So, I checked it out today, and everything seemed fine. Bought it and took some better pictures for you guys to look at (I already dropped it off to get setup somewhere so I can't take more right now)

Didn't notice anything alarming, nor did the luthier I dropped my guitar off at (asked him), but here they are. Let's hear the final verdict.

Serial code : 03483618. In the first 8 however, it seems a speck of paint has come off in the groves, but the rest are completely black as should be. That's the only thing that worries me.

He just sent the pics, here:

Little blury, but yeah
Quote by stonyman65
Sounds like bullshit to me. Either this guy is a complete idiot or he's ripping you off,

If I don't get pictures, I'm not gonna go through with it. If I do, I'm bringing them with me and making sure everything matches. We're meeting at a GC, think I could have a GC guy take a look at it?
Just texted him. He said he used some image he got off of google because the guitar is currently at his parents home. He's driving up there tonight, and said he should have the pictures of the actual one to me in a few hours. I'm hoping that's a good sign.
Quote by FoxAndTheHound
Coheed777, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the reason he hasn't sent anymore pics is because that isn't the seller's guitar in the picture. I just googled "Gibson SG Black" and the picture you posted above was one of the pictures that came up. The pic is from a website called Shelton's Guitars, a website that sells used and vintage guitars. I posted the link below:

There's a chance that maybe your seller is re-selling the guitar he bought on that site, but highly unlikely. I hope you find this info useful in your decision making process!

Damn. That makes things fishy. He said the SG is early 2000s, and the one in the pic is an 03, so it's possible but damn that's fishy. By the way, thank a ton for pointing that out.
Quote by Bluesblitz
Looks pretty authentic to me, as long as you're okay with that chip in the corner you should be pretty set.

Didn't even notice that, haha. Not a huge deal to me though. It's 750 fr this and the case, which is 230 less than the one I have on layaway at GC (including case), an that one's in pretty dinged up shape. Do love the red faded finish on that one, but figured this ebony one was a better deal.

If he sends more pictures, I'll be sure to post.
Considering the nature of craigslist, I approach any buy cautiously, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know a sure fake when I see one. This is currently the only picture I have (asked for more a little while ago, yet to hear back.)

But based on what is available, what do you think? What should I look for tomorrow?

I used to run my chain as follows

Standard Telecaster --> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Diamond Compressor --> BBE Sonic Stomp --> Strymon Timeline --> TC Hall Of Fame --> TS9 ---> OCD --> Big Muff --> Boss Rc3 ---> Twin Reverb

I knew most people put verb and delay after OD because it sounds neater and cleaner, but I just ran mine this way and liked it. Recently I've wanted to venture into sounds with more reverb and delay, so I moved my OD pedals so that they were before reverb and delay (the "proper" way) so that the delay and reverb cleaned up more, however -
I feel that my overdrive sounds harsher now, even with reverb and delay off, it sounds piercing. I don't know if it actually is harsher, or if I'm just convincing my self something is off because I moved stuff around. If I move slightly left/right, my OD sounds fine, if I'm centered infront of the amp, the treble is at it's worst/most piercing. I don't have a lot of treble dialed in on my amp/any of my pedals either.

Also, if I have my compressor and sonic stomp on in addition to reverb/delay and any OD, I get terrible feedback. If I have no compressor and stomp on but just OD and reverb/delay, it's not as bad. If I have my compressor and stomp on but no OD, there's none. Something about putting my OD pedals before reverb and delay have made my compressor and stomp feedback machines, and I don't know how to rectify it.
Today, in furthering my quest to add a little beef to my twin/tele, I ordered a new bridge pickup(BG Tele Bridge A3 Rockwind). A little more hot than what I had before, less twang, thicker sounding. Keeping my current neck one in though. Might get an A3 Rockwind neck at some point, however.

Thanks for the feedback as to the distortion/od pedals. Gonna check out some tomorrow. I'll take a hard look at the OCD.

p.s: Stradivari - Clicked your band link on a whim. Good stuff, man.
Quote by xwearesinking
what kind of twin is it? you should be able to get a big gain sound out of it if you a) run it through a deep cab b) run it loud enough c) boost it with something darkish. an OCD, SFT, or some sort of Timmy would all be awesome

'65 Reissue Blackface Combo.

