i have played for about 10 years and my first electric was a crate pack ..... and of corse being from a smalltown the only amps the store carried were crates so my first LOUD amp was a crate combo ...... through the years i have had just about every brand and recently went through hell with blackstar (well gc) trying to get a ht stage 60 got 3 different ones all came in box with some kind of problem then the last one just didnt sound right .... returned got a 6505 plus combo ...... same no tone i liked out of my or any of my band mates guitars ........... so i just delt with it ............ monday im visiting home and stop by my old stomping ground at the lil music store there he had that old crate 212 combo used for $99 (note its not my old one but ... well you get it ) i saay screw it pick it up and lug it home ....... all the tones were epic ............ yes i play with a few pedals but nothing crazy ....... but at high volumes ....... so i took it to the space and pluged it in to my homemade cab with celestions ........... epic ... plus now i sport a 3/4 stack ........ cant wait till an actuall practice to see the looks but i dont care .... sounds good to me and now thers an amp that cost 5 times as much siting in my living room for practice ...........
i recently got a bv60h at a pawn shop ........ there is sound and no real problems but the light behind one of the power tubes dosnt come on ........ i took it to get looked at and they told me to get new power tubes ....... got the bias checked and got the right ones ..... changed them out but the light is still out ......... no other problems i just read that could mean other problems any help is appriciated ....... and please put it in barney terms im new to tubes
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I'm in love with my Traynor 2x8 300W combo. Sounds great, is really lightweight, and powerful at 300W. I've used it in everything from rehearsals to playing 500 cap venues and have never needed more power. Check that one out for sure!

yea i sport a lil Peavey Max 115 300w and its always been plenty i used to have a create 300w head with a 215 cab and this lil peavey combo blows it out of the water ....... mind you i figuured out the whole pluging strait to the pa after i got the peavey but still in rehearsal it keeps up with two halfstacks and a drummer hell bent on breaking cymbals
i too was in your boat man......... and when everything was over and the dust settled stuck with bass..... and to be honest i just literally learn any song i hear and like, i dont care if its a new carcass song or katty parry ... if it slightly gets stuck in my head i learn it.

i played in numorus bands origanals(mainly metal) and cover bands(everything from country to top 40 stuff) and always stived to be that bass player that stuck out so i already looked up too guys like wooten but you have got alot of metal players that get lost in the magic of scooped recordings........ listen to mudvayne, that guy is amazing hell if they didnt have a guitar player on the first album i dont think id care, then you got steve in maiden, cliff in metallica (even though i hate metallica), steve digorio (i know i messed the spelling up he played with a ton of people but iced earth's horror show has him on it and there is a ton of awesome "not your basic metal bass stuff") but you know who has some killer bass licks kings of leon............ pretty simple but still fun to play
i guess what it seems like we are all geting at is you just kind of have to break out of the shell every now and again but in the same token youll find some new and refreasing stuff in the music you listen too already sometimes
Thanks ........ Yea mine just has a painted head stock and an active eq
so i picked up this bass from a shop recently its an ibanez tr expressionist it says maid in japan on the back , has an active eq but much past that i cant find any thing about it ..... it sounds and plays awesome better than my fender MIM P bass ....... but im wondering if its a knock off
Yea thanks as soon as I posted I thought to my self " hey dumbass google it"
so in my quest to only own guitars from the 1980's i have recently aquired a charvel model 3dr (or what im gatering it is) i was in the process of changing out the pickups when i found out two things 1. the bridge was a dimarzio (most likly the reason it sounded so good but im a duncan man) and 2. the neck is a single coil and it has a lable on it that says select by EMG ....... has any one ever herd of this i cant find any thing about them ....... all the charvel sites show the guitar with stock pickups and seeings how i picked this up from a pawn shop im figuring some one put these two after the fact any way what im asking is does any one know what this single coil is or have any info what so ever i love the tone its very thick almost like a hot rail i would like more to to replace in other forgottern gems
hello its been a while since i have been on here i was deployed in afghganaland for a year and now that im back one of the thingsi would like to do is get back in to collaberating with others on songs, but with my time in the stan i have came up with an idea to help some charities that help the men and women that have our back 24/7...... the idea is to mainly get other military members (past or present, any branch) to collaberate on tracks get them mastered and sell them giving 100% of the proceds to groups such as the wounded warrior project, various VA hospitls, etc..... im also under the impression there is a group that uses music to reabilitate the soldiers that are recuping from injuries.
ths being said i believe that i should open this up to any one. ill do the majority of the tracks at first mainly because after a year of deployment i have a small arsonal of ideas and with being home for 4 days already have 3 songs recorded. i will be 100% open to changing the track to others ideas like i said its a collaberation ...... the bigest thing i need is bass and vocals........ guitars we can have as many as need be i am a die hard maiden fan so if there are 8 different guitarist on a track ill most likly think it still needs one more lol........ but yea the bass and vocals will be needed so if you are one of the two and are interested then you got the gig lol......... im still puting it all together if your interested contact me here or on my email

