no.. its a pretty standard 9VDC input to the miniplug.

Furman provides 8 miniplug to 9VDC connectors which should power your cables...

thanks though. anybody else have an idea??
Hey guys,

I've had a Furman SPB-8 Pedal board for quite a while now, and I've never been able to get it to power a Boss style 9 volt pedal through the 9 volt regulated outputs.

However, I have been able to get it to power my Pro Co RAT which uses a different sort of jack through the pedals output..

Whats could be wrong?

Why will it not power a freaking Digitech Bad Monkey or a Boss tuner pedal??????
3rd grade- Eminem
4th grade- Eminem
5th grade- Eminem (At this point it was so bad that I'd even ask my parents if I looked enough like him.
6th grade- Assorted other rap acts/ HIM
7th grade- Nirvana/White Stripes/The Raconteurs
8th grade- Mute Math/Led Zeppelin/Assorted classic rock
9th grade- Everything listed below and a whole bunch of pop rock/pop punk acts thrown in between.
1: Yes, stop sending texts like that you idiot. What are you, a waking vagina? Christ!

2: You haven't told us anything that you currently do in your relationship, other than put this bitch on a pedastal and hand your balls over to her in a neatly wrapped parcel. So at a guess, I'm going to say: be a fucking man. Take her out, don't make her out to be your universe, do stuff with her that YOU enjoy. However, more information about the day-to-day runnings of your relationship are needed to really offer proper advice here.
Also, if she's said she 'needs space', she's either drifting away or you are fucking smothering her; and it's quite possible that you doing the latter is causing the former. Hell, my girlfriend and I are insanely close, hopelessly in love, and even before she went away we didn't see each other 3 times a week. Don't spend all your time talking/texting/IM'ing or being with each other. Live lives independant of each other. Remember, also, communication is massively important to successful relationships.

Lastly, while it wasn't asked, I'm going to say this because you need to hear it: your sophomores. What is that, like 16? Thereabouts, I think. DO NOT make this girl your universe. Seriously. Excuse the cycnicism, and I'll excuse the way you feel, but there's a good chance that this girl will leave you burned and broken. Be aware of that.

Don't get me wrong, we both love being together. We spend a lot of time just hanging out and watching movies, her being the one to invite me over a lot of the time.

We have sex a lot, and like you and your girl, we are in love with each other. so i mean... i don't know, ehk.
Hey guys..

My girlfriend and I have been going out for just under 3 months, and at first, she loved receiving texts from me that said that she inspires me, thanks for being there, that she's beautiful, etc. all of which I truly meant.
She would always reply very enthusiastically and say something else to me.

Now, however, she rarely types anything back like that, and immediately changes the subject.

She has told me that I she has recently been annoyed at not having lots of space between us, and that i'm "too mushy at times"?

So i don't know what to do, because honestly, space-wise, we only see each other 3 times a week at most (consider that we're sophomores in high school) so i don't think its too much.

Matter of fact, when we first started going out, she would ask me to come over practically every day. We are very, very, close emotionally, and relationship wise and I wouldn't ever want this to change. We both agree that we are definately in love for the the first time in our lives, but the fact that she's told me this kind of somewhat perturbs me.

ughh... Should I completely stop sending her those kinds of texts and stuff or what?

What should I do to keep my relationship strong?
don't worry bro.... i was in the same position as you last month (with my girlfriend though, not a "friend" hahah....)

i was freaking out. she was 2 weeks late but then she took a test at the gyno and it was all good....

since then she got on nuvaring (birth control) and we've been fine...
yeah, it might just be because of the gain...

im playing mostly like indie/punk (not with A LOT of distortion though. the rat settings are filter at about 2 o'clock/distortion at about 3 o clock, volume at about 3 o clock. the bad monkey has the treble and bass set midway, with the treble slightly more than the bass, full gain, and slightly less volume than the rat.

with the RAT AND THE BAD MONKEY both on at the same time, the feedback goes crazy.

the amp works fine with the RAT or Bad Monkey alone...
no but its not even like controllable feedback.

its not the kind of feedback you can stop by putting your hand over the strings. its just a ridiculously loud hum...

and mmolteratx.... umm.. of course, but doesn't help much when you're playing.
Hey guys, I have a 65 twin reverb reissue....

recently, my amps been getting horrible feedback it wasn't getting before when i have my distortion/overdrives on (a Pro Co RAT, and a Digitech Bad Monkey)

this never happened before, and i notice its being caused mostly by the RAT.

what do you guys think the problem is. should i get a noise gate or what? i mean, i have my pedals running through a furman pedal board/power conditioner...
Hey guys,

first off, i love my Twin Reverb to death...

most of my main stuff is indie/alt, and currently i have a Digitech Bad Monkey and a Pro Co RAT, and they're giving me the sound i want for that....

however, i just started a pop punk/pop rock side project, somewhere along the lines of cute is what we aim for, panic at the disco, etc. and im trying to get more of a crunch.
kinda wishing i had an AC30 :/

what distortion or overdrive pedals would you guys recommend to give me a crunch out of my twin? im willing to spend up to 200 bucks...
in my school, they give the retarded seniors a chance to sell bagels (sold every morning).

so in walks a retard, and he just bursts in, kinda looks around the class, and yells:


on the occasion that somebody does buy a bagel, he starts cheering.

sometimes its funny, but i feel like **** afterward.
Hey guys,

I recently bought a midi to usb cable and i have been able to connect my korg microkorg to my mac.

im using garageband, and its working fine as a midi controller, but i hate garagebands software instruments and samples.

