I'm not a ginger.
My hairs blonde douchebag
why would anyone need vocals like that?

Seriously this metalcore, hardcore, screaming bull**** needs to end
Something I came up with last night.
Tell me what you think.

I feel as if I've got nowhere to go
Lost my understanding, nevermind the show
Dig around Crawl back in
Is this the way you treat your kin?

I've lost my sense of self control
One track mind, the way I'm designed
I've lost my sense of self control
Clear the way, feed upon my prey
I've lost my sense of self control
I've lost my mind

I'm in it to win it
even though I feel like ****.
creep by, don't alert the other side
I've got to decide but my brain is fried


What is right? What is wrong?
Am I still breathing?
Prepare for torture,Do I see flinching?

I've lost my sense of self control
breaking doors, stomping floors
I've lost my sense of rationale
screaming madly, rocking sadly
I've lost my sense of self control
Quote by death_metaller
you appear to be some tit with a short attention span

kinda come across as a bimbo american girl who just talks

'i love ice cream? you love ice cream? AHH I LOVE IT
today i had a dream i died
my father doesnt love me anymore'

Do I?
I'm a tad bit hyper at the moment, but its midnight so I can't do anything about it.

and my father does love me asshole! just kidding :]
The petition is just helping a friend out, I've never even heard of Eureka 7
and I can't stop eating it.
sign this
I dunno what its for but do it.

I was taking the WASL today and fell asleep, and dreamt I was running the track at school, then some big huge guy ripped off a section of the chain link fence, and hit me with it. I jumped hella, and make a wierd yelp like noise, it was hilarious.

oh do you like ice cream??
post pics of ice cream
don't pick so hard.
I dunno, thats bizarre
Has anyone ever heard of this band?
My stepdad knew the lead singer, and I've googled them and can't find them.
They were in San Diego 1988-1992-ish
Point Loma/ OB area
and can you find any information on them?
possibly open it up and make sure all the pots and **** are soldered right.

edit: Woops, you did say you checked the wiring. :P
Computer settings are probably all messed up
dude, why are you lending out all your stuff?
why do you want to know, and wouldnt giving your arm be a waste of an arm because you cant even play guitar anymore, and not be able to use pedal?
figures of speech...

You could always use your feet, and use your second arm for the pedal.

mine is, my zoom 505II, seeing as its my only pedal.
Quote by ShredGod George
they're actually designed to emulate a tube amp
so TS,
if you can get a neutral clean, which i'm sure a keyboard amp can
they'll sound pretty good

alright thanks bro.
I think I know what I'm asking for, for Easter.
Actually another question,

What would they sound like going through a Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp/PA?
Quote by ShredGod George
Its tube overdrive
and valve distortion
the distortions alot heavier
80's rock & whatnot
the tube overdrive's a tubescreamer type pedal

****, I missed that. My bad. Nevermind I got it now.
Alright, if theres a thread dedicated to the Hardwire pedals somewhere point me in the right direction, but as far as I've looked I can't find anything other than people mentioning them.

I want to know which sounds better, and which has the more unique sound. I'm considering getting one, since I've heard amazing reviews on the Hardwire series
Also wouldn't these sound more or less the same? Valves=Tubes right?

Oh, and I mostly play Metal(Metallica, Maiden etc etc.), but I've been experimenting in the Hard Rock/Bluesy genres alot lately

Thanks in Advance :]
Listen to lots of music, and when you hear something that sounds within your skill level, then look it up, or try it by ear (Best way IMO, but hard as ****)
its pretty simple
Maybe try to learn some easy-ish solos, Sunshine of my love comes to mind.
Quote by MichaelOfCanton
turn the knobs on the amp to the right and strike the strings with tenacity and a general "if you dont like it go f#c& yourself" state of mind. you will feel it instantly.

DON'T do this,
Turn up the treble about 3 'o clock-ish, and the bass about 1 and usually put mids around 9-11-ish.

Also get distortion or Overdrive.
6th-Linkin Park
7th-Green Day, The Offspring
8th-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Story of The Year, A Day To Remember etc etc
9th-Metallica, Ozzy, Story Of The Year
10th-Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Offspring, Story Of The Year.
Ibanez GSR200

edit: I'm kidding:]
take the money back.
^^what he said.

But that sounds nice. I want one.
30 bucks and piggyback ride
The Toy Dolls are hilarious
look up Nellie the Elephant or I've Got Asthma
Quote by El Gigante
Those are child's books. Check this link British Novels.

thats quite a bit to choose from.
Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

Real end of thread.

No Fantasy!
english counts, but no fantasy or sci-fi

oh and 200 pages, I left out some thing my bad

keep em coming! I want alot to choose from
I need a book for English class this trimester and I get to pick the book.
it needs to be by a NON-American author or about a NON-American culture.

sooooo ......


edit: Can't be Fantasy or Science fiction!!

Post-edit: 200 pages long!
Your shirt is very becoming on you.

Of course, if I were on you I'd be coming too.

*gestures at someone to move closer with your finger*

If I can make you come with my finger, imagine what I can do with my hand.
And then the dragons came.
or get an Ampeg BA115
or mic yourself up and take it through a DI box into the sound card.
Or Firewire, but those cost quite a bit for a little box thing
Quote by touji-za-nai

I'm blessed with easy to control smooth skin.

Never had bad acne.. I get some bad black heads, but I'm pretty much acne free.

yep, and I hate you.

anyways maybe I'll try a dermatologist, but I'll try the using soap and scrubbing first, I don't like pills
Quote by DartS17
Go see a dermatologist, maybe they'll prescribe something. That's what they did for me and it worked.

but do you have to stay on the prescription?
will it come back when you stop taking it?
I can tell you've never had it bad.
How the hell do I get rid of it?!
Summers coming soon, and I like taking my shirt off (not to mention I need a tan BAD)
I've tried mild soaps, Ivory is the one I use most, Oil free acne wash, showering 2-3 times a day. None of it has helped.

Btw I started breaking out really bad in October right after I had ankle surgery and had a cast all the way up my leg, so I only showered once a week for about a month. :/
and now its spiderwebbing onto my arms, its ****ing nasty!

How do you get rid of it pit?!!!!