try every way there is to try.
You'd get some unique sounds trying it that way
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The Devil wears Prada
Steve Vai
BB King
Jimi Hendrix

just what the **** did they fuse?
**** and piss.
'tis good.
but you overused some rhymes wayyyy too much

cry, why, lie, and reply are overused
hmmmm "Sunshine of Your Love" is the first that comes to mind.

Actually thats a good one, its got a simple-ish solo, one of the first I ever learned.
you could bust out an eric clapton solo.
that'd be easy enough
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Naturally he was bragging about it.

naturally, your bragging about it

Leave your hand on the box when you play. Its foolproof!
I get it.
Misses the Cue.
hahahah .........
you bought something without knowing what it was?!

you sir, stupid.
Just kidding
d0nt t4lk l1k3 d1s!!
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i think kirk hammet does them a lot check out talk dirty to me's solo

you just recomended Poison after saying Kirk Hammet does alot of them.

Do you know who Kirk Hammet is?!
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I don't believe it is a problem. I'm pretty sure if I remember right it was the acoustic <--> electric that was ok, just doesn't sound that great that was ok. It was just the Bass -> guitar amp that was a no-no.

that took me several reads to figure out what the hell you just said
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It's very possible that I'm going to be homeless soon.

I'm sorry to hear that. But me too. :[
I wrap it, then before I cut them I wrap the end halfway then through the hole, then do that again the other way a couple times, no slippage
I don't think this is really song material, but definitely a decent poem.

They meet by chance at a train station
Her purse is void, he pays her ration
The ride is quick, with little conversation
But he can't help but feel a slight relation

I didn't like this stanza though, it felt forced and the rhyme of Station and ration threw me off big time.
and some of the other stanzas had extra words that took up syllables and made it a mouthful to say; is, but etc. etc.
head for $300

that might be worth it ...........
if I can only get to california.
this happens to me alot.
sadly, I think No Doubt is pretty good.

but Pat Benator and Joan Jett are amazing
McDonalds doesn't hire anymore where I live. Its a shame
yea, don't get the epi for cleans.

The fender however, would be good for what you want.
But I don't think you'll get tube cleans for as low as anything you've mentioned
my cousin says Top RAH-BIN
Its Rah-men though
squire strat $10
Behringer KX1200 FREE
Zoom 505II pedal FREE
Ibanez GSR200 $299
I lose
seek and destroy by Metallica, easy enough and its got a sick bass line.
just play the rhythm part during the solo, since its not exactly beginner material
squire strat, very nice for beginners I have one. Still sounds good though
wow I can't even understand
Whiplash - Metallica
hmmm turn the volume pot up, it might help

edit: I'm kidding
I think hes trying to get banned. :/
sell the MG. Get a roland or something along those lines.
yep totally sucks.
just kiddin.
Better than most of my stuff at least :]
I don't care for them much. But on the whole their music was good.
you didn't just say that
take school band and play bass. You'll learn rhythym really fast
I love Metallica, but you gotta play other stuff too
Try some Nirvana, easy stuff. And it also makes you feel good to actually play an easy solo when you first start.

edit: my bad, I missed the chords part. But if your gonna want to play Metallica your gonna need to play chords fast. Even "For Whom The Bell Tolls" has some fast-ish chords.

post-edit: SMOKE ON THE WATER!
Ozzy and Iron Maiden seem to very controversial to everyone.
try looking them up
I've heard the blackouts are much better than the EMG's
but do you really need active pickups?