In MIDI settings the options for Audio Input are: Built in microphone, built in input, and System Setting, and for Output it says System Setting and Built-In Output. i currently have built in input selected and built in output.

How do I record the kickass sounds of the micro korg into garageband?
This last summer I decided to take my date to Kung Fu Panda, considering that it'd been in the theaters for like a million years already, thinking that there would be no one there.

When I get to the box office with my date, some 5 year old kid is having his birthday party, so i say shit. Just had to screw me over, they're gonna go see kung fu panda. Luckily, they went and saw another movie.

There was one more couple that had already taken the back row, and they were also in there, obviously for the same reason I was. We ended up sitting in the front row, which is practically sandwiched against the wall.

As soon as the trailers started, we were making out. We made out for about half that movie, at which point I was bored, and stuck my hand up her skirt (which i told her to wear. easier access :P)

Then an employee walks in and goes "HEY! YOU TWO!" and we kinda turn around, i give him the wtf look, shes stiff in her seat. and he goes "GOOD! STAY THAT WAY!" As soon as he left, we were back into it.

The best part however was my bj during the scene in which apparently the panda fights a tiger. I couldn't really tell though, cause i was doing other things I found out though when I asked the guy that was sitting in the back when we left the theater.

Apparently he didn't do anything, so... my guess was right. it was panda vs. tiger.
my solo project involves mainly synths, acoustic guitars, some electric, and im looking into having live drums tracked as well.

i was looking at the presonus firestudio project. any good?

my whole budget has to be 1,000 tops...
hey everybody

i've been recording all my stuff on a almost 2 year old macbook with a 120 gig hard drive (upgraded when crashed ) , 1 gig of ram, and a 2GHZ intel processor. i've been recording on my macbooks built in webcam mic :O

im looking for a better, more professional sound.

i know that garageband has its limits, and thats what i've been using...
i've been thinking of using either logic express, or getting pro tools, but i consider that pro tools may be a hastle because of my specs, and current 65 available gigs on my hard drive.

other than a midi keyboard, which i already have (my yamaha clavinova has midi output), what will i need?

recommendations on little 8 track mixers, interfaces, mics, anything will be appreciated
haha. shows my lack of awareness on UG.

didnt even know that such a thread existed, despite being here for almost a year.

never go on anywhere but the pit :p
sorry guys.
pleasseee guys.

your help is really appreciated

hey everybody

i've been recording all my stuff on a almost 2 year old macbook with a 120 gig hard drive (upgraded when crashed ) , 1 gig of ram, and a 2GHZ intel processor. i've been recording on my macbooks built in webcam mic :O

im looking for a better, more professional sound.

i know that garageband has its limits, and thats what i've been using...
i've been thinking of using either logic express, or getting pro tools, but i consider that pro tools may be a hastle because of my specs, and current 65 available gigs on my hard drive.

other than a midi keyboard, which i already have (my yamaha clavinova has midi output), what will i need?

recommendations on little 8 track mixers, interfaces, mics, anything will be appreciated
Fender Twin Reverb '65 reissue.- I bought a heavy ass amp.
No Quarter by Led Zeppelin scares the shit out of me.
Quote by ParamoreMadXD
they have a few good songs
ok thats i lie i like the majority of their songs

wow. lmfao
1.Male or Female- Male
2.Age- 15
3.Do you play guitar- Yes
4.Do you prefer Gibson or Fender- Gibson
5.What colour is your guitar- Heritage Cherry, Sonic Blue, Ebony, Natural, Natural, Natural
6.How often do you play a day-(4)1-3hours,
7.Do you enjoy guitar- yes
8.How long have you been playing- 3 years
9.Les Paul or Telecaster- Les Paul
10.Do you want to be a rockstar/any other kind of famous guitarist- yeah.
well then,

someone likes them and thinks they have talent obviously,

for them to be making millions and millions of dollars

and for Gibson to give them a freaking tour bus loaded with custom shop guitars, amps, and everything you could imagine!
Quote by Spay
The emotive genres were never supposed to be like they are now. Take a look at Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate. I'll bet you they never imagined kids dressed up in excess make up and dark colored horizontally striped shirts being the picture of their genres.

