harrydoodle spelled Douche wrong!
Peavey Valveking half stack sounds really nice
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when i looked at this
i instantly thought of this

omg thats ****in hilarious
I own a line 6 spider valve 212.

theres your problem
Hey There Delilah!

she'll cry
But Metallica isn't metalcore

edit: Boss Metal Zone Pedal sounds very tight, I like it
I meet this girl in town
I wanna do
Along comes girl in bar
It is girl two

I think this part is hard on the mouth, it doesn't really sound right

I meet this girl in town
I wanna do
Along comes another
Its girl number two

This is better.
American Pie -Don Mclean
put it in the Songwriting Forum
Bamboo splinters in the fingernails,
then hang them by their hands and give them acupunture with galvanized nails
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James Hetfields vocals got worse in my opinion
it has a bit pop-ish undertone now

No it sounds more country to me. Bluesy maybe.
I just saw a video of AC/DC playing live.
And everyone was cheering when Angus started stripping
so yea
When I stand up, my guitar rests on the ground
Learning to Live by Dream Theater
restring and intonation setup should do the trick.
But take it to a professional

I agree with your last sentence
Skip the religion, live a balanced life with pleasure and happiness... a humanistic life, if you will...
I think you need an amp to use your distortion pedal
why do people make good music, thats ruined by screaming?
ESP makes a couple guitars that look like Lp's
the ec1000 I think, they play well, and lots of people I know swear by em
try out a couple of his songs, maybe he'll get bored of the rest of you guys playing ****ty, and boring parts
but Frank Sinatra started it all ....
well theres always the zoom pedals, I have one but the wah and some of the mods suck on it. Everything else is fairly decent though.
not that I know of, I've never used more than at the same time. But I'd mix and match, experiment with the different sounds. Actually experiment with everything. Like try putting the wah in different places.
broadens your musical creativity, makes you more open to different styles of play, diversifies your musical understanding etc etc etc.
the ampeg 115 is pretty good, my bassist uses it and almost as loud as my PA that I use
Here something to go by I guess.

Ten Band EQ

My opinion
Why do you have 2 distortions and 2 overdrives?
People say to put wah after the distortion, but its sounds ****ty to me
plug your amp into your computer, its best to use a D/I Box for this(Bass amps usually have them combined with their line outs), or you could use a usb mic, or plug your mic into your amp then into your computer

And to make it really simple, get an 8 track
What they said ^^^
excluding db, the major scales for pop, and I hardly consider MxPx punk anymore
metalcore sucks dick.
Why the **** would you listen to someone scream??
Ibanez makes good basses in that price range.
Squires are good too from what I've heard, but it seems a bit degrading owning a squire.
Maybe its because everyone I know owns a better guitar than I do :[
God I hate AC/DC

edit: They're alright, everything sounds the same to me IMO
Oh and put your leg down.

ha thats exactly what I was thinking.

Anyways its pretty good, not AMAZING, but good especially for 6 months. I didn't start improvising till at least a year
if you guys ever start gigging go to the Bremerton/Port Orchard area
Oh My God Your From Washington!!!
well, I thought this was a thread about ****ing on a squeaky bed. lol
anyways, I can't seem to find any rhythym in this
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HI STEVE...My name is None of Your Business and I have a severe caffeine addiction

Hi None of Your Business

My name is Whosimawhatsit, and I'm addicted to cherry poppin'
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No, it's almost harder than playing guitar, because what you sing will end up being in plodding 8 notes...

but if you know how to play the part inside and out, that being your imaginary plodding 8th note rhythm, it would be easy to navigate your mind away from hitting the notes, and focus on singing.

So say the TS goes for it