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Hey guys, myself and some friends did what was sold to us as acid yesterday, but i'm pretty dubious that it was LSD, I was wondering if anyone here would have any idea what it may be.

It was on blotter paper, about 5mm by 5mm in size, which leads me to believe it was something that is active in the microgram dosage, I was told to put it between my gum and lip and keep it there for about 40 minutes, which I did. I started feeling the effects after those 40 minutes and my gum where it was also went completely numb, and stayed numb until the next day (now). The blotter paper also tasted very bitter and generally bad, and reminded me of the taste of an MDMA pill I once had (which i'm pretty sure was just speed).
I had a lot of energy in my limbs during the come up, and I felt a bit nauseous and anxious, but I went for a walk with my friends to a park and laid down looking at the sky and it went away pretty quickly. Visual effects started about an hour after dosing, and were really prominent OEV, not much CEV. I had intense, constantly shifting elaborate patterns forming on blank surfaces, such as the walls and ground. When I looked at a brick wall the bricks were breathing, getting bigger and smaller and coming towards me then going back to where they belong, I was looking at a clock at one stage and it seemed to be peeling off the wall, it was all very cool, reminded me of mushroom visuals but more prominent.
Myself and everyone else on it spent a large amount of time laughing uncontrollably, everything was hilarious, whether it was something someone said or did or just anything that was happening at the time. I had a bit of a broken memory pattern during the time on it, I'd be somewhere talking to someone (though it was very hard to express yourself clearly on it, i just seemed to forget how to form sentences), then I'd go somewhere else to talk to someone else and forget where I just was and why I'm now here.
Anyway, the experience was pretty great overall, lasted about 6 hours from when I started feeling the effects to when they wore off to mostly just a body load, and no longer any visuals or mental confusion. I'd maybe think it was 2C-B or something if it hadn't been on a blotter, I can't seem to find any reports of it even being in that form. Any ideas?
Once when I was walking past a bus stop, the bus stopped and a man got off. He had scabs all over his face and the rest of his body, looked like he had been on meth for the past 10 years and had been in a fight for every one of those days. He asked for $2 from my friend, and pulled a beer out of nowhere and offered it as a trade. My friend just said you can have the $2, and that he didn't want the beer (this was in the middle of the afternoon in a busy city, having alcohol on the street is illegal and there were cops everywhere). He was insistent, and went up to my friend and patted down his pockets and looked inside his jacket to see if there was anywhere to hide the beer for him, for whatever reason.

I eventually offered to hold onto the beer for him as he would not give up, my other friend who was with us offered him some chips that we were eating. They were salt and vinegar chips, and the conversation went like this:

Friend: Hey man, do you want some chips?
Homeless bum: Nah.. I don't eat those. Do you want to know why?
F: Sure
HB: Do you want to know why?
F: Yeah, why man?
HB: ..... Do you want to know why?
F: Yes, why don't you eat chips?
HB: They're not my brand.
F: Oh, ok.
HB: Do you want to know what my brand is?
F: Okay.
HB: ..... Barbecue.

At this point he reached into his back pocket, and pulled out about ten $2 coins and a $5 note and started counting them, while mumbling to himself. We were pretty confused at this point, and then the really confusing thing happened: He started to piss himself.

Not just a little trickle, but a full stream of piss that was like a hose in his pants, dripping down onto the street. It went on for about thirty seconds full blast, and the weirdest thing is he didn't even notice. Or care. His facial expression did not change in the slightest, he just kept counting the coins. We kind of backed off slowly and just bailed from there, and I threw the beer in the nearest bin I could find.
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Is there a chance that a person could learn to make LSD without years of Organic Chemistry knowledge, just by following steps and a bit of understanding of the science? and where do you guys get chemicals for synthesis (especially Aus dters)?

Basically, no. The reason there's only a handful of people in the world that synthesise LSD is because it's an extremely difficult and volatile chemical to syntheseise. It also requires thousands of dollars of lab equipment and almost impossible to gain precursors.
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Guys, I have more questions about dmt, lsa extractions, is using methanol at the
the start of some teks the same as using vinegar? and how pure is a polar solvent then non polar Solvent extraction

I've tried an LSA extraction once, I don't think it's necessary to do an acid based extraction, a CWE with some acidic water - i.e. put some lemon juice in that shit - should work just as well if you leave it for long enough (I only left it for an hour because I was impatient, but there were some baseline effects so longer should = better)
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DEFINITELY worth it. I got one a couple weeks ago and its fucking bitching.