Then again. I do push the line with that since I bet they also didn't give a **** about what they were labelled as.

yeah, but you're talking about the original emo,

which was pretty much destroyed when jimmy eat world broke into the mainstream...
so you guys are saying that if someone came up to you, and offered you a multi-million record deal,

you wouldn't do it.
Quote by Spay
Because as an artist I feel rather raped by people who don't know the definition of what they're trying to be. It happened with the emotive genres as well.

Capitolists have drones of mindless sheep who believe they can buy their individuality and bands like the Jonas Brothers are the biggest sheep, being used to market this exploit of a culture.

the "emotive" genres are totally based on image though, even though i do like some emo music to an extent,

all targeted toward other emo, or scene girls.

same deal with the jonas brothers-

preppy clothes,

targeted to preppy girls.
Quote by Horlicks
What I don't get is why people bash the Jonas Bros on here and listen to shit like Paramore at the same time

im glad you understand my point, sir.
Quote by n00bs4brkfst
Logical Fallacy......

TS fails....

so then,

please correct me,
you fail just as bad for not backing yourself up :P

just like every other thread,
it has to turn to something else,

more input on why the jonas brothers are being flamed,
despite several other bands are doing the same exact thing,
who arent getting flamed.
Quote by aaronob
Yeah lol... I was actually thinking about starting a thread like this the other day... lol


i never see all the other pop rock/punk bands getting flamed

cobra starship,
all time low,
we the kings,
the maine,

nobody flames them, and its basically the same kind of thing.
Quote by aaronob
because they create skilless pop music....

I will give them some credit though.... in a sick, twisted messed-up way they are kind of saving music... better them get really famous and loved by a lot of people than another rapper.... I think they even have more skill than a rapper does. I can rap in my sleep. Literally.

thank you for at least someone agreeing with me
Quote by keithmoon15
dont compare the jonas brothers to the beatles

just... no

the beatles were revolutionary whether you like it or not. nobody had ever played pop music the way they had before. sure, their image was similar to the jonas brothers today, but the beatles were writing songs that were changing music. i personally cant stand most of the beatles early work myself just because it is the same love song over and over but the music they were putting out was completely changing how musicians wanted to be. on the other hand, the jonas brothers are contributing absolutely nothing to music. they are having other people write for them, and they pretend to have talent. maybe someday jonas brothers will take a turn for the better like the beatles did and start doing a new thing....

maybe you misunderstood what i first said when i mentioned the beatles,

but thats exactly what i meant. the image, and the love songs,

but nobody get me wrong.. i personally love the beatles
also, it really annoys me when these

people that listen to cobra starship, all time low, etc. say that they hate the jonas brothers. its basically the same kind of thing...

except that the bands mentioned obviously dont have all the recognition that the jonas brothers get
Quote by Imperial
This. And also, they don't even play their songs live. They walk around the audience (tv shows i've seen, unintentionally) wooing them while the muscians in the background play and yet nobody notices them.

no, i actually wasted a few minutes of my life and saw a live performance, and sure, they have a backing band,

but 2 of them play guitar (sure, they're not amazing) and the vocals sounded like shit,

so at the least, its not lip-synced from what ive seen
Quote by Kid_Thorazine
Meh, depending on what genre your in that's debatable, theres still a lot of talented people selling records, they just have to do it witout MTV or the radio.

I highly doubt that, even if they get writer credits that just means the songwriters have work for hire contracts.

yeah, but not shitloads of records.

if you think about it,
during the beatles time

a SHITLOAD of guys hated the beatles,
because all the girls were obsessed with them,
and they were rich and famous,
and they played simple rock and roll

now several decades later, everybody loves them.
thats the thing though,

talent just.. doesn't cut it nowadays.

connections are everything in todays music industry.
Quote by amazing FretMan
i hate them why you hate them TS... they are into themselves with no reason to be and they are over advertised

it is just normal pop rock...but i hate all of todays music so whatever..


they are super over advertised to the point where its annoying.

i walked into walgreens and found jonas brother candy!

but i mean, if thats the reason that their being flamed, then why don't steve jobs, bill gates,
and all other multi millionaires get flamed as well?
whatever. disney songwriters, idc. the point is, its not bad enough to be flaming 24/7,

anyhow, i dont listen to them,

its just the fact that everybodys bashing them for no reason that pisses me off.

they had connections with disney, their lucky and making money.
wow. is that seriously why everybody flames?
why does everybody hate the jonas brothers so bad?
sure, they may have shitloads of obsessive, stupid fans but i mean...

i don't like them as people themselves, their very self-centered and arrogant, and they have tons of product placement and the such, and i hate that,

but music wise,

a few of their songs sound like ordinary, harmless pop rock, some even decent,

so whats the deal?
why is it cool for everyone to flame the jonas brothers?
might as well go flame every single other pop rock band.