this calls for a south florida UG meet
so is there anyone from the aventura, sunny isles beach area?
no. its just the ****ing music scene in my opinion. it totally sucks.

do all of you guys' friends listen to rock and classic rock, or hell, at this point, any sort of rock?

cause i mean, theres like a handful of my friends that do... just not many :/
yeah, thats the guitarcenter i go to, in hallandale. i hate it. the people in there are pricks.

any other shops people know of?
matter of fact, i enjoy the beach quite a bit. too bad theres only one guitarcenter, and once samash in the area....

and they're both pretty far from me :/

whatever... its not like i enjoy going there... in my area i have a few mom and pops, my favorite being space music
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im in coral springs, are you in broward or miami dade?

and yes, the reggeatone is annoying.

i was ready to kill a few years back when i cranked up 94.9 zeta only to find that it was now "mega 94.9: latino and proud"

lmao i remember that day! its like, "what the hell is this crap?"

im in miami dade... im not saying that its like, ugly or something, but the whole music scene sucks nuts....
no. quite hating them.

whatever, sure their music sucks, but they're making a ****load of money.

probably more than you ever will, TS.
black tide :/

who else has come out of miami?
yeah. i guess its not just me then... lmfao

everybody at school (im a freshman) listens to rap, and all of that mainstream hip hop crap, then of course you have your handful of scene girls and rich J.A.P.s (jewish american princesses) that listen to all of that Power Pop/Emo, british "indie" (even though its not really indie [wombats, etc.]

nobody listens to classic rock. im in a band, the drummer, is the only other guy that listens to the same kind of stuff i do, like white stripes, raconteurs, wolfmother... that stuff...

eh. lets move to like, detroit or something
i feel like i'm trapped in this world of the newest, hottest rap, hip hop, reggeaton acts.

any one else in UG from south florida???

how do you like living here?
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Ok Pit, what's your local station called?

Mine's 93 Rock. Used to be 94.9 Zeta though, which IMO sounded much cooler. For Classics, Big 106.

BTW, I live in S. Florida

haha. and i thought i was the only s. florida UG'er.....

yeah, 94.9....... its crappy. mediocre at best, and yes, 94.9 was 10 million times better.
how did I know, that everybody was going to respond "you'll get raped"...

of course, typical of the pit...
So I ask for your opinion Pit:

What would happen to you if while on your job at the Coca-Cola factory, you are caught drinking Pepsi?
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Yeah, I can't read **** with those massive pixels your using there buddy.

first comment says : thats one sexy guitar player right therr

second comment says: haha very nice (: I like this picture

third comment says : ayy que sexayyy kidd : )

and i don't know what you're talking about "massive pixels"? looks fine on my screen, i resized it to 640 by 480... but i'll post another picture, but bigger.

this is somewhat along the lines of the comments i get on my pictures...
Quote by Son.Of.TheViper
Wait... I don't see anthing specifying whether they were NICE comments or not.

oh, they were very nice comments. every single one of them from girls too they went along the lines of

"so hott"
"omg! i wish i was there, btw you're pretty cute "
"your number one fan! i love you alex!! and i agree with ^ you're right, he is hot :P"

the drummer got a comment from his cousin, a guy, saying "hows it going buddy" and some random chick that said "cool"
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...and, just to be awkward, where do bassists fit into this? I'm by no means serious, but if i do the BTEC music performance course this year (playing drums and bass), i'm curious to know how i'd fit into things. By all means, i'm a hardcore drummer but a laid back bassist and i wouldn't stand there on bass pulling solos - rather improvise a nice groove.

where do bassists fit in? from what i've heard and read, bassists are almost as unappreciated as drummers...

but i don't know, i think a whole band works together. i think drums and bass are super essential and i appreciate both.
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its kinda easier than guitar is what im suggesting

sure its easier if you're gonna play a simple 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 with quarter notes and a snare hit on the 2 and 4...

then try playing some led zeppelin or the who well...
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I could say the exact same thing about guitar, you know. And guess what, you'd be pretty pissed if I bashed guitar right? Well, know you know how I feel when ignorant arrogant asshole guitarists bash drummers because they think they're the best and the world revolves around them.

