no i didn't actually i missed that one, but i have looked at it now and will include it in my list
Thanks a bunch
Not sure but it is from a movie in the 70's called 'Network'
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MOTA fucking rules

Great movie too
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God's Judgement of White America - Malcolm X

One of my competitors did that last year
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I agree. Do the Gettysburg Address.

It's not long enough unfortunatly, we are allowed to edit them but it has to be close to 10 minutes long, while the gettysburg address is maybe 2 1/2 minutes
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"I did not have sexual relations with that woman".

i have actually considered doing that one lol, it would be just a bit awkward though
Hey i'm in my high school Speech and Drama club performing in an event call 'memorized public address' and i'm looking for a speech to do for that this year. last year i did Winston Churchill's 'This was their finest hour speech' and took 5th in the state for that.

If anyone has an idea for a speech i could do that would be great!
thanks for the input guys, but i'm definitely not going to get a warwick though ><

anyone know a good place for used basses? a store that sells alot of them or a website that is trustworthy?
Ok so i have been playing on a peavey millennium for my first 2 years of playing bass, and i played an American standard jazz bass and fell in love with it.

For the $1400 that i will be buying it for, is it really worth it at my level?
or stu hamm's moon light sonata
I am looking for the opinions on this bass from people who have actually played it. i played one of these today and fell in love, does anyone know where the best place is to get a cheaper one? any specific problems with it? i'm just looking to know if this is actually a good bass to spend around $1100 on.

Thanks in advance
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Please tell me some one knows what this song is called and that it has a tab or sheet music somewhere
'sighs' Really? i have to be the one to say Master of Puppets by Metallica?

Also this
wow that is exactly what i was looking for! and on the first post! thanks a lot Canadian
Are there such a thing? My band teacher wants me to use the upright bass on one of our more classical songs, and he said that i need to look up and get some pick ups ordered for the upright. Does anyone know of a good brand that makes them or somewhere that can at least give me a selection of different ones?
So I'm looking to buy a new bass and was wondering if anyone knows of some modern basses that don't look weird or overblown... just really cool. Any body know anything like that?
Now i know that you said something not to difficult, but the prelude to the 1st cello suite, by Bach is a really good song for showing off your technique...however it is rather difficult, but if you have the time it's a fun piece to learn anyway.

Something else to look at would be Sir Duke, by Stevie Wonder, it's a fun one to play, but you will need the music to play along too.
Hey guys i'm looking in to getting a new bass, i'm out growing my old peavey mellinium that i got at first and i'm looking to the good old fender's for my next one. I would like to know, from those people who have played fender basses before their opinion on their strenghts and weaknesses, along with which model (american, standard that kind of stuff) and which countries actually make good basses. any input is nice, thanks all.
I'm currently working on cello suite #1 prelude for my school's music festival. if you haven't heard of it, then youtube it. it's one of my personal favorites in the classical music catagory.
Ok so i have been playing bass for over a year now ( really that long?) and i am currently in my schools band. As a requirement we have to compete at the district festival where we perform either solos or as an ensemble.

So here is what i as of you. I need a piece to play. my teacher is having some trouble finding anything...can't imagine why... but i am needing a something that would be impressive to play on bass, is technically challenging, and will make sense on it's own.

A tall order most likely but i have faith in you! any suggestions at all would be amazing. links to youtube, song names, people who write amazing stuff, or anything of the sort would be amazing.

And i have heard of Victor Wooten...however i haven't found a song of his i can play...same with anything by Jaco Pastorious

And as always i thank anyone who will take the time to read and reply to this!
that's kind of what i was thinking, but i figured it might be worth a shot to see if anyone has some ideas
I am a bass player by nature, but i have recently acquired a cheap little harmony knock-off electric guitar and i am just wondering if there are just some general cheap things that can be done to any guitar to improve it's sound.
That happened on a masive scale with the nomination of Rick Astley for the musician of the century in Europe. Internet pole are for win, and it's weird but Rick is actually making a really good comeback now.
Hey all i've been out on the prowl for a new bass recently, and i came upon this one.

