alright to all of you hating on the Line 6 spider. Don't knock it till you try it. The Spider 4 is actually pretty decent and is 20X better than the spider 3. So is the spider 2, it's just the 3rd one that's shit. What you're looking at though, I would just buy a guitar. You're amp should be good enough and the line 6 wouldn't be very much louder than you're amp. 15 watts is NOT a big difference in that range.
Umm spend your money on a decent amp instead. An Ampeg, markbass, or GK combo maybe. Hell, with that much money you can buy a head and cab. And even have enough left over to maybe pick up a nice ibanez bass.
So about a week ago, I was playing my bass through my Behringer Keyboard/PA amp, and all of a sudden the 15" woofer stopped working. My first thought was that I blew the speaker and that I'll just have to replace it. So I put it off to the side because I was planning on just buying a new bass amp.

Yesterday I started looking at the speakers. Theres a 15" woofer, and a 5 or 6" speaker, with tweeter. The tweeter and the 6" speaker work, but the 15" doesn't and it doesn't look blown, the cone is fine. So I was looking at the crossover and I noticed that the coil looking thing that's soldered on is loose on one side. If I was to resolder this would it work again? I'm trying to figure this out because I was planning on buying a new speaker for it, but if I don't have to then that'd be even better.

TL;DR : The coil thing on the crossover is loose, fix this and will my 15" speaker start working again?
Alright, well I was looking at the Peavey for a little bit. But I know that it's a pretty transparent amp. And I kinda want a tube sound. The line 6's SVT model is supposed to be good. And the Bugera's an SVT-3 copy. Does anyone have experience with any of them?
Okay, so I've finally gathered up enough money to buy a new amp. But I don't know which one I want.

Either the Bugera BVP5500


Line 6 Lowdown HD400

These are the two that I've been considering. I'm leaning more towards the Line 6 right now. I haven't had any chance to try either of these yet. Guitar Center doesn't have either of them and my local music stores won't get them in.

So which would be better? I play rock and metal mostly. But I play everything else as well. Whichever one I get will either be played through an Avatar 2X12, or a carvin 4X10 and 1X 18. Depends on how soon I can get down to get the carvins. And if you have any other suggestions then please let me know. $450 is my limit.
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Guitar Harmonies, Rhythm and leads, Octaves. Just be creative.
C Major/A Minor/D Dorian.

Pretty much any mode without sharps or flats.

Probably D dorian though.

EDIT: Ak10 yea if he was in D minor then the Em would be diminished with the Bb, but from what he's playing, he's playing in D dorian, the second mode of the major scale. Which IMHO, sounds a whole lot more unique then the D minor scale.
my marching band played Bon Jovi and Styx the last two years. And this year we're playing Billy Joel. So Classic rock is my advice.

Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult. Do it.
The SVT 7 is amazing sound-wise. But I've heard too many bad things about them quality wise to actually buy one. If you're looking for tube sound, then I'd probably go with a tube preamp and a power amp. But if you're looking for a transparent sound, then go for the carvin.
Key changes usually give the song a unique feel. Which, like the guy above me said, makes the song memorable. It's just a way for an artist to express themselves more. However they're kind of hard to right.
1.) As a rule of thumb try not to go past 3 O'clock on the master, I've blown speakers several times that way.
2.) No such thing, it just changes your tone. But don't turn them all the way up, it never sounds good that way. Just experiment.
3.) No, not really. It just makes a horrible noise.
4.) No, the speakers maybe. But I don't see how you're supposed to hurt anything by playing with an brand new speaker.
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If you play it with the F# it has some kind of middle eastern sound, Sounds kind of cool actually

Well, I think I may have to try it out.

TS, I think you've inspired me to write the Iraqi national anthem.
You've got your scale all effed up

D Phrygian is: D Eb F G A Bb C D

I'm not sure on your new scale but it maybe just an alteration of Phrygian scale, similar to how the Harmonic minor is altered. I'd imagine it sounds a tad bit similar to the Major scale with the whole step between six and seen and the half between 7 and 8.
You've got everything ass-backwards. Definitely play shows before you put a cd out. Go down to the local venue and be like "Hey, when's the next (insert genre here) show? We would like to play." Works for me, or get to know the local bands and just talk to them about getting shows. It's kinda stupid to release your art for free (Unless you're Radiohead and rich already), and nobodoy is going to want to pay for a cd by a band they've never heard before. Maybe record a short demo for advertising. One or two songs, but nothing big. After a while people are going to know who you are. My band played only like 3 shows before people started talking about us all the time. It's weird shit to have someone look at you and be like "That's the ****in bass for Corpse of a Rotting Hottie." Too bad I quit. :/
To be honest, I hated the sound of the Acoustic amps. Not to mention I hated the way the EQ was set up. The sound was too shrill for my tastes, no matter how much I cut out the highs. And I couldn't get that boomy bass sound out of it. But that's coming from a guitar player that plays through his neck pickup into an Ampeg combo with the highs at neutral. haha
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Venues will not provide you with an amp. That should be your main concern if you know that what you have is not enough.

