rub icy-hot on it.

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i guess im in myself.

i own a randall stack.
it sounds good.
thats why i got it.
i love midi..its weirdly beautiful.
it feels weird since i ended my 2 yr relationship with a girl.
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The real question is. Can there be anything gayer than dragonforce?

i agree with this guy.

just go look at the pwnage people put on dragonforce at youtube.
haahaha dragon force's faggotry?
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They all suck. John Petrucci for president!


but on a serious note.

obama and paul are the best two candidates hands down
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Also, I've only heard of them, I only had 149 pokemans to catch when I played it. Must be 10 years ago.

what? pokemon used to be the best..

i had the most expensive cards lawl
hahah no im not a n00b.

i just want to see people go crazy...
what is mudkip?

friend told me something about it..
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Well it honestly depends each guitarest has a certain style to them.
Syn is fast and technical.
But so is Thomas. But more technical than fast.
But im more of a Thomas fan. His riffs are so different.

i agree with this guy.

the stuff he plays is on time and off time at the SAME time haha.

but its really hard to play and sing the stuff he sings and plays at the same time..ive tried. pretty much the hardest thing ive tried to do in a while.

thomas is so free with his guitar..he explores the stage.

i like that about a guitarist
*reported* for talking about thomas erak like that
Coming Home - Evangelina

indie em on myspace
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First of all those are Phillips not Sony..

Second of all :


why are you reporting this again?
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I prefer $4.99 sony headphones.

Can I get a "hellz yeah"?

hellz yeah? lol
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no. and this has no point to it whatsoever

well to my computer..i have it rigged with JBL pros...and through these seems as if i get a better quality than the JBLs

thats my point. i like getting opinions on everything.
between the buried and me.
protest the hero.

ahah i play mostly blues stuff..and thats what i have been listenin to believe it or not.
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we were all standin seein the fireworks
and then we saw a mushroom cloud
woah...that was big

how are you alive?
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For some reason I lol'd at that.

Since when is there fireworks on New Years Eve?

hah I LOLed too

dude youve never had fireworks on new years eve??

you are missin out man
just interested in what you guys saw! im a pyromaniac
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Indeterminate. Go do some research yourself. Good place to start:

thanks a bunch man..
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Without any coverage it is $40,000 per year.

and with scholarship?
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Yes. Compared to other music colleges Berklee is relatively lenient. An applicant does not have to have immediate musical talent.

You should visit Boston. It is a great city. Berklee is a wonderful environment for the developing modern musician.

well im alot like the berklee graduate John Mayer.

i write songs, and i write guitar.
im influenced by him and stevie ray vaughan.

is it overly expensive?
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As a Berklee applicant who has done thorough research on their admissions standard and has actually visited the school, I can say with confidence that you are under the wrong impression.

of the school?

ive never been there. i wish i would someday.
im only a sophomore in high school. and i love music more
than i love anything else. just to be around other people
who feel the same way as i do would be a unique experience
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Berklee isn't an archway that one goes through and is magically presented with musical talent.

no its not..because you actually have to have music talent to get in.
getting a scholarship there is pretty hard. im trying to get interest from them myself.

were you thinking i thought berklee was like the pearly gates or something?
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yeah thats exactly what i said, but they still suck at making music thats pleasant. they just make random, " oh yeah no one can do this but us " kind of music. the only song ive ever liked by them was Lie. But then again that's just my opinion.

And I read somewhere about how they never went mainstream with their music even though they tried, well of course they aren't going to go mainstream with music like that. I would choose Fall Out Boy if anything over them. And I hate fall out boy.

thats a more reasonable response...

better than utterly despicable.

no musician is utterly despicable...if you have a heart for music..and love to play matter what should be accepted.
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No they didn't....

sorry...not MASTERS

they did go to berklee though.

thinking of another group.

its 4:41 AM over here.
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liquid tension experiment ftw

yes there it is (for all the ones who dont like the singer)
Quote by Garret.
I'm pretty sure they're all dropouts

i could swear they all graduated..

what the heck. anyway.

if the guy that attempted to pwn DT play as good as they can guitar/drums/keyboard/bass wise, then he has held his own
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I give them no credit other than the fact that they excel at putting on a solid live performance. However, this accomplishment alone isn't enough to make them musical masterminds to me.

I suspect that they don't even know theory beyond its shallowest level. They've learned the scales, modes, chords, cadences, intervals, etc, but they don't show any application or tasteful usage.

oh really? since all the band members graduated from berklee college of music with masters?

im sure they would have ATLEAST an idea of theory, and application of skill.
you gotta give them some credit man..

its pretty hard to play both piano AND guitar.

that fast, and one time..SAME NOTES?

cmon man.

and john myung is pretty cool too . lol
Quote by phantom1

thanks..sorry i didnt read those.

i made a newb mistake.
bold as love tab.

john mayer or jimi hendrix.
decade of statues - BTBAM
u cant go wrong with Acqua Di Gio or Armani Code.

i got some for christmas..and the girls love the smell.

one problem.

70 dollars a bottle.

and go to dillards.
"you must be tired..b/c you've been running through my mind all day. "

lol that one never gets old.
dual rectifier by mesa..or green screamer or tube screamer