Sorry I forgot about my own thread haha. In response to the new arrangement or the transcribed version, either works, I'm open to anything. And the competition is in like 2 weeks now. Thanks
Hey, I'm looking for either a good accurate transcription of the version with one guitar and Lacey (this: ) or something arranged for a solo acoustic and a singer (can be moderately difficult/fingerstyle type arrangement). Any help would be greatly appreciated by both myself and my singer (I'm supporting her in a competition with this song and can't find a reliable tab for it). Thanks much!

Hey, I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the tab talk area, but I figured if anyone would know a good way to accomplish this, they would be here. So I need to arrange or combine the two guitar parts for the song "All Around Me" by Flyleaf for a solo acoustic guitar in order to support my singer in a competition. I'm having difficulties finding the music for the Flyleaf acoustic version (at least good accurate ones) so I was wondering if somebody could help arrange it or arrange it for me? Basically something combining the rhythm part with the little lead fills that make the song interesting or at least something that would sound good as a solo acoustic guitar and solo singer. Thanks in advance!

Beat the hell out of it... Actually, buy a cheap strat knockoff for $50 on craigslist and beat the hell out of that. Like throw it across a street, slide it on pavement, shower with it, eat meals with it, and then play it after eating Doritos, Cheetos, or something similar.
Personally I hate EMG's and love my Invader. It's all a matter of personal preference, you may love it or hate it.
Usually midway-higher. I usually have the mids around 5 and treble around 6-7 on it.
It's a sign from God...

Just kidding, sorry for the loss of your amp. Since it's mostly digital it's probably a goner.
Thanks guys, I'm gonna try to wing it tomorrow. If I had an A/B/Y I could at least use an amp for clean and just distort the Deuce like crazy but I don't think it's gonna happen. I'll try that 666 setting and see if it helps. The problem is just the muddiness of the sound, and when I cut out enough bass for it to clear up, it's super thin and sterile sounding.
I have an eq... It's on my pedal board and I don't have my power supply for the board. And the amp is hybrid, solid preamp and tube power amp. 4 6L6's
Hey, so I made a little mess up and left my distortion pedal, one of my wahs, and my power adapter for my pedal board at school (which is locked now and empty until Monday)... I have band practice tomorrow morning, and I was wondering if anybody can help me get a good distorted sound out of a Peavey Deuce? I've tried experimenting with it a bit but it just sounds to muddy and bass heavy. Our band plays stuff like Skillet, Fireflight, Three Days Grace, and some Alter Bridge if that helps. Thanks in advance!

I made one similar to the "Gorm" board from above (except out of an old chair base and 1x2 sections) and it works great. It's raised enough to have all of the cables and cords underneath so it looks organized and I could jump on it without breaking it. And yes, Velcro is the way to go for this.
Cort acoustic, and then an Epi Les Paul Special II and Peavey Backstage II. I still use both guitars (upgraded pickups, tuners, and wiring on the Epi).
Are they any better with the Keeley mod? There's a guy that wants $100 for one with the mod near me but I figured I'd ask around here. I have an MXR Fullbore already, just experimenting a little
Pretty sure he meant how the pickup is angled in the pickguard, not the height of it. And as stated above, it makes your bass more bass-y and your treble brighter.
I've done it on a bass before, it looks cool if you do it right, and it's also cool if you heat a piece of metal and basically brand the wood. Nothing wrong with it at all
Thanks for the quick reply. I kicked myself when I looked at it because I didn't have the red and white twisted together good enough so I was only getting one coil and hum. Thanks for the quick reply, now I know to double check. I twisted them and now easily more output than my other pickups.
I just bought a Duncan invader, and to test it I did a quick and dirty install (just cut the old pickup's leads near the solder joints and twisted the invader's wires in), but I have really low output on it. The stock neck pickup in my Epi les paul is louder than it, even when the invader is raised and the neck pickup is lowered. Duncan's site (along with my own experience) tells me that it's a high output pickup, and my stock Epi pickup is definitely not. Is the issue my lazy wiring job or could it be something else? I intend to eventually solder it in, I just wanted to hear it beforehand. Any suggestions?
Epi Les Paul with Duncans
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Pedalboard (in order for the most part)
;Tuner---> A/B/Y box--->
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(B) RP-55 and Fish and Chips EQ
Thanks guys, I think I've decided to do a switchable boost, but I may end up doing the gain mod instead. If not, maybe I'll buy another Valve Jr. and do it on that one.
Hey, I'm bored and it's project season, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add a switchable high-gain circuit/channel/what have you? I guess I'm just curious about it, and how you would go about doing it. I've seen the mods for a 6v6 instead of the EL84, and I've heard of high gain mods, but never switchable high gain mods. Thanks in advance
Hey, I'm going to be swapping speakers in my Peavey Deuce, and I need some help with the speakers. The stock speakers were wired in series but don't have an ohm rating marked on them, and there are 4 and 8ohm speaker outs on the amp (8 is the "main" out). What would be the ohm ratings for possible replacement speakers? I suck with ohms and speakers, sorry if this is a ridiculously easy question. Thanks
Ok, thanks for the replies
I only heard it for about a minute before I instantly wanted it, and got it for a steal. Even if it's not vintage the tone is better than my new 847 reissue that I got 2 years ago.
Ok, while the pics are being resized, I just saw a 96 reissue and it looks really similar... Pics will be up soon, I'll edit the original post
Hey, I had a couple of questions about a Vox V847 wah I just got. First of all, is there any way to date it? It looks vintage, doesn't have the AC in, and says Made in U.S.A. on it. The pot says Hot Potz 1 and Clarostat on it, and all of the wiring inside looks old (I know, not rock solid evidence but it's something). Is there any way to really tell? Second, if it's vintage, would it be worth anything? Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the useful thread until it got hijacked, I'm kind of in the same boat. I have a Vox 847 and was thinking about picking up a used Crybaby to try, and was looking through threads to see if there were any Vox vs. Crybabys. Before I go buy one, is there a distinctive sound difference between them? I hear that Crybabys can be kind of shrill/harsh/annoying with the toe down all the way, but I'm looking for a more Hendrix wah sound (I know there's a Hendrix signature model but I usually buy used and can't find one).
+1 for the MXR Fullbore Metal, I love that pedal for Metallica, Pantera, Maiden, etc.
Thanks for the help, my current chain is:

