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3 words. Digidesign Eleven Rack

Or, if you have the pocket for it, a Fractal Audio Axe FX (although I'm not sure how they handle bass)

I'm strapped for cash and wouldn't even be considering this right now if it wasn't necessary. I'd say my budget is a maximum of $150 US

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Although to answer your question the B2 would probably be better (sorry for the double post)

Thanks, that what I was thinking but I've been wrong about things like before. That and I actually thought that my bass through a guitar multi effects sounded good
I'm gonna try to keep this as simple as possible, so bear with me.

I play guitar and I play bass in the band I'm in and we have a gig coming up. My rig is lame, and consists of my bass, a Zoom 505II Multi, all into a behringer keyboard amp/PA. My zoom is pretty much dead and ungiggable, so I'm looking into a new multi effects, mostly because buying an amp is out of the question. I've narrowed it down to either the Zoom G2 or the B2.

I can't decide which one would be better for me to play BOTH Guitar and bass through. I presume the bass unit would be better because I play downtuned guitars mostly, and the frequency response would be better. But I'm not entirely sure.

Please help me?

EDIT: I play both guitar and bass through the zoom into a PA amp, plugging directly into the amp with either guitar or bass causes crackling and popping when I turn it up too much. So I mostly use it for amp models and as a preamp. If theres a better unit for the same price let me know.
mute the G string with you're index finger (the one fretting the D string) by laying it across but not pressing down all the way. That's how they're supposed to be played.
I would kinda like to know the same thing. But rather a technique than something that will permanently screw up my voice. Cause I also would like to sing like Matthew Bellamy.
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uhhh, that's only half the song? there's a lot there for just half.

Also, I dont really recognize a meter to the words, and am having trouble hearing the melody in the words. The work itself, as a poem is a little awkward, you bounce between a quatrain (four line stanza) and a three line stanza, there is no meter that I can find.

Try to keep the same number of syllables in each line, it doesnt have to be, but is usually five. Try to keep a consistent meter too, that way it's easy to fit with music.

Creativity has no rules. Walt Whitman wrote in free verse, with no recognizable meter or rhyme. Yet, he was one of the greatest poets of the late 19th century.

And to TS; I think this is pretty good and the words a kinda clever. I like it, and it fits the punk attitude. And when you write lyrics don't force yourself into a box of rules. Write the way you want to write.
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i would officially switch to chrome if it werent for the lifehacker article that rated chrome 4.0 and observed that after over 7 tabs, the ram usage jumped to over 1gb, and over 15tabs it jumped to over 3.5gb usage (this was apparently run on a computer with 8gb ram)

FF has an add-on that prevents heavy ram usage, and it works miracles.

anybody know of a chrome extension that does the same?

That's odd, cause I'm constantly running 3 or more tabs, yet it's still faster than firefox or IE with only one tab open. And I only have 256 Mb RAM on my computer.

EDIT: I'm using the beta version, which is different from the stable version, although not by much.
Hester Prynne

They're good, although I can't find them on the internet anywhere, they were big in the Seattle area, but not anywhere else. If you're interested I could upload the cd and give you a download link.

..... but I had my penis on it.
The 5000 fingers of Dr. T.

A must see when you're high.
Being conceited about something stupid like that isn't going to get you anywhere.
Get a job, and save up money.
I've seen:
The Showdown
Lamb of God
Static X (x2)
Steel Panther

And I almost saw:
Slipknot (the drummer ended up going to the hospital)
The Devil Wears Prada and A Day To Remember ( Friends forgot to pick me up :[ )
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Unlucky, still i dont think i could put one of those on a fender trem

Wait. Are you saying that you're getting a new guitar because its hard to change tunings on a fender trem? If that's case then it seems like you jest need to tighten the springs in the back, because my squires trem doesn't go out of tune when I tune down to drop d.
if there just stock then there probably not worth saving.
what about one of those D tuner things, I've never used one but it seems like it would be a good idea.

EDIT: It seems like I was a few seconds too late.
Alright so I'm not quite sure if theres a thread that will answer this question but I want to know if theres a way to open up my middle notes?

I can sing up to a certain note and then theres no sound coming out till I get higher up, it's like having to play an octave up on a saxophone without using the register key, and you can hear the cracking.
Ampeg BA115 is pretty good
Maybe a bass boost knob, if you're going to be playing heavier music. Or maybe a chorus or flange effect.
Number one rule of amps is .......

Make sure the head and cabinets impedence match.

Example; 4 ohm head and a 4 ohm cabinet
Steel Panther put on a great show at Pain In the Grass this year. So did Mudvayne.
Extra food,
you could scrap the water if you bring a water filter instead, but only if theres moving water near you.
ummm, warm clothes.

and non cotton underwear, you don't want to chaffe
I'm pretty sure I heard that something with that little wattage won't sound good through a 4X12, but it's only what I heard. I'd play it safe and look for a 2X12.
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since when do you listen to music with your eyes, who cares what stuff looks like it`s what it sounds like that matters....

I just so happen to be deaf. And like to WATCH my music.
I like it for about 2 of them, then I'm sick of it because it takes too damn long
Vox Night Train with an OD pedal
I hate music, but the Jonas Brothers are pretty badass.
P.E. duh.
they're quite boring.
Sure they're catchy and poppy, but they get boring after 3 minutes.
And I don't really dig Corey Taylor's vocals in most of slipknots stuff. He's better in Stonesour.
You could also check out the Blackstar ht 5, VERY versatile

and what kind of music do you play?
are you in a band?

edit: I'm a little bit late.
hmmm I'd recommend the Vox Night Train and a decent cab, since gigging your going to be mic'd anyways.
Blackstar HT-5H

or possibly Vox Night Train with a boost
I always thought "Sad But True" by Metallica sounded like "seven trolls"
ENGL Fireball.

I'm not an expert on High Gain but I've heard they're good.
Marshall MG100DFX


Edit: Don't listen to me
ozzfest was cancelled this year. :[
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I though Les Pauls were the only guitar that looked good in gold!

Nahh, I think Les Pauls look ugly in gold.

Happy NGD! Thats a pretty guitar.
check the wiring.
swap pickups.
check the cables?
well considering the goudie is supposed to be a better small clone, and is in your price range still, I'd get it over the Electroharmonix. Plus it has that two year warranty
keep getting the digitech's. They sounds a lot better and are more reliable than the danelectro's. Although the danelectro's are fairly good for being only $20
oh my god, and I thought I was bad.

guess not