Is Timmy referring to PaulC's Timmy Overdrive?

(I've heard "Timmy" tossed around before as a good idea and googled it. Frst thing that came up aha)
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt
I was in that exact same position when I had my twin, dude. Give up. It'll never sound like that. If you are trying to get an amp to sound like another amp it will never happen. But if you get into the mindset that you just want a good gain sound from your amp, then you'll eventually find something you like. If that makes sense.

Nah, it totally makes sense man. Impersonate probably wasn't the right word; I don't really care if it sounds like a JCM800 specifically or not, I sure as hell don't expect it to. I just want to find a overdrive/distortion that I really like, and I happen to like the JCM800 sound, so I went with that as a description/qualifier. I should've definitley worded it differently. I definitley know where you're coming from thouh, man.

Pardon my rambling, bit tired haha.

But I love my twin, love it to death. I don't expect a big marshall tone out of it, and I didn't buy it for that, but I DO want to find a pedal that can give my twin and tele something in the vein good thick and booming overdrive. Granted that's not what a tele and twin are really for, thus why I say in the vein of. I don't want to say overdrive, because what I have in mind has a tad more gain, but I don't want to say distortion because distortion is a little sharper/fuzzier than what I'm thinking. Sort of a middle ground I guess.

I just want to be able to blow the room away when need be.

Sorry for the wall of text, by the way, and how god awful I am at explaining things.
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt

I've heard a lot of good things about it.

A little funny that like a week ago I was in this thread like MY SET UP IS COMPLETE and here I am, ahah.

But yeah, basically looking to make my Twin able to impersonate a JCM800 as closely as possible.
Someone help me pick an overdrive/distortion?

Currently have a Tube Screamer for light gain stuff, and a sansamp GT-2 for more distorted stuff, although the sansamp sounds a bit sharp to me. Looking for a replacement for the sansamp/more distorted stuff.

I play a Standard American Tele through a '65 Twin Reverb Reissue.

Not exactly expecting to get big booming walls of sound considering it's a Tele through a Twin, but I want to be able to do the occasional big booming crescendo. Any recommendations?

Currently thinking of -

Jekyll & Hyde
Suhr Riot
Legend M1
Fulltone Fulldrive 2
You make an extremely convincing argument, aha.
I'll check it out. Any other recommendations?
Quote by kolenik
Nice. Very nice. There's some lack of fuzz pedals for me though. But if that's not your thing, I think you really don't need anything else, though we all know sooner or later, you'll want to supplement your "perfect" rig.

Thanks man, but yeah you're probably right, aha, I'll want to add more one week from now.
As for the Fuzz, I've always wanted one, but I'm not sure how well it'd work with a Tele and Twin reverb, I guess. I tried a big muff a few times but really didn't like it; I know the nature of fuzz pedals is to sound really fuzzy and really distorted, but it was wayyyyyy too much for me. Maybe I haven't found the right one, but I do want to be able to do big and loud distorted parts, even with the Tele & Twin.
Just completed my setup, opinions?

Fender Standard Telecaster
'65 Twin Reverb Reissue Blackface
Korg Pitchblack True Bypass Tuner Pedal
Diamond Compressor
Strymon Timeline
TC Hall Of Fame Reverb (hope to get a strymon bluesky at some point)
Tech 21 Sansamp GT-2 Amp simulator/overdrive
Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-9
Boss RC-3 Looper
Pedal Power plus 2
I bought me a Strymon Timeline the other week and it's supposed to get here Monday.

So expensive.

But so excited.
I play primarily post rock, and I know there's a post rock gear thread, but I figured it'd be easier to make a thread and get a more in depth response from people, because it's a bit hard to get real advice in a thread with a lot of different conversations going on.

Anyhow -

I'm changing out my stock pickups from my MIM Blacktop Tele HH, however, I have little experience with pickups though, so I'm looking for some direction on where to go.

