Aig91 ALL the way!!!!!! VOTE Aig91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Diana Ross and the Supremes

You cant diss page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy Page is god in disguise!!
Nanncy Wilson is flat out the greatest female guitarist to ever live!! And Anne Heart previouisly Anne Wilson is an amazing vocalist. Also Janis Joplin who is one of the greatest female singers.
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I wish Matt were here to lock this. But alas, he's having an epic harmonica jam and won't be back for a few days.

Lists of "the best" are 100% useless.

Then don't comment it. The people who arent putting there list are just maknig this three times harder.
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1. j. page 2. j. hendrix 3.dave gilmour 4.allen collins/gary rossington 5. lesile west(mountain) 6. eric clapton 7. jeff beck 8. robin trower 9. stevie ray vaughn 10. joe perry 11.carlos santana 12. the dude from yes steve howe? 13. alex lifeson 14. pete townsend 15. billy gibbons(zz) 16.dwayne allman 17. paul rodgers 18. angus young 19. pete townsend 20. neil young
classic getarists

Thank you so much for putting your list Arron. The people who arent are just spamming the thread.
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I hate making lists of "Top" whatever....

(mostley out of lazyness)

Thats fine my friend.
Alright here is the deal. Any body who has read my blogs knows that i have a big problem with the Rollingstones 100 greatest guitarist list. I would like U.G. to make a 100 greatest gutiarist list. So here is my plan. We will all put down are top twenty favorite classical rock guitarist in this forum and I will talley up the scores and put them in order on a differnt thread for all to see. I will wait two weeks for the comments on everybodys favortie guitarist. once i get that written down we will move up to twenty one to fourty. and then fourty one to fifty and so on...

Here is my top twenty.
1.Jimmy Page
2.Eric Clapton
3.Nanncy Wilson
4.David Glimoure
5.Jeff Beck
6.Stevie Ray Vaughan
7.Steve Vai
8.Keith Richards
9.B.B King
11.Jeff Heally
12.Chuck Berry
13.Jimi Hendrix
14.Mathias Jabs
15.Robin Trower
16.Joe Satriani
17.Joe Perry
18.Eddie Van Halen
19.Peter Frampton
20.Angus Young
Trampled underfoot is an amzing song, Its one of my favorites. So yeah i agree with Negativecreep92
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^lol im surprised u didnt answer to that guy who bashed zeppelin

He's just an idoit. But speaking of which, YOW JACK @$$ WHO BASHED LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The guitar gods will send lgihtning upon your head!!! And i might try it to............. or just laugh. and in the words of Hetfeild, Dont **** with razor back, or you'll feel are hell on your back..... Damage incoperated.."Insane solo"
so One Vision, how was that??
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Allright then...

To start, what is your favorate album?

Don't really have a favorite ablum, becuase i like there songs on all of there albums to much to say that one album is my favorite.
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i don't know if he's the best, but i like the lead guitarist from avenged sevenfold

Yeah he is pretty good
Deffinatly Jimmy Page
I can't beilive Jeff Healy is dead, i literaly got his greatest hit cd like a week ago and had learned to play that song See The Light. We wanted to go see him in concert. He was an icredible guitarist to.
I honor your greatness Jeaff healy...R.I.P

Join and we can dicuss Jeff healy and all the other great blues guitarist like Stevie Ray Vaughan.
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Who the **** is on this website and doesn't play guitar?

yeah you have a really good point there
I would say seventy percent of people know them for Through the Fire and Flames. Which if you are a exsperciended guitar you will watch the music video and realize that they where conentrating on the vocalsit most of the time because they had to speed up the guitar work and that is harder todo with out people noticing if the camera is on the guitar. adn it is really hard to get the finger strength adn be acurate to play the guitar the way he was, with his hand over the guitar instead of under. And there are other things wrong with it as well. Go and see them live adn see if they play as fast as you hear it in the song. Yoiu will see what i mean. I beilive they are good guitarist but i would be much more impressed if they could actualy play the guitar with real speed adn acuracy.
Just off the top of my head,

StairWay to Heaven
Free Bird
Fade to Black
Hotel California
"wanted" dead or alive
Ride the Lightning
Good Times Bad Times
Ten Years Gone
Whole lotta love

and a bunch more
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Stair way to heaven is played on a double neck, thats why it sounds so open liek a acoustic, oh adn the best acoustic song is Dust in the Wind. join Kansasism, you know you want to
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In no particular order, my list.

1. Layla
2. Going to California
3. Stairway to Heaven
4. Tears in Heaven
5. Fade to Black
6. Simple Man
7. Jessica (partly acoustic)
8. Tangerine

I can't think of anything else at the time.

GO FADE TO BLACK!! Best song ever, though i dont think anything other then rythm was played on acoustica
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I dont know how much they count for this era but Jimmy Page and Kirk Hammet are the best in my opoion,
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