Buy it from a online seller that will give you free shit and a discount, though. I got mine for just under $100 with a free space case grinder that fits into the tin perfectly with everything else. If you want the site I got it from PM me.

Yeah that'd be great, do you know if they ship to Australia though?
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I've only vaped with the magic flight, but it makes me cough more than anything I've ever hit. The coughs are forced out....I can't control them at all like I could with smoke and there's this tickle-like feeling in my throat after hitting it that just keeps me coughing.

Oh, I was thinking about getting one. Do you think they're worth it? Sounds unpleasant.
I read the conclusion, and have concluded myself that TS is a troll

From the beginning of this nation, it has been clear that there was something special about the United States. It has often been correctly referred to as the greatest country the world has ever known...

yeah i stopped reading it at this point
^ I imagine it just wouldn't have been cured very well, or at all.
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Australian Master Race, report in.


When I turned 18 I went to buy cigarettes at the service station, they didn't even ID me.
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Then I turned round to the table behind me and said "hi can I sit with you guys so I don't look like a loser" and made friends by making Mean Girls quotes and cat noises

That worked?
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I'm starting to believe that Australia could outdo America for xeno and homophobia these days.

The same-sex marriage bill recently got passed here in Tasmania in the lower house and is going to the upper house sometime this week.
I read the first page and then skipped to this one, I think the answer is pretty clear. Ride your damn bike TS.
Always found it odd how shrooms are a purchasable commodity everywhere else in the world. I've never heard of anyone from here ever buying or selling shrooms. If you want to do them, you either have to know where and what to pick or know someone who does. They're really quite abundant when they're in season, usually resulting in the first couple of weeks of winter being a blur for a lot of people around here
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K, here's what's happened. As stated in the link, she made a facebook event but accidently enabled her friends to invite friends. Spread like wildfire, 240k people got invited and 22k accepted the invitation. It was a social media hype. Different artists claimed that they would be performing at the event.

When the local ''council'' found out, they said there won't be a party. And there wasn't. The birthday-girl went to Heerenveen, a nearby town and the police blocked her street. The result was 4k people flooding the entire village, and chaos came with them. Car on fire, broken windows, raided shop, forced doors and lots of other forms of vandalism. 20 arrests. Heavy injury cases.. The ''region''police reinforced the ''security'' with another 600 special crowd-control agents. (You know, Riot shield, helmets and clubs).

Long story short: One helluva mess

Is there a source for any of this? I haven't heard about it anywhere apart from on here
have you ever smoked weed
The contract you signed with the rental company is just for their own insurance policy. If someone else was driving and crashed it they would not be covered under it, but you would be. Considering there's no damage to the car it doesn't matter who was driving it. The problem is a traffic infringement and that's to do with the city council. Get your friend to pay the $20 to the rental company and don't bother telling them any more probably, then refute the fine you have received from the council back to your friend's licence. Two different organisations, the city doesn't care who's car it was, just who was driving.
Last night a friend gave me a line of a legal stimulant she bought off the internet. Most painful thing i've ever snorted, my left eye went completely red and started watering uncontrollably and I could feel my entire sinus burning up. Turns out they had piperine in it, the chemical responsible for the pungency of black pepper
Is it Bear or "Monkey with a knife"
Or "Bear or monkey" with a knife?

As in, does the bear have a knife too? That could change everything.
I swear this website must be run by Jill Stein
Well, I've decided to quit. Been smoking ~15-20 a day for about 3 years now, it's now been about 24 hours since my last cigarette, and i'm feeling good. Wish me luck.

yo so heres my day so far woke up like 90mins agotook 12 liquid microdots
popped 4 10mg oxys
popped 5 benzos
popped 9 adderals (30mg)
Drank a fifth Of some jack
Had 4 shots of the Krakin rum
smoked 9 blunts to the dome
did 6 lines of cokes and accidentaly took a hit of meth i thought was some dro
smoked a hookah it was filled with cannabis so i was super ****ed at this point
popped 4 more microdots to level me out then set up three lines of coke
do a line of percocet, another line of blow and im feelin alright but not too level
shotgunned a couple PBRs and busted out three jag bombs
ate an 8th of shrooms
popped a shitload of sudafed
popped two more benzos
drank half a bottle of robatussin
just took two more shots of some rum and now here i am

That much alcohol alone would put most people into a pretty bad state, combining it with all those uppers and downers would almost certainly kill someone, especially in the space of 90 minutes haha

Car registration has put me into a state of having no money for the next fortnight, this shit sucks
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Likely the best comment I've read on this forum.
I'm a heavy smoker but I couldn't agree more. If they want to **** it off stop covering it in health cover!

