true true,

rick astley was a baritone too :P
umm... HIM maybe?

im pretty sure that Ville Valo is a baritone singer.
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I've got another email to translate:

"Uds. nos dan los links para colocarlo en nuestra página.????"

Translation: Can you guys give us the links so we can put them on our website?
Seriously (being half latino, i would know although ive never heard the word mensial)

"I need to know what the mensial value by transference of 128 k is."
"Hey, do you have a UG account? Its like the coolest website, and theres this kickass forum called the pit."

she should've ran away by the start of the second sentence.
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Go with this or drink plenty o' juice that has tons of vitamins (ie: OJ, Grape, etc.)

Off topic (kinda): When you guys are about to get a cold, does your mouth taste like bad butter all day before you catch a cold? I know that's how it is for me .

oh... im drinking a hell of a lot of OJ, and ive been having some airborne which is like a vitamin c bomb.

and yeah... the butter thing? idk about that,

my throat just feels kinda weird on and off the day before i get it.
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suck it up princess, you're not going to die.

no, im not gonna die, but i cant practice any singing for shit.

my throat is screwed :S
well, i got the cold.

im officially sick pit.

awesome thanks guys.

i actually expected more answers along the lines of:

*go rape someone
*pokemon related answer

of which i got 2 of the mentioned.

but eh.. i took some vitamin c and tylenol.
idk about the rest part though

shitload of homework, and unfortunately, i procrastinate :/
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after almost a year of roaming the pit,

i find this to be a common answer in everybodys question about a problem.

im getting that feeling that you get right before you get a cold..

you know, you swallow, your throat feels kind of iffy, little things like that. i also get the feeling of wanting to sneeze every once in a while.

anyone know how to prevent the cold from happening,

or at least get rid of it fast??
im 5'7

im 15, so ive still got time to grow :P
Alex Gaskarth
of All Time Low.
bull... don't listen to freedoms_stain

i actually went to the bahamas on BahamasAir and they let me take it as a carry on...
i figured it out. our instructions were to simplify each one.

the correct answer was solved in this way:

1. 2/3-√2
2. rationalize bottom, so you end up with 2(3+2√2)/3+√2
3. multiply the 2 together and you get 6+2√2/9-2
4. simplifies to 2+2√2/3-2

5. final answer: 2+2√2

thanks guys, but figured it on my own anyhow :P

I need it simplified! not the actual answer....
I have this question that i'm not understanding at all. Its simplification of a radical expression.



woooow...... seriously. i love how everthing in the pit turns to something completely off topic.
what do you guys think? does it sound decent?
alright then.. sorry about that :/ thought the pit monkeys might like to know :P

but, fine, a mod can move it.. i can't do much about it.
lol. i seriously don't care if the amp breaks...

like i said, im not a bassist. i play guitar, im not stupid enough to put that bass through my twin reverb....

the amp was left by a distant cousin of mine who moved away... and it sucks too. but hey, its getting the job done :P
yeah... i covered that because its been stuck in my head since i played guitar hero at my friends house...

boy, does that game suck.
i got this cheap p-bass copy made by some company called "sound track"...

it looked okay, and since i wanted a bass just to screw around, i got it. ran me 50 bucks. i have no bass amp, so used this old samick 1980's beaten up 10 watt practice guitar amp, but hey, to my surprise, it sounded pretty decent...

yes, that face thing i did in the beginning was stupid XD

if you'd like to hear it...
i don't know of many women,

but i know of a search bar in the pit...
i do week after next... i think thats the 17th.

whatever. idc.
5/10.... haven't seen you around much.
this isn't bad to me at all.... thers no mom/pop shops near me, nor a guitar center or sam ash.... but theres a best buy like 5 minutes away. so, kickass
this isn't bad to me at all.... thers no mom/pop shops near me, nor a guitar center or sam ash.... but theres a best buy like 5 minutes away. so, kickass
original, unique, yet recognizable.
come on everybody. don't let the south florida thread die
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i will engoy my perma ban thnaks


i can't seem to find any half-assed bassists around here either :/
and i need one : (
ahh... soulja boi. eww.

everyone was singing it and doing that stupid ass dance.
whatever though.
why central florida.

why not like, all of florida meets up in some place in central florida so its equidistant to everyone north and south. lol
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Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando is where most of the tours stop by.Miami is only really good for Ultra.I also have to kind of agree on the female part.

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Dude, wtf is wrong you guys? I live in Fort Lauderdale, and the scene is huge. Sure, there is a lot of hip-hop and the likes but its like this in like most major cities. Stop bitching and moaning cuz if we don't have anything else...don't even act like the girls down here aren't hawt as hell...


yeah, you're right. theres a ****load of hot girls down here. and as for the music part, no, not in all major cities... theres a few that are pretty much dominated by rock.