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I'm glad you're alright dude

Thanks, me too.
It's a little late in the thread here, but I should probably chime into this one. I can sympathize with many of the posters who are feeling jaded and distant by the frequency and proximity of shootings like this. I say 'sympathize' because we're all aware that having such a mild reaction to something so tragic is uncomfortable and makes you feel like a dick. I've been in that same boat before. Without appropriate perspective, no one should really fault you for feeling like that. The one thing you should make every attempt to avoid doing is openly trivializing it. There are always people around who care and we should be sensitive and courteous to that, even if we're having trouble grasping the severity ourselves.

I work for NAVSEA and frequent the DC Navy Yard. There are other UG-ers who do as well. I didn't know any of the victims, but I've eaten in the cafeteria-turned-shooting-gallery a handful of times. Fortunately, I was at my home-port in Rhode Island when this all went down.

As you can imagine, all of the the DoD civilians are curious what will come of this, but in the mean time it just feels shitty. I don't need any sympathy, but I'm sure there are some folks in DC who do. However great the disconnect is between you and NAVSEA or the victims, be aware - a simple "sorry for your loss" can do wonders.
I was in Halifax once. It's lovely. You got my support.
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Lets be real. The amount of money spent on the military isnt "necessary" and i can assure much of it could be cleaned up but there are those who profit from all this. If you really think that kinda spending is validated given the current economic situation america finds itself in then im not the only moron on this board.

Spending so much on war-mongering sounds pretty awful, I'll admit. Fortunately, any one of the 3+ million DoD employees, their families, or many millions of folks (around the world) engaged with the network of defense-related businesses and academic institutions could explain how it doesn't all go to missiles and fuel and flags.

Edit: For example, the impeccably timed poster below.
Miraculously, we dodged it somewhat here in Newport, RI but the rest of the coast got it. My coworker lost his family's beach house in Westerly. Nothing but a sand-filled foundation was left. My buds in New York sent me photos of dozens of cars bubbling up from underground parking garages. Friends from West Haven, CT lost houses and cars...

This storm was bad news. Ugh. I'm just glad there weren't more deaths.
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Any engineers here have any experience with the Naval Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC)? I am currently in the process of talking to a recruiter, but would like an outsiders opinion on the program, rather than just what they have to say (which of course is all good things).

I don't know anything about that particular program, but if you have completed an engineering or science undergraduate degree and are interested in working for the Navy as a civilian, investigate the Naval Acquisition Intern Program. It is a very good way to get a position at one of the Warfare Centers that operate under the Naval Sea Systems Command.
While we're on the topic of people who have disappeared...

Hello again forum. Hopefully some of you remember me. It's been a while! I have been busy doing momentus life things like buying houses and moving to Rhode Island and working for Big Brother. More importantly, I built a (modest) recording studio and assembled a lovely little band called "Laurels and Lumberjacks." Don't bother searching for us yet, because neither the website nor the album are ready for the world to see and hear. All in good time though...

In the meantime, here we are in a living room recording of the song "Older" by Band of Horses.

It is the first song on the tracklist. Hope you enjoy it. I should be poking in more frequently nowadays.
My father's entire family was from the island of Föhr. Two of his cousins were drafted into the German army about a month before the war ended. They were both dead within two weeks. They had no concept of what the Nazis were doing.

It's a bit of a sore spot to live in the US and have relatives who fought on the wrong side. So it goes..
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My friend is looking to buy an Acoustic/Electric USED or NEW.
Are there any decent used Gibsons, Martins, or Taylors in that price range.
I really don't know much when it comes to acoustic guitars. The main requirements I have are that it intonates well and has low action, both of which can be fixed on any guitar. I don't understand why some acoustics/electrics are so much more expensive than others.

You didn't mention a price range...

The price of guitars is influenced by the type of materials, quality of construction, and the name of the builder. Big names draw big prices because they can. It is up to your friend to try some things out and decide whether or not those prices are justified.

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hiya, i want to buy a decent but not too expensive acoustic guitar with my christmas money to try to learn blues on. i know nothing about what type of guitar would be good for this and im really lost please could someone give me some advice about some basic things i should look for in a guitar that would be suitable for playing blues? thankyou so much

The beauty of blues is that it can be played on just about anything. It's the playing style itself that makes blues blues, not the instrument. Any well-built guitar is up to the task.
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Nope, look it up, 30% of all manufactures are begging for people to fill their job openings but they can't find hardly anyone to do it.

No manufacturer is begging to pay any welder $125,000 a year unless they're welding oil lines under 200 feet of water in the Bering Strait. Don't get the man's hopes up

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Skilled labor is not valued among people anymore, everyone thinks you need a 4 year college education in useless stuff in order to be something in this world when you can go straight into the automotive world or agg world right out of high school and do better than those people that went to college. Yeah, it's hard work, and is socially looked down upon as rednecks or the underclass, but the money is good, and the work is honest.