I'm looking for a pickup that will handle quiet and loud dynamics very well, with clear and bright cleans that maintains clarity and fullness in distortion/mid gain. Stuff similiar to this

(especially at 6:42 here, gain wise.)
Example one

Example Two

Pickups I'm thinking of -
BG Pure 90s
Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge with S-2n Jazz in the neck

Any help or recommendations would be really, really awesome and much appreciated.
Thanks guys.

For the Record - I'm playing through a Fender Twin Reverb '65 Reissue
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt
They're great. I even like them for doom, man. Like balls out gainy destruction.

Thanks man. Good to hear. I'm gonna be doing mostly clean, but kicking in some distortion for some big wall of sound type parts.
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt
Did you say P90s would be bad for that type of music John?

P90s would be rad for that shit Coheed777. I use a Phat Cat in my EC-1000 for a lot of the loud clean delayed out stuff I do. Love p90s.

Sweet. How do they handle mid gain stuff?
Would P-90s/p-90 modeled pickups be a bad idea for pg.lost/mono/explosions in the sky/vessels type stuff?
Here's the summary of the cable I was gonna buy to connect the two -

"Double Amperage Y -type Extension Cable - 7" Long. Use to connect two output jacks into one and double the amperage. There is an in-line jack on the other end to connect (extend) any single Voodoo Lab type power cable. The 2 output voltages and DIP switch settings must be identical."

They have a separate cable for sale for the doubling of volts, so I figured this one doubled the ma only.

If not, are there any cables I could buy?
So, I own a Mexican Tele Blacktop HH, and I'm looking to upgrade my pickups but have no clue where to start.

Aiming for an Explosions In The Sky, Mono, or (most of all) Pg.Lost type of tone, and really want to have a smooth and clean overdrive.

I have no idea where to start though.

Sorry for the wall of text.

I use a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Plus 2 for the powering of my pedals, and it provides a maximum of 250ma in each of it's 8 inputs, however, I read somewhere that someone called Voodoo lab with a similar issue about the PP2+, and one of their support guys apparently said that outputs 5 and 6 provide upwards of 300-340ma. Might have to call myself, but still not sure.


I just bought a strymon Timeline, which requires 300ma.

If I buy a double amperage cable, and plug it into two of the Pedal Power Plus 2's slots, will that double the power to 500ma but keep the volts at 9v, thus allowing me to power my Timeline? And would 500ma be too much?

I'm ridiculously ignorant when it comes to all the technical circuitry stuff, so any help would be great.

Looks like the inside of my asshole.
Alright sweet man, keep me updated.
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Interested in any trades?

Nah, sorry man.
Dammit, I forgot to specify which country.


Apologies for all the post. If a mod could delete this post and put U.S into the title that'd be great, thanks.
Woops, I thought the image would pop up in the forum. Sorry if posting a link to the picture from my craigslist ad constitutes as advertising. Not sure if it does. If need be, I can post photo hosting site link instead.

The Mark V is essentially brand new -Have only had it for a few months, with less than 50 hours of playing on it (estimate). Everything on it is stock. No scuffs or dings, perfect condition. There's a few band stickers on the side but those can be removed easily.

It's a fantastic amp, just not for what I'm specifically aiming for.
I'll give you some advice based on what I've personally played and whatnot. Always glad to help a fellow Brand New fan (check out my avatar)

On Mexican vs. American made - The American made Fenders are obviously going to be higher quality, but the Mexican made ones are still fantastic and there isn't really a drastic drop off. Some people I know actually prefer Mexicans over U.S made. I myself play a Mexican Telecaster and love it. You could also always go middle ground and buy a Japanese made Fender.

