i've been playing electric for about a year and a half, and i've played acoustic for about a year. i'm not bad, yet i wouldn't say i'm great at acoustic either... I have a capo, and never use it. When is it needed? Is it to change the key the song is in? like for example, if i am tuned in DGCFAD and I put my capo on the second fret, would that bring me back up to standard again?
The Raconteurs- Consoler of the Lonely, by miles is the best album of '08.
kick him out of the band.

nevermind. give him some time, if he doesn't adjust to everyone's liking, then whats the point of having a non-contributing musician?
I'd get it. Those things are going to go up in value, unless Fender reissues them again, which I doubt will happen. Then again, thats all IMO.

If you like the sound of it and you're totally satisfied, then get it.; Personally, I would...
i dont know, i just take a little of everything from my dads liquor stash.
Agile FTW
hey guys, im totally psyched, I got a fender champ, and man does it sound awesome! one question though. How would I be able to connect it to an external speaker? Is it possible? I read online on lots of places that it is but........

actually, its called Icky Thump. Not Thumb.

but its a pretty cool set list.
Everybody should stop being assholes. RIP.
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There's really no "this or that" rule for thumb placement. Generally, when doing stretches or things like that it's better to keep it behind the neck. When doing bends and vibrato though, I tend to wrap it around the neck.

+1 to Spamwise's comment.
hey guys. i needed to get some strings, and i always have used d'addario... their prices have gone up, so i've decided to buy in bulk (10 sets). theres a seller on ebay selling 10 sets for 27.99.

He claims he ordered them straight from d'addario for private labeling?

help me out guys. this seems like a great deal, but then again it could be a major scam :/

heres the link for reference.
thanks, anyone else?
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i strongly agree. weed ftw!
Which material makes a string resonate the longest? Phosphor Bronze, 80/20 Bronze, or Nickel?
Seymour Duncan SH-2/ DiMarzio Blue Velvet / Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB FTW.
dont learn. speed isnt what music is about. its all in the emotion you put into it. sweep picking is nothing but a useless technique that runs up and down arpeggios. totally pointless.
wow, those are some pretty bigass tones you're aiming for. I used to have a micro cube. I'd put it on the Brit Combo modeler. put the tone at about 12-1 o'clock, set gain at around 2 or 3 o'clock, and you might get a nice hybrid of most people on your list. i suppose you can screw around with the Classic Stack setting, but i'm not really a fan of that one.

then again, remember. its hard to replicate an artists tone... you would need to have the same amps they used. and the same guitar and pickups. although you have a strat, and everyone on your list used strats for the most part, their strats are american made, have much more better quality pickups, etc.

hendrix used one of the first marshalls that came out, gilmour's main amp is a Hiwatt, i believe clapton uses a Fender Twin, and SRV mostly used fender tube amps or custom boutique amps.
hey guys, im doing a project in school were we simulate a business. i chose a custom guitar shop.

part of the project asks how we will advertise our business. i said that i would advertise on ultimate guitar, and idk, some other sort of website, and guitar world.

two questions.

1. were would you advertise if you were a guitar luthier?

2. how much would it cost to advertise in say, a banner on Ultimate Guitar?

Any help is deeply appreciated since it is due tommorow.
i live in miami, and all i can tell you about religion:

lots of protestant and catholic Russians, lot of Jews from New York, and thats it.

procrastinations a no no my friend.
who am i kidding... i have a huge project due tommorow and i haven't started it.
i think you should use the search bar.
when i started playing i went to guitar center and asked a salesman to show me how to play a power chord.

*face palm*
its way beyond belief this thread is still open. please moderator, close this thread.

they are extremely unfriendly assholes who just wait for your band at the door. they didnt say "hey guys, whatsup, or anything", just "weres the money guys?" they're real dip****s. you should stay away from these people. they contacted my band through myspace even though we didn't have any music up at the time. they said:

hey a toad

i do booking for bigtime and im working on an all ages show at wallflower gallery that i think your sound would fit well onto. its on 5/24, would yoube able to play that show?

i can get you all the info and stuff, just email me at my booking email account mia@bigtimeentertainment. net (i cant really do any booking through my myspace account, the myspace inbox is horrible to work in) didn't see an email address so i figured best to just msg you to get the ball rolling.

-ryan "

its bull. dont even bother replying to this guy.
Hey guys, i have this Line 6 Spider 3 150 watt combo, thats good until you crank it past 12 o clock. So i'm gonna put it up on ebay.

I've heard Orange amps are great but haven't played one myself as music stores in my area dont carry Orange. Do they get good crunch? Are they good for rhythm work? Would the be good for Alt Rock, Indie Rock kind of stuff?

