or if any of you have another suggestion for a cheap, decent sounding bass preamp than please let me know.
just build one. Pretty inexpensive.
You know, by doing this, you're making yourself out as an even bigger douche. Have you ever been to play where this guy is playing? I'm thinking not. So, by doing this you're publicly announcing "Look at me, I'm an even bigger douche than that kid over there, and I only know ONE song." Don't be a ****in retard and think that because you have more experience that that means you're better than that douche. Douche.
tambourine, clapping, umm those clacker things? I don't know what they're called, similar to spoons. Hell, spoons too. Maybe some cheap cymbals. the whip things. you can make them out of two 2X6's with one hinged to the other so you can have a handle.
does it have to be a marshall?
I like it, but I think it might've been cool with like a chessboard hallway with a chess pawn on it, with that logo on a wall behind the pawn. Kinda representing the dead end-ness with the pawn. Maybe a cool album art idea.
Well the angle of your amps isn't really that important. Especially if they're mic'd. The PA speakers are always in front of you, and facing the direction you're facing because of feedback issues. Generally, depending on where you're playing, the venue will have monitors set up for use, and each of you will have your own monitor or two. The place I play at will mix your monitor for you, and can change it for each member. My advice is to just keep the amps out of the way; you don't want to worry about them being in your way.
I'd pick the ibanez. Warwick necks are too thick for me.

But I don't think vs threads are allowed. Just a heads up that this thread might close.
So today I just traveled an hour from home to get this old 4X12 Bass cab (pics and a new thread later today hopefully). It was $50 and all I asked the guy was if the speakers worked. Anyways, one of the speakers has a hole in the middle of it. So it has to be replaced, but I don't know what the impedance is. The jack on the back only has one input and in marker says 4 ohms. So I'm assuming they're 16 ohms wired parallel. And the speakers only say 123816G 67 7328 on the back of them. The magnets are square, and they're heavy. The speakers are wired from the top right in a clockwise rotation, one speaker to the next.

Could someone either help me find this speaker, or give me a hand determining the impedance of the speakers and how they should be wired?

this is kinda what it looks like
what amp are you playing through?
buy a fingerpick for your index finger, and glue the pick sideways on it. Seem's like a good idea. Never tried it though.

EDIT: I'm thinking you'd want to put it on sideways so your thumb touches it when you move your hand into a picking position like normally and glue the pick to it so it'd have the pick part down. So when you put your hand flat on a table the pick would be glued upside down to the fingerpick. I just made that up, but it seems like it would fix your problem.
I'd like to know why you're going to get a more expensive version of the instrument that you have, which should play well already. The only time I would say that is acceptable is when they're les pauls or strats.

Anyways, I've played on the faded SG, and I really liked it. It was comfortable the frets were dressed nicely, and the action was nice, no buzzing. The faded isn't more of a satin finish though, rather than a gloss finish. So it doesn't shine and feels less "finished". But I think it looks better than the normal SG's.

My 2 cents.
I have this bass.

I love the action, and it's cheap, but feels like quality
Well, you're not going to get the tone. Because Slash uses Les Paul's which are made of mahogany, which has a dark fat tone. And Strats are made of alder, which has a bright and twangy tone. He also uses Marshall amps, and the roland isn't going to give you that sound.

My advice is to use the neck pickup, it has a darker tone than the bridge pickup. I prefer my strats neck pickup to my lp's bridge pickup any day.
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I'll agree with you that the spider 4 is better than the 3 ,but his budget it $1000
Well with his budget he can get something miles better than the spider.

That's true, but he wants a guitar either way. And so I'd say that would cut his budget about in half.

Actually, have you checked out any of the Agile guitars, I've heard great things about them.