Apparently skilled labor is HIGHLY valued if someone is willing to pay the salaries you suggest. There is nothing wrong with trades. They make the world go 'round. There is something wrong with passing off higher education as useless.

Back on topic: My brother did degrees in Music Industry and Business Management. He could not find any jobs (that he could support himself on) in Boston or New York because he had no connections. He chose to go to law school and change his career path.
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You could learn the trade of welding, and be guaranteed a job that pays over $60 an hour, since alot of manufactures in America right now are practically begging for trained welders, but we stupidly got rid of all of our agg programs in schools so there are no skilled workers of any kind anymore.

Ehh... I think you're being a little optimistic.
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Do some real engineering instead

I would recommend the same. Audio Engineering is not in the same realm. Search for a professional career that gives you the means to pursue your musical interests independently.

(Edit: My vote goes to Mechanical Engineering. I swear to God, it's neat.)
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I realize that this may come a bit late to assist the OP, but perhaps other lefties may benefit from the small amount of information I have at my disposal...

Good addition. Southpaws take note!
(Ha, how ironic! ...of all the threads to pull me out of semi-retirement)

The main reason I find myself viewing, but not posting in many threads anymore is because I enter them only to find that they have already been answered dozens of times or are simply not that interesting to me. That's half the beauty of online forums. You can contribute at your leisure.

...or maybe acoustic players are just a little more softspoken.
That was rock solid. At times, you sound like Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.
I haven't driven my car to work in 3 months.

Here's what I got. These aren't literally mine, but they are identical.

The XR650L
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The CB450
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The Hobbit (except mine has a milk crate on the rear fender)
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And I'm restoring a CB100 for my girlfriend.
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Which brings me to another pet peeve, when your parents, and or high school shop teacher in this case tell you things that you take as correct without thought and when challenged by others in a social area like a forum you argue you are correct thus making yourself look like and idiot haha

I believe this could be the cause of most nontrolling idiocracy on the internet as it spreads in seconds when someone thinks they know something but are wrong as oppose to being published in books and papers like it used to be, basically the internet is making us, myself, retarded

In your defense, if everyone only argued what they had researched fully, arguments would be few and far between, which is no fun. I say good on ya' for arguing what you think.

My peeve is that virtually no clothing-makers produce jeans that are 33/33. You'd think my Vitruvian proportions would make finding perfect pants easy, but ohhhh you'd be so wrong.
My peeve is know-it-alls,

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but when people call engines motors, a motor is an electrically spun turbine, an engine is am internal combustion chamber device GAHHH!

mo·tor   [moh-ter] –noun
1. a comparatively small and powerful engine, especially an internal-combustion engine in an automobile, motorboat, or the like.
2. any self-powered vehicle.
3. a person or thing that imparts motion, especially a contrivance, as a steam engine, that receives and modifies energy from some natural source in order to utilize it in driving machinery.
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Temp Up Resistance Down

While that is a great acronym, it's also wrong in most cases.
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newer cars engines are basically throw away, once u break it u throw it away and get a new one


My advice is to junk the Saturn and look for a well used, but not abused Focus, Civic, Camry, or similar to replace it. Trying to limp along with an old car by a defunct manufacturer will be nothing but headaches.
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Bigger roads = more power is necessary.


Also, lets not forget that North America gallons are smaller than UK gallons. 40 miles per US gallon is 50 miles per imperial gallon.

I squeeze 44 miles from an America gallon in my Honda fit. It's rated to get 27-33 mpg. I can't fathom why the EPA decides to test cars like caveman drivers.

Edit: I know, I know. They obvisously test like that because most Americans are caveman drivers.
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I have a masters in programming, a BS in physics, math, and EE...

...I probably wouldnt pass a drug test anyways. Ive smoked weed 2 or 3 times in the last year or so.

It seems like something is missing from the situation you've described. The only way your story could seem feasible would be if you had some extraordinarily bad trait that would make you unappealing to potential employers. Also, you won't fail a drug test because you smoked 5 months ago.

Have you tried school career fairs, personal connections,, and everything else? Something's not adding up.
Firstly, do you prefer the Kooks or the Zutons?

Secondly, what is your favo(u)rite part of living in the UK?

Edit: Thirdly, why is your name missing all vowels? It's so close to Bryan, which is the most perfect name in the world.

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Not anymore.
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Unrelated but what happens when you put diesel in a 2 stroke engine?

About what you'd expect.

As a beginner, I would go with a 125 or 250 4-cycle offering from any major manufacturer. I find them so much more pleasant for the general rider. The height is only intimidating for the first few rides.
The first thing anyone involved would do is investigate the severity of the accident to judge whether or not an injury claim could even be justified. If it truly was minor, and she's just using it as an oppurtunity to try to collect, that would be fraud.