Anybody have a video of them playing one doing some rhythm stuff? thanks.
its a bull**** scam. i just went through one. read this site for more information about the Big Time Ripoff.
I enjoy life, and no, I am not emo, or the weird lonely kid. Actually I have a lot of friends. But 95% of people other than my friends, bandmates, and family are real ****ing assholes. People can **** you over really easily. For example, i happened to be in the Heart concert in Orlando last saturday, and there was this guy in line waiting to get in (obviously, a big stage, and lots of lights means that something important is about to happen), so he asks me who Heart is, and I tell him that its this pretty cool band lead by these two chicks, and were extremely popular in the mid 70's through the early 80's. anyway, in the middle of the show, nancy throws this pick offstage, and im near the front, so i try to get it. and this same asshole i explained who heart was to gets in a fight with me over who gets this pick. we both get thrown out of ****ing universal studios, although i got to keep the pick

no matter what the company is, customer service sucks. specially the ****ing internet company. they make you wait 45 minutes on the phone, and they never end up fixing your problem anyway.

im living in my grandparents house since my house is being remodeled. turns out my old buddies were smoking pot and doing smack in there. my mom gets in trouble, cause the security found syringes and ****.

girls. girls are really goddamned confusing. specially this one girl i know, we'll call her mary. mary had been one of my best friends since the start of middle school. we were extremely close. throughout the 2 years since i've known her shes been a great friend. a great person. i could write a biography about her, and she of I. basically, everythings great until she starts going out with this douche bag we'll call peter (and trust me mary has gone out with more guys than she can count, so its not like im jealous.) So a few weeks ago, she starts giving me this attitude, and starts being really bitchy. Like whenever I say anything about music, shell start going oh yeah, alex, youre so cool, yeah, you know everything about music, you play guitar and piano amazingly. so this one day i decide to ask her why shes been such a bitch lately. and she says its because shes known me for too long. What a stupid ****ing bitch!

whatever, i guess life would be boring if everything was perfect.
i doubt its my amp, cause im over at my friends house jammin now with the same amp and guitar, and not a shock yet....

its either that he has carpet in his room, or that my house hasn't been rewired since 1956. :/
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I'm pretty fond of my G-400, maybe you'll find one you like? I've been interested in trying a Jagmaster for awhile, I take it you'd recommend one?

Don't underestimate the versatility of superstrats, I pretty much only use my Kramer for shoegazy stuff.

Yeah, Jagmasters are really awesome. i got mine last year around january... it sounds great... i was kind of dissapointed with the pickups, but that was easily fixed by a set of seymour duncans.

but yeah. their really cool, the neck is great, the tremolo system is pretty good, doesnt go out of tune too often. i wrote a review on it here.

h ttp://

and you can see my playing it here.

h ttp://

remove the spaces.
Yesterday night, my guitar attempted to murder me.

Yes, I got electrocuted by my guitar. Or whas it my amp? This has never happened before, and i love my guitar, and my amp dearly.... Why'd I get electrocuted? Has this happened to anyone?

tried the search bar but didn't come up with anything :/
Quote by danielrobbyshor
d'addario, they keep their tone the longest. stay crisp the longest.
and they dont cost me a penny

i would like to know how you get strings for free.
no man... i really dont want like a super strat or metal guitar.... im aiming for a total straight forward garage rock/ alt rock sound... so you know, a kirk hammet esp wouldn't suit that (although i am sure it is a great guitar for metal).
the main reason im getting this guitar is not because im sick of my old one, but its more of like a step up/backup guitar... lots of the songs my bands been playing are in e flat, yet a lot are also in standard. so yeah... but i really like my pimped out squier jagmaster. i put in seymour duncan pickups, and and upgrading to locking tuning machines soon.

but how about the MIM fenders... are they any good? im not sure about the agile's though... my buddy has one, and i didnt like them too much.
woah... the new album totally kicks ass... my favorite songs are attention, rich kid blues, and you dont understand me... i might post a cover of you dont understand me (the piano part) on youtube.
i play alt rock, garage rock, mostly... kind of like the white stripes, the raconteurs, some nirvana. i also like playing classic rock, led zeppelin, cream, etc., but i would also like to have the versatility in my guitar of playing hard rock, like acdc, and gnr...

the guitar doesnt have to be like exactly 500... it can be a little over, but not any higher than 550....
i originally accidentally posted this under the pit.. my bad. but....

im getting a new guitar saturday, but it has to be under 500 dollars. i've been thinking about a MIM tele or strat, a gretsch electromatic corvette, or a gibson melody maker.

im not sure though. please give me some ideas. no superstrat or metal guitars ( ESP, Dean, Schecter, Jackson, etc.)

woah, i'm happy. i get a new guitar this saturday. only it cant cost more than 500 bucks. so i need some advice, and your opinions on what guitar i should get. i've been thinking about a fender MIM telecaster, a MIM strat, a Gretsch Electromatic Corvette, or a Gibson Melody Maker. I'm not sure though.

please give me some ideas. What should i get? and im not really into metal/heavy metal, so please, no schecter, dean, jackson...
Hey guys, i play guitar and i sing in this band, and we're using this peice of crap karaoke machine in practice to sing vocals. So, i've decided to get myself a pa system. anything decent under $500 that comes with mics, stands, a mixer, etc.?

please help dudes.