Vox Wah > MXR Fullbore Metal > DOD Death Metal > EHX Holy Stain > Dano Fish and Chips EQ
all in front of the amp.

I occasionally add a Behringer Ultra-Shifter/Harmonist before the Holy stain (mainly for the Chorus-like effect until I buy a dedicated chorus pedal) but that's about the only difference.
I use a Fish and Chips personally (only because it was dirt cheap, used for like $10 on craigslist) and I don't think it's bad at all. It's definitely good for the price (even the new price) and it sounds good. If money isn't an option (which I see it's not), I would definitely spring for the MXR 10 band
I'm gonna give it a 9/10, I'd be happy with it

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-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
*any amp that I use with a cab goes to a homemade 2x12 with Eminence speakers, or one of my 1x12s with Celestions in them

Effects (in order)
Vox Wah
MXR Fullbore Metal
DOD Death Metal (rarely used)
Hendrix Signature Fuzz
EHX Holy Stain (mainly for the reverb, like 95% of the time)
Dano Fish and Chips EQ
--Or-- (when I'm lazy)
Vox Wah
Digitech RP500
Build it, mine cost less than $20 (which was mostly velcro) and took about 2 hours to build (including spray paint, but not drying time)
I run it in front, the main amp I use doesn't have an effects loop, and the one that has one has pretty good built in effects
Yeah, thanks, I was just mainly looking for a starting point. The board will be velcro-topped so the arrangement doesn't matter, I'm just looking for an idea for the chain. Thanks
Hey, I'm building a pedal board at the moment, and I was wondering if somebody could help with my effects loop. Basically I have a MXR Fullbore Metal, EHX Holy Stain, Vox Wah, DOD Death Metal, and eventually an EQ and a tuner. Can anybody suggest what order to put them in for best signal? Thanks,

Hey, so I haven't done a project for quite a while, and managed to find a Teisco Del-Ray ET-200 for $15 in pieces (just disassembled in a bag, missing some stuff though). I guess mainly what I wanted to know is how/where to locate some of the missing parts for it? I'm missing the trem arm, trem spring, a lot of the mounting screws, the bridge, and the emblems. I do have the electronics (all work, still wired together), pickguard, neck, body, and tailpiece. Also, would it work to use a Tune-O-Matic instead of the original bridge if I couldn't find one? Thanks in advance

Ok, that's kind of what I thought, and since he said they're all from the 60's and some from the early 70's, I figured it could be a good deal.
But aren't some tubes for multiple devices but with the same use? Like 12ax7's come to mind, I read that they're super common audio pre-amp tubes, not just for amps
So I found a lot (literally a lot, like 300) of tubes for sale, but they're all from a tv/radio repairman kit. It's like $50, so I might get it and re-sell them anyway. They're all NOS in the boxes, here's part of the ad "Some names are RCA, GE, CBS, Tung Sol, Raytheon, Westinghouse, Sylvania, Standard, Delmonico, Philco, Silvertone, Shield, Motorola, and Zenith.". I was mainly wondering what the odds are that I'll find some that are usable for amp building/replacing tubes, and are there a lot of common sizes used for tv/radio and amps? I'm just getting into tube amps and building amps after 4 years of playing, so it might be a stupid question. And sorry if this is in the wrong place. Thanks in advance
Well, I just bought a '65 Kalamazoo Model 2 (my first tube amp) and need some help/advice. First of all, how much would the tube set be worth on it? The area amp tech (for pretty much every music store in the Milwaukee area) tested them all and they all rated almost new. They're the original tubes, all are RCA except the EL84, which is a Zenith that says "made in Great Britain". I would like to either sell the complete set, or just replace it and keep them with the amp. Second question, what tube brands would be best in it? I mainly play jazz, blues, classic rock, etc, no metal really so that wouldn't matter. The speaker is new, a Studio Pro. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

(and yes I posted about this already, I just have different questions)
I've been looking at diagrams for it, and I know how to use a meter, discharge caps, etc, but I think I'm going to have my dad help me with it. I would rather not f-up a '65 amp I just bought, and it plays alright now, this is just for safety. Would it be worth selling the set of tubes on it and getting some newer ones? I got them tested and they read almost new, so how much would the set go for on average? It has all RCA's except the EL84, which is a Zenith that says made in Great Britain. The amp tech I brought it to said that it may be a re-branded Mullard. Any truth to that?