i can get my hands on one of these for pretty cheap, but i dont really know if they are any good, haven't went to test it because its kinda far so i wanna know if its any good first but i can't seem to find reviews
yeah i mainly use the noise reducer and the metal master, the other ones... not so much
well i'll just list most things i play : lamb of god, august burns red, a7x, bullet for my valentine, a day to remember, 5FDP, foo fighters the offspring, protest the hero, senses fail, System of a down, and some other stuff, Before i get a thousand people saying they arent metal i know!!, some are some arent, this is the kind of stuff i play usually
fair enough, i have an epiphone les paul standard 100 with a dimarzio bridge pick up and as for pedals i have a digitech metal master, DOD death metal distortion, behringer Noise reducer, Ibanez soundtank Digital delay DL5, i have steves music store near me, its the best music store around, other than that i have good ol' kijiji , i found something that seems to be good but im no expert, heres a link, just put them together cuz it wont let me put a link

well as of right now i am playing at home but i want to have the option to do gigging in the future without having to go out and by another amp. i live in quebec canada
Alright so i've been looking for a little while, I need a new amp, i usually play soft rock to heavy metal, i have pedals so im not really in need of an amp with a bunch of effects built in, that being said, i dont have all the money in the world, i have about 350 to spend on one, whether it be new or used, i want something with some power too, lookin for about 100w give or take, i saw the fender frontman 212r.. good for the price but people are saying its not to great for metal, i was also looking at a fender superchamp X2 with a cab but im not 100% sure because i dont really understand tubes and stuff, it says 15w tube amp with 80w cab, so i have to questions here, can someone explain to me how tube amps work and why only 15w head would work with an 80 w cab and also, what amp should i get?! please and thank you!!
well, its mainly because i hear that tube amps need repair alot more often than solid state, and also costs more to repair, Eventually i'll end up probably getting a tube amp, but for now i just want an amp for home and to jam with and maybe a small show or 2
yea.. i have a max price of around 350 so that wouldnt work, i have a digitech metal master that i mainly use
Hi! so im looking in to buying a solid state amp, ive been doing my research and as of right now the one i'm looking at is the fender frontman 212r, 100w and it costs $329 plus tax, i play some acoustic stuff but also some rock and a good amount of metal. but everyone online is saying this amp is shit for any kind of metal, can you guys suggest any other amps for around the same price and strength? Please no tube amps, i know they sound better but i dont wanna fork out all the money for that now.
Can somebody either tab or find a tab for me for the song insurrection by lamb of god, i've looked everywhere, asked numerous ppl who did covers on youtube, but I cant get it!
Scars on broadway- They say.

easiest song ever!!
no my amp has no effects or anything, just a basic amp 1 input jack, 1 headphone jack, and 4 knobs (gain/level/treble/bass)
ahh alright, thanks greeny23
well i looked over all of the pedals, and im interested in the small cone the most, what would be a good price for it?
well up to 80, new or used, im just looking for a chorus pedal because the one im using just doesnt have a strong sound and dims the volume like crazy, it might be the pedal, but i dont know
hey, im looking in to buying a new chorus pedal, right now im using the chorus setting on a behringer digital multi fx FX600 but i feel that it is leaving me with wanting more, any suggestions on which chorus pedal i should go for? and price?
well after playing around with them ive decided to go with the TO100 >metalmaster >NR100 >FX600 >delay, although im getting a hum from the metalmaster but in other orders i get more of a hum so i guess this is good until i get a better noise reducer or something because lets face it, behringer pedals aren't the greatest things
Hi! im completely new to pedalboards and i have no idea which order to set my pedals up and was hoping someone can give me some incite as to which order they should be in, the pedals i have are:

digitech metal master
behringer tube overdrive TO-100
behringer noise reducer NR-100
behringer multi-fx FX-600
ibanez digital delay soundtank