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Yeah i've tried turning the volume down, it's a bit closer to what i'm looking for but not quite there. I think amp distortion is the problem, i tried out a pedal my friend owns, i think it may have been the BOSS Overdrive/Distortion and then sound just felt a lot richer and fuller than the amp sound. Am i being too fussy for a beginner?

I'm currently looking at a Behringer OD300 as it's extremely cheap (around £15) but i've heard that Behringer stuff is crappy plastic with bad wiring and the sound you get from that isn't worth paying for? Is this just experienced players being dismissive or are Behringer really that bad? I was also looking at the Harley Benton before, i may go for that now due to multiple recommendations on it.

Behringer is only crappy if you plan to stomp the shit out of the pedal since it's built out of plastic. Some people take the phrase "stomp boxes" too literally.
I've regularly used a Behringer plastic pedal for several years and it's still not broken.

I have the Harley Benton/Joyo Vintage Overdrive and it's fantastic btw.
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I have a fender mustang 3. I am planning on putting the behringer reverb machine, as well as the rogue trem, and a volume pedal and a cheap delay. My budget is no more than $75 for each pedal, i am buying most of the pedals used. Really anything i can find that is used and cheap may end up on my pedal board.

This is exactly what I do as well.
I have both the Behringer Reverb Machine and the Behringer Echo Machine and they are both amazing tbh. I also bought a new Behringer VD1(Big Muff clone) for £10 which was an absolute steal since it was ex-demo.

Oh, and to help with your original question:

If I understand everything correctly, the Zvex Box of Rock is essentially made to emulate the sounds of a Marshall amp?
This pedal does just that for $36

I haven't tried it, but I've heard good things about Joyo's emulation pedals.
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Women have outnumbered men in higher ed for a while now, buddy.

Not really a surprise though considering the lad-culture is growing.
So for the first time EVER when men are outnumbered, they are all of a sudden becoming a disadvantaged group.

That's some serious click-baiting by Telegraph btw.
^^ I lol'd hard
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Well shit.....

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This is the origin of Cereal Guy (Plastic Brick Automaton (formerly known as lego robot comics)). It was their first comic. Pretty old, too. Older than this thread.

I meant the actual rageface "cereal guy" with his hand pointing forward.
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Considering they created most of the rage faces and such, that's not really a surprise.

Makes me sad bro.. Actually reddit made alot of them, 4chan takes credit for everything.
Just swingin by to say that this thread created cereal guy. Now 4chan is credited for it. I mad.
Ahahahh that's so true
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Haha thanks. 4chan got credited for it though
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Oh my god, this has sooo much potential

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But the purity ball thing hasn't been around for ever. It popped up when the JBz hit. But now that they're no longer popular it seems to have disappeared.

Or maybe I don't know what fifteen year old girls are into. Yeah that's probably it.

I think it's pretty obvious those girls will grow up to be nymphos though
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Yea, I remember going through a lot of this thread one day when I was bored. It was someone posting the cereal guy watching POkemon.

I still laugh when thinking of that comic.

Hihihihihi that was me
I am Hurr, ruler of Hurricron Hurrpei.

Breaking the trend of posting youtube links *insert picture of hipster*
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Is this still a trend? I thought it was over.

Meh, hardcore christians will always exist.

Though in the future it will hopefully be known as some weird cult :/
This thread created cereal guy.

Just thought I'd let you know
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Haha purity BALLS...filthy mind

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Nothing that was worth bumping the thread for. And it wasn't even to do with the main subject of the thread. The only other mention of NASA in the thread was ONE post.

That post to be exact. So bumping the thread to correct him wasn't really adding to the topic.

So what? Bumping is not even that bad man.. :/

It would have been another thing if he just said "bump"
Den Svenska Björnstammen, a swedish band no one outside of sweden have probably heard of.

*insert picture of hipster here*

If you want to listen:
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Dude, no...

OT: I've never been heartbroken I think (not that I can remember anyway)
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Not really dickish.

Uuh dude, you quoted it yourself: "Don't bump threads for no reason. Threads should only be bumped if you actually have something to add to the topic."

He added something, didn't he?

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Actress Gemma Arterton had the same (less severe) condition:
Doctors can work wonders these days.

Apparently 1 in 1000 people have the condition. I didn't realise it was so common

Haha geez, I thought she only had an upper body at first...
i recognize it alot too :O
Yes, of course.
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"Hey I hardly ever shop for bathers lol I usually wear shorts. What are guys actually meant to wear"

i'm sure someone else mentioned but can't be arsed to look
Pretty much anything by Kanye or Kid Cudi.

Other than that: Hypnotized by Cunninglynguists -
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I know I'm a page late, so shoot me.

I personally wonder why if a woman goes out and sleeps with a bunch of men she's a slut, but if a man goes out and does the same thing suddenly he's a "homosexual."

reminds me of "when love takes over" for some reason.
I hate creepypasta but at the same time I love it!

Hilarious guy explains why homosexual marriage should be illegal
Black metal band

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ATTENTION: Words 1-8 definitions now in OP


This is getting good...
Pretty sure it's simply just a step down.