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Pass. Married men don't do it for me.

Oh my, shoe thread.
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Shut the fuck up.

Well said. +1
Haven't had it. Probably won't.
Jackson Jackson Live @ QMF
Claymore, also at QMF
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yeah tell that to chernoble

Chernobyl was caused by the scientists and technicians there testing to see how far they could push the reactor to make more power, and the effects at higher levels. They pushed it too far.

It wasn't entirely an accident.
Undisciplined and yes. Not to an excruciatingly painful level though, I'm just against it.
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ITT: learning to impersonate the actions of the human male in their natural habitat.

TS is the alien from The Thing.

That movie is pure win.
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I'm in So. Cal, and I hear that shiz daily

It's annoying as all hell.

So it's hella annoying?
I just started watching Heroes last week actually, went out and bought season 1 the next day, was going to buy season 2 today, but my brother has all the eps on his laptop and season 1 of Dexter was half the price.

Season 1 was sooo damn good. I love the way everyone is just so interconnected and how they all have their own thoughts and opinions on their abilities and their sources.
Year 12 exams are externally marked. So your teachers can't bias results.

Year 11 exams however..
Voted that it's all OK, but I won't be doing it (willingly) until I feel that I am comfortable and ready. If that time doesn't come until after I'm married, so be it, but I'm against passing judgment on those who decided to do it at a different time.
Vanilla Chair w/ honey, served with a chocolate-chip scone w/ whipped cream + raspberry jam.
a) No idea.
b) No idea.
c) Shot in the face. also Marilyn Monroe.
Be a man (well.. girl) and wax it if you don't want it.
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Parental consent means shit all.

Think of it this way. You're a 14 year old girl and your parents say its ok for some 40 year old guy to have sex with you. By your logic, that's legal.

Technically, every time you have sex with her, its stachetory rape. Thing is, no one will bust you for it. Basically you'll be fine unless you have a really messy break-up then she legally can press charges.

Have fun with your underage rape

Great spelling there David.

Yep, it's illegal regardless, until she's 16. Enjoy your rape.
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They've taken enough shit, it's payback.

I would use it if you didn't have to stream/download the video demonstrations.
Girls' toilets are usually pretty clean. I use them when it's a need, but I won't if they're too unclean.
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Hexxus from Fern Gully

I cannot bring myself to watch that film again. I broke down when I saw it as a child.
I said no, because although most of them are.. not all of them are, and I felt it was too much of a generalisation.
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17/2 = 8.5 + 7 = 15.5

Too young dude.

By that logic, the youngest a 2 year old could date is an 8 year old. Tell me honestly with a straight face that that isn't ****ed up.
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Dude subtract one of them for a ghost, either Haunter or Gengar. Ghost's truly kick all ass, half the moves that come at you don't even have any effect. Win freakin' win baby!

If you upgrade anything else, add another gig of ram.
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I'm sorry about Quailman. He had a pretty amazing name, as well.

I once had a Siamese fighting fish called Rainbow. She was terrified of the colour yellow. Once, I accidentally left a yellow sponge near her bowl, and then left the house. When I came back, Rainbow was floating upside down, and the insides of her neck were trailing along behind her.

That's horrible.

So sorry for your duck man. Ducks are ****ing incredible.
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thermaltake do not make awesome power supplies, they make ok power supplies. (but they're cases are pretty good)

corsair make much better power supplies for great prices, the hx series is very good and you'll probably need at least the 520w model.

just make sure you DO NOT cheap out on the power supply, many people go generic brands and they cant deliver the right current consistently and cause all sorts of instability issues.

as for the PCI-E 2.0 and PCI-E, im pretty sure the performance difference is pretty negligible between the two

This man speaks the truth.
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Jelousy rears it's ugly head, AGAIN!


Stop being a ****ing pansy, if you are angry he's hanging around the girls you like, then go hang around them as well.. shit, it's not that ****ing difficult.
I'm not in the US, but I seriously hope that Obama wins.
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Pulling out isn't effective.

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It'll sound kind of weird but spiritual to me I think of reincarnation.

When I was little I asked my Mum "Mummy what's a coffin?" and she told me "that's what they bury you in when they die" and I replied "OH that's what they did to me 60 years ago"

I was like 1.

Due to little things like that it does make me question.

That's pretty awesome.

I'd like to think of some kind reincarnation. Or at least something after you die.. whatever it is.
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Do you have leukemia or something?

That book made me cry so much.
It was so cutting when she died.

I was hoping this thread would be about that book.