As for Amps -
Orange and Mesa are both great amp companies. I myself own a Mesa Mark V, but am looking to sell it. It's not a bad amp by any means and I wouldn't recommend against getting one if that's what you're into, but there a bit high on the bright/trebly side I find and kind of "cut" through, if that makes sense. They're more so made for high gain stuff, as well (so if you're looking into playing Circa Survive and Brand New typo' stuff, I'd look into some other amp brands)
Outside of playing a Rockerverb for a few hours, I don't have much experience with Orange, but it was a nice amp and they have a good reputation.
But really, go out and try some amps, because brands and tones are so varied that advice will only get you so far. Based on your, I'd look into some Fender amps, Vox amps, and some Marshall amps as well. As for Half Stack v. Combo and Tube v. Solid State, it's all a matter of preference (although tube amps have the general vote for being much better than solid state, which I agree with)

Most importantly, remember, price tag doesn't necessarily mean best. Like, I'm looking to sell my Mark V and get a different amp which happens to be nearly 1000 dollars less, but that's because it's much more aimed for what I want to do, which goes back to the "try amps out" advice.
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human vs nature. Pick a side bro.

If you pick humans, there won't be a nature for humans to exist in much longer, bro.
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If none of that works out, I'll gladly trade all of my amps for your Mesa

Just doing you a favor

Haha, do any of those amps include a Fender Double Reverb?
Quote by Dunkelheit-164
I've never heard a tubescreamer soften a sound...
I'd think it would make it even more shrill.

It just seems weird to me that you can't get that sound from your V.
I've been GASsing over one for more than a year, playing it a couple of times in a shop,
and believed it was the ultimate amp for me.
Later on I figured I needed my money for more serious things,
so I let go of the idea.

Btw, what type of speakers are in that cab of yours?

Not necessarily soften it, but I just want to see how the tube screamer sounds of the clean channel in comparison to the amp's gain - see if I prefer it more.

I think they're Celestion G12T-75s.

And @RagingKitty

The cabs used and has a few scuffs in the side, So I assume it's been broken in long before I purchased it.
Quote by KailM
@Coheed. I don't know about the Mark V, but I replaced the V1 in my 6505+ with a 12AT7 and it definitely took away most of the top-end fizz. Still sounds brutal as all hell as well.

However, I've played Mark V's and I've never found them to be what you're describing...

I'm wondering if your guitar/pickup combo is playing a big role in this.

It might, but I've noticed it with both my Tele HH and ESP EC-1000 (After giving up on the post rock/smoother tone for a while, I picked my ESP up and began playing some heavier stuff, more in the realm of what the V is made for but still noticed it a good bit.). I know the Mark V isn't really tailor made to play what I'm going for in terms of post rock, at all, but hearing so many herald its versatility has me think that it's doable.

And thanks, Jetwash.
Quote by jetwash69
Is this the kind of sound you're going for?

Maybe check out some of their other songs if you like the tone at all.

He plays Jazzmasters and LPs through a couple of Fenders with a sick pedalboard. He's got some Line 6 DM4, FM4, or whatever modeler pedals and other crazy stuff.

I just assumed they were Fender Twins, but perhaps not...

Yeah, that's pretty much spot on in terms of clean. The main reason I'm considering selling it is the gain though. It just sounds sharp - almost scratchy and shrill at the higher end of the fretboard. Not warm and smooth at all, and when I try bringing in a good deal of reverb (in the gain channels) everything just clashes together. I've tried lessening up on the reverb decay, but then I loose a lot of the effect. The tones aren't warm and don't melt together, if that makes sense, but just sound like they're clashing and noisy.

I've read that some people who also felt that the gain was too sharp switched out the V2 preamp tube with a 12AT7, which is significantly smoother and lower gain than the stock. A few have said it was a "day and night" difference and that the overdrive was much more warm and natural, so I might give it a shot.

Here's my ideal gain/lead tone - (Start at 1:05)

Not very much gain, but noticeable and very smooth. Think that'd be achievable with a Twin Reverb and tube screamer/overdrive pedal?
I've had my EC-1000 for about 3 years, and it sounds like pretty much everything you're going for. Great guitar. I'd recommend it.
Quote by ragingkitty
Have you considered a parametric EQ ?

Now that you bring it up, no, I haven't. To be honest, parametric EQs are foreign worlds to me. Have never had/used one, but I'm open to any option.