I'm just looking for the general opinion of it and to see what some people who own one think.

as for my musical style, i play mainly rock and metal, but also classical and jazz.

Probably wishful thinking but if someone knows of a bass that can imitate the upright bass sound, and still do heavy rock that would be wonderful
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I like the idea of that Peavey. They are the king of budget basses, IMO. The millennuim is the only budget bass I've ever known a pro to play live. (John Campbell form Lamb of God uses them)

I completely like the peavey i've had for the past year or so. It's a solid bass that's nice to play and it's versital too, so you can experiment with the tone you are looking for.

The strings aren't as important as the pickups in some ways. Factory strings generally go with the compromise in tone and they don't lean one way or the other. so once you find out what the tone you want is then you can buy some new one's that will fit that, but you will be fine with the factory until then.

don't know quite as much about the pickups other than pretty much any brand you get will be better i.e. less buzz and hum, than the factory standard.

hope i helped
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Not actually too fond of it, but hey, whatever spins your beanie.

and my beanie almost flew away when i saw this!
$8,599 is a bit of a bummer though.
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If I were a jazz band leader auditioning a bassist, which I am, only I am the bassist and so am not auditioning one, I wouldn't given half a wooden nickel whether someone could play some rock riff they've played a million times.

Jazz bands want someone who 1. has good time and 2. can walk. It's all about the walkin'. Thinking on your feet and using your theory and your ears.

You need to find yourself a well-known jazz standard and simply walk to it, maybe eventually taking a solo, depending on the kind of jazz.

point taken, the ablitity to read sheet music is also a very good thing to learn if you havn't taken the time yet. scales and modes or other such things will help you to walk more easily as well.
Pointless thread, but i have just found god in the form of a bass!!!!
go with something you know and like. if you don't like it at all you wont try very hard to practice it. Carry on my wayward son by Kansasis a pretty good one and is of average difficulty.
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That's fine, I was just saying that this thread is arbitrary. Do all the research you want, I encourage it; I don't think I've ever made a significant purchase without careful research. The thread's just like saying "when I grow up I'm going to have this car" or something to that effect.

This is his research. he is asking us for some brands that would be worth his time to look into, and not just making a declaration.

but i have to agree that an american made fender jazz, or sting ray would be worth your time to look into and try out if you can.
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nude, where i end and you begin and a punchup at a wedding - Radiohead

I love nude, it's has an excellent riff
Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
i'm mean come on I really the one that had to mention that?
I've had my 1/4 inch cable for about half a year, and it finally stopped working. I was wondering how long they have lasted for you and how long they are supposed to work.
I eat clay and shit bricks
So what;s your preference? Do you like the simplicity of a nice combo amp, or do you like the versitility of a head and cab?
It would be helpful if you could post a picture or link to a site with a picture of the bass.
I'm a Bass guitarist in the sense that i play almost a rhythm guitar sort of harmony, but i haven't actually gotten to the point to purchase a pedal with a whole bunch of effects so i have my own sound just doesn't stick out as much as it could.
What brand amp do you like and why
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but you should go to the store and try some out, there are heaps of amps in that price range for practise and we dont know what tone you want

My problem is that i live in an incredibly small town and i don't have the option to go to the nearest guitar center on a whim (which is 500 miles away), so i try to do a bunch of research to find out what there is out there in between trips.

but as for tone i'm looking for something versital as i play many styles, from metal to jazz.
Ok so i've been playing bass for about a year now and when i started out the sales rep conned me into buying a behringer amp rather than the crate i was looking into simply because i thought i was getting more power for my money. I was completely mistaken and currently hate this amp with a passion.

Does anyone have suggestions for a better quality amp for some where in the range of 50-100W and for anywhere between $200-$500?