darklurker is such a wank
could not even watch a minute. that fucking voice he puts on....
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Hahaha, thats pretty much how I feel about Project Beast.
All of these are valid points. I came in pretty late to the dark souls train, and have yet to finish demons souls (trying to finish it blind) but every time i come back to demons souls i cant help but feel a sense of superioty in the level design/enemys/bosses etc etc while it it still manages to kick me into the dirt at the slightest mistake. some how i feel that this is the bigest problem with dark souls 2, the lack of intuitive design (seriously, does anyone know the point of Soldiers Rest in The Forest of Fallen Giants?)

I guess what im trying to get at is the loss of emmersion in the game. The departure of Miasyaki is the spcefic 'feel' that is lacking, having that focus is what make DKS! so unique in my opnion. The silver archers in Anor Londo really stick in my mind, all it took were those two archers and those archways to cross to get its point across, not throwing 5-7 enemies in one area, who all agro together (seriously whoever came up with that idea needs to be shot). Now by all means this doesn't mean that i hate the game, it is still better than the majority of the other games on the market, but i somehow feel compelled to discuss these issues as it dosent feel like art anymore.

buthurt? maybe but there are reasons for it dammit.
my biggest problem amongst the plethora of faults in DKS2 are with the bosses. Where are the challenging fights? I remember the first time killing bosses like Kalameet, O&S and Artorias in DKS1 and walking away with a sense having learned essential skills/timing and not just smashing my face against a bland and dull wall. There was never a pivotal moment where i was fist pumping in the air because of an epic engagement.
This trait is severely lacking in DKS2 which I find most disappointing, considering the emphasis on unique bosses/movesets DKS1 had set.
I've got my wooden box set, as tempting as that gatefold looks.
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What's your build? I can't help you, but I can give you advice. I take it you're struggling with 4kings?

yeah, sorry should have spevified, NG+
Lvl 102 new londo. Xbox tag = Marskell. I NEED HALPZ!!!
This band She Was The Universe have an interesting direction they are taking.
Been listening to it at least twice a day for the last few days. HOLLY CRAP! What a friggin masterpiece. Astral Body gave me MASSIVE Dream Theater nostalgia, but they have done it in a less 'Dream Theater' way, if you know what i mean. Im still processing the story but initial thoughts are it's fricking amazing, i wish i could say the same about Epicloud.
first 'dev' album i heard was Ocean Machine. The death of music, bastard and funeral are jaw dropping. So glad i have the CD case signed by Devin 3 times.
what paralax 2 in 2 weeks? i cant find anyinformation on it...

Marskedit: i derped. wrong thread.
New album 'Unstille', on first listen, sounds good. the overall 'atmosphere' is awesome, riffs are solid as well.
given the album a few spins. It's solid. But i do miss the old production greately, THAT makes a nile album.
hawthorne heights are still kicking... wow.
Its way too short.
Holly mother of god yes! this is so tasty!
sigur ros are huge anyways...
Completley agree with Emenius. the 'battle/drinking' folk metal is one of the cancers in music.
i have been spinning the 'Odins Raven Magic' rip all week. One of the most immense and evokitive peices of music i have ever heard.
i get a didtinct opeth vibe of half the songs as well. loving it.
Does anyone remember that album tommy did guest vocals on, where his vocal performance was spasticly awesome????
The Demo's they did were lulz, then the EP came out and that kicked my ass. Tasty tasty riffs and it just felt 'fun' The first album, what was it called...., it isnt important. ANYWAY the first album was Subpar. interesting ideas executed wrong. I didnt even bother with the second album but this new one. Is... Interesting to say the most. Some nice ideas, awesome atmosphere and general 'gr1mness' are good. BUT i still get this feeling of a job half done. there are a lot of transitions that dont fit well and feel like a 'cut and paste' job. Dont get me wrong though, i enjoy it, but after a few spins and realising it's flaws... There are more mature version's of what they are trying to do out there.
I dont even remember posting this. But they are a pretty rad indeed. agreed on the 'easily forgetable' notion.
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Blame the fans for that. The band never really explained what the hell "thall" means. Someone probably thought it was a label for them, and the rest of their fans took that and ran with it.

LIES. in the clip for dagger, they have 'THALL' printed on their kick drum skins. thus making this knobheads who write some groovy tunes.
So im stuck so far on this song, and would love some advice. it's a folky/black metal sorta shiz. Let me know what you think, C4C as always.
new cattle decapitation is riff-tastic
it annoys me how they have 'creadted a new genre'. THALL? really? it's just djent...
regardless of what they play, you will love them live. get a few beers in ya first so you can loosen up and really enjoy it.
Its decent for sure. i dont like how 3 of the songs soubd the same.
Yes you. I love their ambient tracks. redicously keen for the new ep.
aside from the sub par lyrics/structering, the song, musically, is freaking awesome!
dont mean to double post but Marrow of the Spirit is kicking my ass listening to it for the first time on vinyl. tasty.
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You are renting with someone? I've heard of sharecropping but I am not sure I follow. Who is this nasty cunt you are talking about?

I live with 3 other people. one of whom is my boss at work. the cunt cant establish where work end and home life begins. totally fucked me over.
fuck sharehousing. especially when you live and work with the scummiest cunt on earth.