drums are very interesting instruments.... umm..

the music scene in miami here is ****.
"up and rising" hip hop/rap artists that all sound the same :/
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I would probably say the latest Raconteurs album. It really is just a horrible mix of crappy overused blues rock and really bad vocals. So dissapointing.

i strongly disagree with you. only "bad" song on that album is like "Pull This Blanket Off". that song does suck.
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Seriously... just report them to the police.

OMG KENSAI!lol. you're like. a UG celebrity!

but thanks for the advice.... idk though... how do i go about doing this?
I have this friend of mine... a girl that I met rather recently (a month). Apparently, these asshole guys asked her to send them nude pics. she was going through this sleazy phase, and she had the hots for one of the guys so she sent the pictures. And they saved them.

Ever since then, they've been blackmailing her. They've been threatening that if she doesn't send them more by like, july, they're gonna post them all over myspace, send them to her friends, etc.

They constantly harass her- asking her to show them her tits on webcam (and she does it, because otherwise, they'll post the pics.) She's really sad about it... she really regrets it. everybody makes mistakes.. you know? Today they even forced her to watch them jack off on AIM.

I want to report them. Its disgusting. Its almost rape-like in a way... and to top it off, she's 14, they are 15 and 16. So basically, they're in possession of child porn. They deserve to be in a lot of trouble for this (yeah i know. don't be like, oh she deserves this, slut, etc.)

can someone please explain to me why this results in an instant ban?
ehh... although i hesitate to say it....

M.I.A- Avenged Sevenfold

No, I don't listen to them, but my little cousin does (yeah, hes 9 years old... he listens to Dragonforce, and the like) and he was blasting it on his cd player, so don't bother flaming.
wow you guys are assholes with him. macs are awesome. congrats on your purchase. (no, i'm not a fan boy, they're just great computers, and i'm not gonna argue with some other losers)

umm... TS: System Preferences--->Sound----->select internal speakers----> uncheck mute if its muted.... otherwise, just take it to your local apple store. since apple has great customer service, i'm sure they'll gladly replace it.
i once jizzed in the airplanes bathroom... we were landing too. what a rush.
wow. how... outrageously hilarious?
wow. this thread is quite entertaining

I have a question though. I know Fotb is forum of the banned.... but how exactly does it work? Like, if I were to get banned and attempted to go to like the pit or something, I'd be redirected or something???

Woah... i don't know. I'm confused :P
actually, they just lowered the prices of the jaguars and jagmasters to like 800 bucks.

so yeah... that might be in your price range, and might be less expensive than building your own jazzmaster or jaguar...
this thread is full of win. quite entertaining
power failures

cables. (all kinds)

when people walk in and leave the door open when they walk out.

tripping on cables

"power pop"

the jonas brothers ( i swear to god its hard to believe that freshmen chicks can be obsessed with them)

losing picks

when my guitar teacher says my vibrato sucks, when in fact it isn't bad at all.
sandwich- chicken teriyaki footlong
bread- italian herbs and cheese
cheese- american
toasted? yes.
toppings- lots of lettuce, onions, oil, pepper, salt, LOADS OF SWEET ONION SAUCE.
Total- $5.35.
anybody else? the link? please help!
Umm... i have a few more questions but I'm gonna scan them... do you guys mind helping me on a few more? thanks
Yeah, as we all know, finals, in most parts of the U.S are coming this week... On my geometry review, theres a few questions that I don't get, in particular being this one :

Determine the distance between the points (2, -2) and (5, -1).

a. square root of 10
b. 6
c. square root of 58
d. 2square root of 13.

anybody good at math?

The Raconteurs!
The White Stripes!
mods, please ban EmoKiller, and close this thread.
i disagree with your choices. those pickups aren't bad, but if I were you, i'd get Fender Lace Sensor pickups... I wouldn't change the pickguard because i think that starcasters already have a single/single/single configuration, so IMO it would be an unecessary expense. I would get any locking tuners, which do a great job in keeping some in tune, and for about 30 bucks more than the tuners you're looking at, its a better deal.

it will stay in tune much better, sound drastically better, and yes, the pickups will fit.... obviously it won't sound just like a fender strat because of the grade of the wood, the craftsmanship, the neck, etc.

i would get a new neck if I was you as well...
shaven. what a stupid thread...
internet slang is stupid. leave it to the girls. if you're a guy using internet slang, then you have no chance in life. be real.
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I hope you like the other 8 people that live there.

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really? how close to America are you? just become illgeal immagrents long enough to get a lap dance

i agree.
The US is overrated. I live in Florida. I'd totally rather be living in Britain, where like every single kickass band comes out of. I'm such a patriot................
The Gods Must Be Crazy FTW.
random customer at the Krusty Krab: Do you have salt?
Squidward: We ran out.
random customer at the Krusty Krab: Can you check?
Squidward (with priceless look on his face): No.

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But he gained so much more fame after his death. Like how not nearly as many people had heard of Dimebag until he died.

ehh... i suppose.
I was actually thinking of the Vox AC30 at one point but its way over my price range. I just looked up the Traynor's on youtube, and my ears didn't like it :/
The Raconteurs mainly use really vintage amps like Sears amps from the early 60's... Jack White occasionally uses a Fender Twin Reverb from the late 70's.. Also, It has to be something loud enough to play a small gig, yet quiet enough to record. I don't want something like 100 watts tube.
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Half the bands around today wouldn't even exist if Hendrix hadn't died.

WHAT??!!!! He was super influential to todays music, just like Zep, The Beatles, The Who.... +1 to Rush as well.
ok so a few weeks ago i made a thread on a fender champ saying that I got one and wanted to see if I could connect it to an extension cab. That was all bull. Basically, I have been looking for a tube amp, and have no idea what to get. My budget used to be 2-300 dollars, but very fortunately, I won a competition last night and got $1500.00, so i've extended my budget up to 6-700 dollars. I don't play metal. I mainly play indie rock, alt rock, classic rock, heaviest I do is Nirvana probably... I do know I will rely on pedals, and it would be great if it was a combo. Maybe a Fender combo? I'd been looking at the Hot Rod Deluxe... What amps are good ideas? Anything $700.00 and under?
early 80's Aria acoustic- $200.00
custom made spanish flamenco guitar- $300.00
Squier Jagmaster heavily modded with seymour duncans, locking tuners, and much more to list- $700.00
Gretsch G5135 Corvette- $525.00
Case for Corvette- $100.00
Case for Jagmaster- $150.00
Levi Strap- $25.00
Another Levi Strap- $50.00
2 25 foot mogami gold series- like $120.00
Line 6 Spider 3 150 watt combo- $500.00
Digitech Bad Monkey- $40.00
Roland Micro Cube- $120.00
80's Samic 10 watt combo- idk, maybe $30.00

and i just won $1500.00 in this school competition.

so total: 4360+ dude above me

new grand total= $714,547.56
was anybody thinking mute math, i know jimi hendrix loved experimenting, and hell, mute math doesn't have a great guitarist or anything, but its all this experimental **** that IMO totally kicks ass.
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Same as it was then: ZZ top. Hendrix loved the blues and he loved when rock went really bluesy. ZZ top still does that, hence Hendrix would still love them.

I dont see how other guys are all like, oh he'd like heavy metal... i totally agree with this guy. He loved bluesy rock, so yeah, ZZ top would totally be up there.
haha. i wrote this thread after watching knights of cydonia live at wembley stadium... i was thinking muse as well. maybe some underground indie bands? maybe some alt. rock?

I was thinking the raconteurs, and the white stripes as well.
What would be his favorite band? and why?