As far as effects go, most bass players use little to no effects live. Find yourself a pedal tuner, a wah-wah, and maybe a distortion/fuzz and you're good to go.

This man is quite right. As far as effects go, compression and maybe fuzz and distortion. But if the amp you have now is less than 200 watts, then you need a new amp. Drums are too hard to compete with. I've actually been looking at the Line 6 bass head. Which would cover comp. and fuzz.
Really the only difference is the body wood. The Schecter will have a darker, warmer sound to it than the Jackson, whereas the Jackson will be brighter. I think you'd enjoy the Schecter more for a thick sound.
Hmm, well ....

1: Write enough material for my new band to start playing shows by August.
2: Get a new bass amp.
3: Fix up my old acoustic archtop, and make it playable.
4: Fix up my old first act electric and make it semi-gigable.
5: Learn to play by ear.
I need help choosing a cabinet. I've played on a 4X10, and a 1X15 at Guitar center the other day, and neither gave me the response that I really wanted. The 4X10 was too trebly for my taste, and the 1X15 had horrendous highs. I also played through an 8X10 and it was the sound I was looking for. Boomy but with clear mids and highs. However, I don't have that kind of money so I've been looking at 12's and I'm quite interested.

My question is, with I get a boomy bass response with 12 inch speakers similar to a 15, as well as clear highs similar to the 4X10?
Crap I was going to suggest the Peavey Windsor head, but you need separate channels.

Well, I don't know much about the Jet City, but the Valveking's not going to do blues too well, it's more of a rock/hard rock amp.
Okay, then it's good. I emailed the seller and said I'd buy it a couple weeks when I got paid. I'm happy it'll be an upgrade from my zoom 505II guitar pedal through my behringer keyboard/PA amp. haha
So I found an ad on craigslist for an SWR 350 (Redface) bass amp, with a behringer aluminum cone 4X10 cab. All for $400. Is it a good deal. I'd rather buy used than new, and I've heard good things about SWR's. should I do it?
Welll you might need new cables. That would be the cheapest solution. However, Boss products are known to have TONS of hum and noise, and I know from personal experience as well. Also, high gain settings are known for their noise and hum too.

First I would suggest new cables running from your guitar to your pedal, and from your pedal to your amp.
Second, maybe an ISP decimator, and just forget the noise gate on the boss.
Third, new amp. Seriously. Especially if your serious about your playing and your tone (...duh).

OH! You should also try turning the treble or hi(gh) levels down. The hiss or hum is usually in that frequency range so turning it down might help control it.
Do you have any experience with it? How does it sound in person?
I've heard talk about them, but all I've heard is that it replicates JPJ's tone pretty well.
I would recommend a Schecter Hellraiser. Umm and maybe a 7 string one, for more versatility. I love how they play, and they sound amazing.
Mods, if this thread needs to be moved, then by all means move it.

As the title says I'm in need of finding a new bass amp.

I would prefer a head, and a cabinet. And it doesn't matter if they match, I'll probably just get an avatar cab anyways unless someone persuades me otherwise.

I play Metal, rock, punk, and blues mostly. I need to be able to gig, and practice with a full band, so a minimum of 200 watts, preferably more. Prepared to spend at least $500US, but not over $600US (I have to fix my car :[ ). Oh and recommend me some good cabs to go with, nothing over $500 and be able to handle a 5-string's low B.
Bigsby's do NOT stay in tune well. Just thought I'd let you know.
For an amp I would say that you should get a Peavey 6505 1X12 combo. But it's a little over your budget.

it's an amazing pedal, but you'll have to change the tube here and there
Well most people replace their strings at least once a month. But if you want them to last longer you could ...
1.) Wash your hands before you play.
2.) wipe them down with a damp washcloth, then paper towels after everytime you play
3.) Buy a string conditioner wipe for after playing.


4.) Get new strings
umm Primus maybe.

and TOOL!

oh and older green day. Longview to be specific
Umm I've never had a good experience with deans and I have yet to find a decent ibanez under $200. So keep looking.

Check out Agile guitars, I've played a few and they were nice.

EDIT: And also check out the squier affinity series, I still have one and it plays quite well. And they have fat strats also.

EDIT #2: Theres also the epiphone les paul juniors, but I'm not entirely sure about the quality.
I prefer my squire strats singles over my friends Ibanez humbuckers. Personally I think the distortion out of a single coil is brighter and clearer than the mucky sound out of some humbuckers.
I want a.....
Large set of Timpanis
Bass Clarinet
Contrabass Saxophone
Cello (Not THAT wierd, but not everyone wants one)
Big Xyplophone

I think that's it, but I'll probably add more. haha
wait, you know the band but you don't know who the songs are by?

And the videos look like they might just be a high school band that may have disbanded or something. It happens all the time here, the best bands just kinda dissolve after high school.
We're a hardcore "screamo" (ugh I cringe when I have to say that) band and we really need a guitarist, maybe two.

We're based in Port Orchard and have gigs coming up.
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Hayley Williams of Metallica. Most influential sound of the 70's, imho.

I was thinking the exact same thing.