My fans (if I can call them that) love me. Then again, I have a hell of alot of stage presense. I run around and jump up n down and just have fun.

My guitarist is actuslly boring. Him and the other guitarist just stand there while me and the bassist rock out (yes thats right...BASSIST!)

that goes with the drummer and I too, but yeah. for some reason the world has to revolve around the guitarist. why? idk. i think drums are awesome... if the drummer is good.
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becoz 9-year old kids can be drum professionals while it takes time 2 be a guitarist

i disagree on this too.... sure its easy to keep a simple beat, but to be a good drummer it takes a while.

just like any other guitarist can play power chords and stuff...
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Guitarists can read and write which women find attractive

actually its quite the opposite. the drummer gets way better grades than me .

and to the other person who asked about the bassist?


and whats even funnier is that right after i posted this, the drummer calls me up and he goes, why the hell do you have 25 photo comments and i now have 3!?
Quote by Glimsom

That, compared to:

Who do YOU think looks cooler? =P

haha. that made me laugh :P

yeah, i guess.
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Maybe he's really ugly?

in the most unhomosexual manner, no he isn't ugly, and he has just about the same amount of friends and everything as i. same group of people and all....
so my band had this gig that went really well, and we got some really kickass pictures taken... the next day, i post them on my myspace, so does our drummer.

within the day, i get 23 photo comments, he gets 2.

sure, not a bad thing, but i'm just wondering. why do we guitarists get so much more attention???
while playing a rainy show in T in the Park, a girl jumps on stage, rips off your pants and starts sucking you off; you then realize in the middle of this wonderful encounter that a 1/4" is wrapped around her leg, and if she moves, and unplugs it, you will die of electrocution.

she does exactly that, and hundreds of watts of electricity go from her mouth to your penis, then obviously to your whole body. frying you, and going down in history.

what a kickass death that would be.
so yeah. thank you very much mrcrono
so my mac crashed and I lost all my stuff... whatever, i had a hard drive problem, i got a new 160 gig hard drive, and leopard....

today i decide i want to cover a song for my youtube, and open iMovie. its been completely redesigned. they took out all the really cool special effects and everything that you had in iMovie HD 6?

i can't figure out a way to put a music track on the time line and record a video over it.

this is really sucky. anybody help????
i'm going to be recording next week, and need a new amp... im looking for a smaller tube combo, 50 watts and less. I play indie, alternative, classic rock... that kind of stuff, like the white stripes, the raconteurs, and the like.

highest price i can go is 1000 bucks.

i've been looking at some fender tube combos like the hot rod deluxes, a vox ac15, i've even looked at the peavey classic 30's....

so please recommend me some amps that fit my musical style, and price range..

thanks : )
did you raise the volume on the myspace player?
btw we did this all with the macbook webcam microphone and garage band
we hope to get into a studio soon
or to get better equipment

Please check it out and add us.
Give me your opinions.
Tell me what you think!
when i was a kid i got mad at barney on t.v because he wouldn't talk to me when i talked to him.
i could've sworn he was in the t.v set...

hell i could hear his voice out of the speakers...
you do realize that theres been several threads on this....

and TS- no. guitar hero or rock band will definately not improve your musical skill in any way, other than maybe keeping rhythm?...
ok. well, then can a mod move this thread or something please?
A friend has recently offered me his Peavey Classic 30 (which I have heard from many is a great amp) for 380 dollars used. Its about 3 months old... It was retubed with JJ Tubes, it has the metal cage tube protector, throwing in a black vinyl cover, as well as the footswitch.

Would this be a good deal, at $380.00, or can I do better?
you people are idiots. frenchy updated the rules and everything and one of the first ones clearly said. No posting in reported threads.

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I think you're the pompous faggot if you feel the need to make a thread on an internet forum whining about people's personal preference with regard to how low their guitar is strapped.

I don't strap mine round my ankles either, but you don't see me "naming and shaming" people who do.

lol. thats what i thought.