I'm going to cry so much
"Gotham" is my favorite of the two tracks. It's like being punched in the gut but in a good way.

I'm so ****ing stoked for this album. I saw them live and I've listened to the live boots a few times (I'm trying to not listen to them as much now, though) and this album is going to destroy me.
So what you're saying is I should get pictures of Avey, Deakin, Panda and Geo and place them strategically around my house so that I see them no matter what I'm doing.
If shrines were socially acceptable I'd have 4.
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is that your rankings? putting The Soft Bulletin that low makes you a huge goon. one on par with someone that says things like

i am fine with Embryonic being on top. i get that.

I adore The Soft Bulletin, don't get me wrong. The only albums of theirs I don't adore are the first three, hence the ranking.

Those three. I just can't.

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2/10 lost some points by not putting DSotM somewhere in the middle.

I decided not to include that since it's not technically a Flaming Lips album. I quite liked it though.
  • Embryonic
  • Clouds Taste Metallic
  • Heady Fwends
  • In a Priest Driven Ambulance
  • Christmas On Mars OST
  • At War With the Mystics
  • Hit to Death in the Future Head
  • Zaireeka
  • Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
  • The Soft Bulletin
  • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  • Hear it Is/Oh My Gawd!!!/Telepathic Surgery

I made this list today you guys can have it.

Imaginary Things Are The Only Real Things
Someone give me 2,500 for the bloodvinyl.

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What do you all like about The Soft Bulletin? I can't get into it, it sounds way too dad-rocky I guess for lack of a better term. Maybe I could listen to it again w/ a different preconceived framework or something. Are their earlier albums worth investigating then?

I really like the instrumentation on TSB, especially on "Race for the Prize", it's crazy. Their earlier albums are definitely worth investigating, too. In a Priest Drivin Ambulance, Hit to Death in the Future Head, Transmissions From the Satellite Heart and Clouds Taste Metallic are all fantastic albums. I've never been able to get too into Hear it Is or Oh My Gawd!, though.

Zaireeka is also really, really good. I've never listened to it with 4 stereos, but the single stereo mix you can get is pretty awesome.

I also forget that Telepathic Surgery exists a lot, so I haven't checked it out yet, don't really have a comment on it.
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Oh. Well nvm then. \m/

I mean
>not entry-level shit-tier hipster garabe for plebs

Pick one.

AC is mai waifu.
Animal Collective is flawless and has never done anything wrong you must not be doing it right.
Oh my god, so Animal Collective themselves posted a link to buy Transverse Temporal Gyrus online on the collectedanimals forum.

Quote by AC

Once again thanks for supporting your local record stores last Saturday and picking up a copy of the Transverse Temporal Gyrus 12". If your store still has some, we encourage you to go buy it there, but since that doesn't seem to be the case in most places, Domino is putting the last handful we have for sale here:


EDIT: Oh hey we're actually talking about Animal Collective would you look at that.
It's like 80 dollars, plus shipping which I think brings it to like 100. It's pretty steep.

I would sell a kidney for it though.
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lyrics are legit

I can barely ever make out what he's saying at all, but goddamn does he say it.

I'm going to have to give Go Tell Fire to the Mountain another listen. I really, really like "We Bros", I feel like I didn't give that album enough attention when I listened to it the first few times.

EDIT: As for the singing, I feel like without his vocals, they wouldn't be nearly as nice to listen too. They'd just be another vaguely post-rock indie band in the whole ocean of vaguely post-rock indie bands. His voice is what makes it unique. I mean, not INCREDIBLY unique, but I enjoy it.
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crazy. what was your "couple of sentences"?

I wrote a sob story about how this was the first time I'd ever gone to a record store day and they didn't have any of the 3 things I woke up at 7 AM to make sure I got. I didn't particularly BS it, I was pretty disappointed.

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if you want my LP you can take it FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

Looks like the Pit and Drum forum are going to be looking for a new mod in the near future.
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******* lol.

I'm sorry, it was too perfectly set up.


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get in line

If you give me TTG I'll let you throw the first torch.
^ I was going to post "2012" but I fear the proletariat.
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Not coming through the amp at all. Just audible when unplugged. I know of that forum, but this is a general question forum. My question will most likely not sit here for days until being answered.

Also in the pit you get hilarious responses from the very top of the humor pyramid:

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Jizz on the fretboard
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Not really my thing but for what it is it's alright/10
I posted Animal Collective's "Bat, You'll Fly" in the Forced Listening thread and got a "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I JUST LISTENED TO 5/10" in response, and then the guy posted a Slash's Snakepit song.

I'm going to set the entire Pit on fire.

Also I totally won a copy of Smuggler's Way, turns out that thing was completely legit. I WON A CONTEST ONLINE OHMYGOD.
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A nice atmospheric string arrangement , 7/10.

I've never really given Snow Patrol a fair listen. That wasn't too bad. I really liked the electronics that kicked in at about 2:40, I wish they would've made that short keyboard lick around then before the vocals come back in continue a bit more, the tone was pretty sweet.

Light 7/10

Apparently I've won this giveaway. Does this look legitimate to you guys? They have a facebook page with like 4000+ friends and they've been posting since like 2009 and they seem pretty safe but I'M JUST REALLY WARY

EDIT: Whatever they seem legit I gave them my address GIVE ME THE FLEXZINE

As I see it, the worst they can do if they aren't legit is send me a bunch of junk mail.
They didn't have Transverse Temporal Gyrus, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, or the Smuggler's Way flexzine at the record store, but they did have these:

@Neidnarb I forgot about the Deerhoof 7"! Of Montreal is on that too, I may have to pick that up as well, if I can afford it.
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Gay SON. If I had a daughter slut or not, I would abort her and try again for a boy

throw rocks at me
So what are all of you kawaii baka's picking up tomorrow? I'm definitely getting a hold of Transverse Temporal Gyrus and that Smuggler's Way flexzine. If my funds allow it I'll definitely get a copy of The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends too.
Faggot and nigger (along with any other sorts of slurs like that) I avoid using, since they're mostly used in a negative way and that propogates stereotypes and blahblahblah

I had a calculus teacher who was LGBT (she looked like Tegan from Tegan and Sarah it was pretty cool) and the only word she banned in class was "the bad F word" and it was pretty much all she wrote people up for, lot's of respect for that lady.
Slut shaming is wrong, and how would having a gay son be a problem at all unless you're insanely homophobic, in which case you shouldn't be having kids in the first place.

I wouldn't care if I had either. Basically what I'm trying to say is;

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It wouldn't bother me either way because I'm not a stupid ****ing asshole.
Attack on Memory is pretty good. Doesn't really do anything profound for me, but if I feel like being angsty and 13 but not listen to bands I listened to when I was angsty and 13, it's a pretty good record.
Don't you mean tn UE yrs AD
ITT: Everyone picks 140+
Every Animal Collective lyric ever
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Why is it that so many people are hating on a person who wants to spread the message of love and peace?

James why do you still even go to the pit I don't understand you son.
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lol hipster rant

"I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too" is definitely up there.
^ I pre-ordered the Mr. Impossible vinyl and it was supposed to come in on Tuesday but it still hasn't :c