A song I would really like to do is eye of the tiger, but I dont really know how to explain what those lyrics are about.
I need to pick any song and talk about the meaning, any suggestions? I would prefer a song that has a lot of metaphors in it, thanks.
Can anyone tell me who this is?
I just like that keyboard or whatever, scooter remixed the song. Typical thing for a dj to do.
Wel watever, you know what i mean...
Who sings the origenal of that song that goes along the lines of 'put on my bluesweight shoes'? Thanx.
Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker
l2m means listning to music.
I mean like what brands would u say,ex dunlop crybaby or whatever.thanx
Ok,i am looking to buy some new pedals,a delay,wah and noisegate.i hav a peavey 6505+ head and mrshall 1960a cab,i dont know if i should get a distorition pedal as the peavey has sweet distoriton by itself.i hav a alexi usa standerd esp.iv looked at alot of pedals but cant make up my mind.i play music such as children of bodom and arch enemy.any recommendations would be appreciated thanx.
Ok,i want to buy myself some pedals,looking for a wah,delay and d noisegate.i have a peavey 6505+ head and marshall 1960a cab,with a alexi usa standerd esp guitar.i dont know if i should get a distorition pedal as the peavey hav some sweet distortion.iv looked at alot of pedals before but cant decide.any recommendations would be appresiated.i play music such as children of bodom and arch enemy
Pleas go check out me and my friens song on my profile, its name is 'Janine'. The vocals are in Afrikaans and my friend isnt a vocalist, so the vocals arent to good, but we just did it for the fun. I did all the music though. So if you could just tell me where and what to improve and any ideas would be appreciated thanx!
Id say michael romeo from symphoney x
Haha,theres like 5 different kinds of the click language,i knw some are called 'tswana' 'sotho' 'xhosa' 'venda' and sumthng like that.its where evr theres a 'x' in a word that that do that click shiit
Thanx guys!
Hey,a quick question plz,whats the name of that song of queen where he sings something time has come?
Who knows of a IM app for your mobile called mxit?its kind of cool,you should try from your mobile.
Say i hav .9 guage strings on my guitar,bt i want to put thicker strings on like .11's,will it make a differance in my playing,wont it make it harder to shred and so on?i need them cause .9's dont work good for C-G-C-F-A-D tuning.thnx.
fender squier bullet strat.still have it though.
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**** yes man Heineken is the best

Hell yeah!cheerz to that one!
Camel smells like rotten feet to me..haha
I noticed in almost any movie ive seen that evertone smokes Marlboro for some reason,what do you smok?
just what the title says.I'm a huge Heineken fan!
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How else would I know which UGers to rob while they're pissed on New Years?

When your done robbing,let me know so I can go rob u..
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X-play told me to get that for my ultimate gaming PC...
also... a quad core, and 4 gigs of RAM... meh meh meh lucky bastard

Dude,whoever told you to get the mx440 for ur ultimate gaming pc doesnt know what the hell hes talking about!cause its a old and cheap piece of crap!!
guess what mean graphisc card my pc has..wait for it..owns you all.....

GEFORCE MX440!hahahahahaha!mean one isnt it!?
Oh yeah!!sorry guys!in South Africa its already been xmas for 1hour and 52min!my bad!
Pretty much what the titel says.What gifts did you get for xmas?
^I was just curious to know what the ppl hear thought of thanx anyway for replying.
How the hell would you know what im cApable of playin or how good or bad i am ak guitarist?
Thanks again.From what I can tell the amp and cab is allright,just the guitar is pricey for what it features!My dad is sponsering me the guitar,but I have to buy the amp and cab myself,none of it is for xmas though!
Ok thanks alot guys!I hate this new metal and all kinds of diffrent metal,cause I dont know what to call anything anymore.let me just name some bands I want to play in the lines of:
-Children of Bodom
-In Flames
-Killswitch Engage
-Lamb of God
-Bullet for my Valentine

So I cant just say that I want to play nu-metal or so on..
Yeah the stuff is damn expensive,but I wana buy it and get it over with!Its for Nu-Metal though,because my current gear sucks ballz,the guitar isnt even mine,its my sisters that she bought and just let it lay around!
Is this a good setup for metal;
Alexi Laiho USA sig guitar
Peavey 6505+ Head
Marshall 1960a Cab

Pleas let me know what you think of this.
just wank it.
I hate it when im playin guitar all fine,then get up for bout 30min,then when I go play guitar again my wrist is all stiff and I can't alternate pick properly or do palm muted downstrokes without wanting to sh*t myself.
I have these bigass potatoe bunions on my feet..the foot specialist says its yhe worst he's seen on someone of my ages feet