strip club

edit: make a porno. Zack and Eddie's Chocolate Surprise
Brutus from Julius Caesar I'd say.
The cat's are screaming out of tune,
Hopefully they'll quit here soon,
got myself a box of matches,
got enough to burn this house down.

But you keep me,
But you hold me,
But you keep me, I'm still sane.

They're screaming again,
to a tune straight out of hell,
They woke the dogs this time,
howling and screaming, just don't mix too well.

Let me tell you,
Let me show you,
Let me tell you, I'm still sane.

I want to run away from here,
The cats got into the milk again,
Prepared for another restless night
Maybe this time I'll finally leave for you,
My dear!

But you keep me, let me tell you what I hear.
But you hold me, Oh please don't ever let go.
But you keep me, Oh baby let me tell you.
I'm still sane, do you hear!

my dear, my dear, do you hear?

Finally ran away from here,
not gonna stop till I'm there,
I just wanna hold you in my arms,
and never let go.

Oh Baby you make me,
Baby you complete me,
Baby you make me, I'm still sane.

Even as time ticks by,
never shed a tear or choked a cry,
forgot about the past,
not that it matters as I stare at you.

Because with you, I'm still sane.

You ask me if I miss it,
I tell you that I don't regret it,
That I'm glad I left when I did,
That I'm happy where I'm at.

Here with you,
Right here next to you,
Here with you, I'm still sane

But let me tell you, a little secret,
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Fact: I posted the only true statistic in this entire thread.


Mines true, I saw it in a movie during Biology.
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The average vaginal canal is... 200 inches long OMG

100% of Darkkon's statistics and facts are either incorrect or intentionally untruthful.

obviously, too bad it wasn't even funny.

Sea Turtles fuck for 3 hours.
leaf green.

it's got Charmander, DUH!
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I believe that is The Devil Wears Prada.
They're just about as good as their name.

By that, I mean terrible.
neon green is awesome.

bright hot pink would be better though
oooh oooh what is it?!?!
blues jr wouldn't do it for him. It's not heavy enough for those genres.

Valveking will suit you more. Or maybe a Peavey Windsor.

do you need good cleans?
fuse the genres then. Play music like Linkin Park, and have the singer sing like The Killers. It's something different from everything else, and it'll make you guys stand out more.
only as low as the searchbar
da links are BROKE.
theres lots of bands that do it. Although, it's wayyyyy more creative to come up with something of your own.
One band that comes to mind is Hit The Lights, named after a song by Metallica.
Too bad they're music is nothing like Metallica's, or even in the same genre
45 - Shinedown
Second Chance - Shinedown
Tribute - Tenacious D

not necessarily metal. But both are hard rock, which is fairly close (Spur of The Moment)

Check it out. I recorded this a few months ago, listened to it 3 days afterwards and trashed it. But I came back to it today, and thought it wasn't too bad. What do you think?

Criticism is welcome. :]
yea, just a little. and I'm out of ideas
then what about magnavox? You could try them
e-mail ampeg and see if they have schematics for it.
maybe check the serial number?
Ampeg BA-115

or get the tube version, but I heard that it has feedback issues
yea, that's what it was like for me when I first started.

You should try singing songs that have similar rhythms between guitar and singing. and just practice that till you have it good. And it's easiest to have the strumming patterns down so well, that you can do them in your sleep before you add lyrics to it.
Teen Spirit!

Edit: Or Sliver by Nirvana, a little less popular but alot more fun, and easier to learn to sing with too if you plan on that.

and anything by Green Day.
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wow, i do like that, but for $250? eh

Yea its a shame. I've played it and it sounds sooooooo nice.
Its unbelievable. Too bad I'll never be able to get one of my own :[
Not really.
I don't like big asses, or huge lips.
Give them the picture and tell them to make THAT guitar
use ebony for the fret board
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so i got a part of song written. The song plays in 90 bpm. It has a really groovy bassline (in Am) and chill drum beat (still need some modification thought). Now i'd like to had guitar but i dont seem able to find something that would fit. The first idea i had was to make the guitar follow the bassline. It sounded o.k. but it didnt had anything to the song. Than i tryed to had may be some simple power chords . . . It sucked. Than i putted some minor six chords to make it sound a bit funky, but it really didnt match with the bassline. So? anyone could help or something, i'd appreciate.

You sir, need to go back to English class
then germany is going to bring Hitler back to life, but now hes going after muslims.
and while Japan summons Godzilla, the giant squid will rise from the deep taking out all vessels, and securing ocean routes so the US can use superior stupidity and send out 10 nukes. But Obama was too stupid to aim and they went straight up.
The end
stupid kids these days.
Putting there phone numbers all over the ****in internet
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go with dogs can grow beards all over-devil wears prada, or reptar king of the ozone-TDWP

Don't do those songs.
cause the devil wears prada suckssssssssssssssss major balls

Seek and destroy-Metallica
Playing standing up is a whole new experience(to me at least)
it took me a while to figure out how to play down there

my tactic: crouch so low that your guitar hangs and play. Its like your sitting down

and the buzzing from other strings takes practice too, learn where the strings are in accordance to your fingers
are you going to go with a solid finish?
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in bed,


sorry ,an i just ou know partying it, and should type much more

mah bad, did not mene to offebnd broither.,

dude your a dick. How did you learn to solder?

TS, does you soldering iron get hot enough? I had a battery one that barely got hot enough to melt the solder but it cooled as soon as it touched the wires, so I could never get a nice stong clean solder.
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how about seachbar you ass hat?

how about I shove that searchbar up your ass douchebag.

TS, your ****ed.
if the shop can't fix it, maybe it would be possible to tear out the nck from the neck joint. Like glue solvent or some crap like that. Doubt it, but look into it. You can't mess up the guitar any more than it is.

EDIT: to albino rhino. I'm actually a really laid back guy, but searchbar jokes are so freakin lame. And not every thread about broken necks are gonna be about a clean snap. So enough with the ****in searchbar ****
Not even a little
Carmel or Kensai
I've seen you before
show him this video to make him completely question his religious beliefs, just the first half though.