It's just the awesome tax that keeps it legal.

That just doesn't seem like an idea that could be implemented well though, as 'smoking related illnesses' is a pretty broad range of things, and they can all happen in people who have never smoked in their life. What about people getting illnesses through second hand smoke? That doesn't seem too fair either
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you're joking right?

Nope, tax is around 80% on tobacco here, it's a wonder anyone smokes in this country still to be honest. Though i'm a smoker too, though I only smoke rollies. it's a lot cheaper, works out at about 20c per cigarette rather than around70c for tailors.
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damn dude, I can't imagine how much i'd smoke if taxes didn't make my pack of marlboros cost like $7. I'd probably have cancer already

Shit dude, a pack of marlboros in australia is like $17.

Australia's highest court has upheld a new government law on mandatory packaging for cigarettes that removes brand colours and logos from packaging.

The law requires cigarettes to be sold in olive green packets, with graphic images warning of the consequences of smoking.


So, what do you all think of this? Will plain packaging decrease the number of smokers? Is it constitutional? Does it infringe on big tobacco's intellectual property? Should it be implemented elsewhere?
I did 300mg of DXM tonight, ended up blacking out somehow, hit my head on the ground and stayed there for 10 minutes or so. I can't really remember, it's weird. I've done this dosage of dxm like 9 times before with no problem, but this problem of blacking out happened with me on mushrooms a month or so back, does anyone know what it could be?
I don't really see the necessity in turning on the oven, waiting ten minutes for it heat up to the desired temperature and then putting the food in. I just put the food in straight away and leave it in there an extra 7 minutes or something to make up for it.
Bought this bong today

I only went into the tobacconist to get a replacement stem for my old bong, but ended up just buying this on a whim, the best part is the guy also threw in the stem I wanted for free after I bought it haha
Last time I dex'd it was a spur of the moment decision with a friend that we did at 2am after drinking with friends and they all left and there was a bottle just sitting around, we ended up passing out shortly after taking it and waking up at 6am tripping hard . Such a weird experience to wake up on a substance that you weren't on when you fell asleep, it was a bit of waste though.
lol what curfew? do you live in a dystopian novel by any chance?
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is it hard to clean coca cola out of a bong?

Haha how did you get into that situation? Regardless i'd say it's probably as easy as cleaning coke out of anything or as simple as just regularly cleaning a bong, use rubbing alchol (aka isopropyl alcohol, the higher the percentage the better but the 70% stuff works as well) and rice or a coarse rock salt, cover up all holes or put it in a giant ziplock bag and shake the hell out of it until it's clean. Then rinse it really well with warm water.

Semi-related story to drugs: I got a free bottle of wine today because I found a laptop at a bus stop (a really expensive macbook air), took it home and went through it until I found the person's details, rang them up and they came and collected it and gave me a pinot noir for, as they put it: "saving their bacon"
I originally come from an area that is classified as super rural or some shit, it had a population of 10,000 and it was a 20 minute drive to the nearest anything, it also had zero public transport so I got my learners permit when I was like 16. Right now i'm actually only a day off my full licence (20 years old). Last year I didn't drive at all because I moved to a city that had relatively okay public transport (still sucked), and I lived a 2 second walk to the nearest bus stop, now I still live in the same city but have moved up a hill to a location that is a 20 minute walk to the nearest bus stop, so now I drive. It all depends on the situation if a car is needed or not i guess
I find it so weird that all places do drug tests before they'll employ you where you guys are. As far as I know here they only do drug tests when it comes to actual careers where that could be a problem, like in the police force or in government. Why would it bother a fast food place? I don't get it
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The laws here would get her in some pretty big trouble if any authorities found out

In most cases the age of consent isn't relevant when the age difference is that small