and for an idea of my musical tastes i have 5 old songs on my page but like i said i would like this to be a collaberation so if you have the means and would like to add a finished song or all most finsihed song for this im game

i think this could be a great way to show appriciation to these men and women and a great way to use one of the freedoms we fight for to do so and raise a lil money for other organizations that help them
well never the less sympho we should try it again ill get to work on a backing track and go ahead and put in my two cents
my bad i dont think i met that reguirement hahahaha but if youd like ill make up a backing track and it will be a broken up into even sections yet still flow
ill start up a new one and post it soon
well in that case we will start a new one in the mean time we should finish this one and that means your up
nothing really brought it up just a bit but nothing to your overall tone thanks for the feed back still that start up lick mmmmmmmmmmmm man i love that style
id have to say killer job man love the breakdown in the middle.
if you have time i need feedback on my newest track on my profile its called "all these people inwhich i must kill" thanks man and killer track
on my profile i have a few songs and would love feedback on any of them but my newest is "all these people in which i must kill" and I know its long but it would be greatly apprisiated if i got some feed back thanks a ton im totally cool with tit for tat so if you have music ill give it a listen
i hope im not steping on toes here but i went ahead and added my take after sympho's (which by the way was awesome)
i would love to join a group i have a few ideas on the track
i have up loaded some songs on my profile and would love everyones feedback ill be more than happy to leave some for your songs as well

a new day is my fav.
killer tone
i personally use the pod studio gx runs 99.99 at guitarcenter and it has the line 6 version of a triple rec and 6505/peavey type amps

take a listen to my tracks on my profile i use it on my guitar stuff
yea and the cool thing is if you creat a tone on pod farm (1 or 2) it can be transfered over to gear box witch seems to work better for recording via sony acid pro
great track but the lead did seem like it cold have came up just a **** hair but never the less a great track
yea its awesome like i said im new to this whole home recording thing but it comes with every thing youll need i already had sony acid pro so i dont even mess with the recording program that they give you with it but pod farm and gear box are stupid easy to get used to. you can get tones from the internet, share with people, make your own or use one of the thousands of presets, it also has stuff fro vocals and bass but i havent messed with it yet
thanks yea i just picked up the lin 6 tone direct i may never use an amp at home again lol
its just some drum loops and me on guitar with some origanal music. i would just like some imput the music is on my profile "a new day" is my fav
for harmany leads i have found it cool to throw one in the left one in the right but if you want it also gives it a very cool effect to just have them in mono its all in what your going for thats the great thing with music ......... there is no wrong answer
i loved it yea i agree a little more bass in the guitars but then again with death metal i love the scooped and trebly sound of old school decide and death if you get a chance check out my stuff on my pro file
i have a couple of songs on my profile and ill answer any questions you might have
For drums... you would need a mixer with multiple inputs and multiple microphones...

Or, you can use midi drums to sequence or "fake" drum track just for the sake of recording.

You can get away with about $200 worth of gear to create a decent track, all you need is to learn how to use DAW

yea thats how i do my stuff and yea its just better for sound and moneys sake unless you got the bones and know how, drums just get lost it will also save on time after you get the hang of it
how long you want it
i would totally get the $200 cab but for $500 bucks you could atleast get a marshall mg head sure they are not the best but they worked for me untill i saved for my jcm but if you got 700 bucks to drop on an amp look around in used shops if you can most likly find a used tube combo and trust me in the end all metal heads go to tubes

valve kings are good for metal you just have to mess with the settings alittle more then a 6505 would to get a metal tone
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If you get the VK... make sure to read the new ValveKing Mk.II thread. It's got a few simple mods in it (dummy plug, FX loop patch cable, etc) that will REALLY spice up your tone.

And get an OD pedal... GOTTA have one of those if you want to play metal.

totally dude but even with crappy pedals you can find sick tones with the valve king i have a 212 and iv droped mine and put it thru hell and mine doesnt ever give me no trouble so for a cheap amp it rocks
ok this might be a stupid question but my 212 has the stock speakers that are 16ohms each so i should have the amp set on 8 since ther is two right?
some one told me thats how it goes
my band just lost a bass player and we have shows booked and i was wondering if you guys could help me find a cheap combo for small venues and practice. my price rang is 300 and i have an epiphone thunder bird and a bc rich warlock both 4 strings. i have a little peavey 10 watt practice amp that i love with a simple 3 band eq and volume so im not lookng for a lot of bells and wistles. how many watts do i need?

but would that be the right way to hook them up
so lets say i have a valve king 212 with 2x12" 16ohm speakers. i set the ohm switch on 8. but my question is if i get a cab i just plug the other external speacker jack into the 8 ohm jack on the cab (or set it if it has a switch) right?
yea they have both neck and bridge blackouts that will be one sweet death guitar