But I wouldn't dare judge your mother. I bet she's an honest lady.
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motor trend looked into it back in 2005

I'm unmoved. Mainly because of comments like this.

It simply injects a sustained electric ark (plasma) into a chamber filled with gasoline vapor and a bit of air, partially oxidizing (burning) the fuel to produce a gas that's 20 percent hydrogen, 20 percent carbon monoxide (CO), and the rest nitrogen and trace elements.

They've apparently discovered how to combust hydrocarbons without producing CO2.

Edit: The opening paragraph was pretty funny too.

...magnetized plasma, photons, microwaves, sound waves, surface waves, electrostatic ion-cyclotron waves, quantum waves, and even Alfen waves will go to work generating hydrogen from whatever fuel your car burns to boost fuel economy by 10 percent while slashing emissions.

You could also use a combination of thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride and a dehydrated latticework of proteins, lipids, and enzymes, with an interwoven network of condensation copolymers to eliminate the need for gasoline entirely. Most people call them shoes.
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well i wouldn't have went with the 350 a smaller v8 woudl of been better 302/301, or a 305 woudl of been far better mpg wise

I think you missed what was getting at. It's hugely inefficient because that gasoline motor is being used to turn a generator to cause electrolisis to feed a fuel cell to turn the wheels - i.e. just adding an extra sources of loss into the conversion from fuel to forward motion. It's a bit like arguing that it's better for the environment to tow your car on a flatbed truck because the car won't need to use any fuel. It's the effectiveness of the entire system that matters more.
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You're from America yes? Why dont you threaten to sue them

Come on now. America doesn't need any more encouragement on that front.

I would get a second opinion from another mechanic. Worse comes to worst, you'll just have to drop a few bucks to fix it, or live with it.

Edit: Did you buy it from a dealer or person?
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...but im not too sure of the diesel engine's sustainability as a viable powerplant in the future.

Why do you have that impression? I have more hope for diesel than for gasoline.

If I tell ya', if I had more cash, I would get a brand new Golf TDI. Talk about a nice vehicle.

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I love diesels, they kick ass at pulling and pour out the black smoke.

I prefer my diesels to burn all of their fuel during combustion and not just shoot it out the stacks.
It just some crap on your pads (dust, humidity, etc.) or they've worn to the point where they need a change.

Edit: But you seem to be contradicting yourself in these sentences. Are they only squealing when you break, or all the time?
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My cars breaks squeel when I first start driving, but after a few times they stop. ...Even if the car is warmed up for ages they still squeel for a while...
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They seem absolutely miniscule just looking from the outside.

I thought the same thing until I got into one. It blew my mind.
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What drove you to get a Honda Fit?

Lots of things. It weighs less than a Mini, gets better than 40 miles per gallon, has more room in the backseat than an Explorer, holds more stuff than most midsize sedans, and costs less than just about everything else. Plus it's entertaining as hell to drive. I couldn't not get it. I try to use it mainly as a supplement for those days when my motorcycles won't fit the bill for one reason or another.
Stand your guitar up straight when you're playing and hold onto the pick. Don't try to cheat the issue. Also, learn the correct way to remove your pick once it falls in.
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So im thinking i might get a Mazdaspeed3 or an RX-8. I love the rotary engine, i think it's bleedin' brilliant, but gas might be a bitch (12.8L/100km for a 1.3L engine what the ****). What would the car thread do?

I would stay a mile away from the RX-8. I've known three people who have owned them and gotten rid of them within a two years. The general consensus was that the engine was entertaining, but the electrical problems, fuel consumption, and lack of practicality made it too irritating to bother with.

But the Mazdaspeed3... That looks a little more tempting...
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I'm liking this man, though a lot more could have been said about your musical tastes, especially in acoustic based music and your involvement in your local scene, maybe more about your gear, but who am I to judge?

My gear is pretty uninspiring, but since you've asked... I have two amps, a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for electric and some obscure 50W Peavey Bass amp for my acoustic. That bass amp was a bit of a lucky grab actually, because the it was offered to me just before spending a LOT of money on a fresh new Genz Benz Shenandoah. Thank God, because it sounds tremendous. I use an LR Baggs M1 pickup for the soundmaking.

I use no pedals or effects for the most part. When I record, I use MXL mics through a Tascam US-122 interface with an outdated (but legal, surprisingly) version of SONAR. I never took the time to really nail down my recording techniques, nor am I particularly patient about it, so lots of the music I've made doesn't sound particularly good to my ears.

Other than that, I use Fender medium picks, monster cables, and D'Addario EXP medium strings. Nothing spectacular.

Quote by Stud_Muffin
I suppose if theres anything unique about your playing, that would be quite interesting too, or favourite styles of playing

Hmm... I don't really have a favorite style, so to speak, but most of what I play is strumming-for-your-friends type songs. If there's something unique about my playing, it's probably my minimal concern for perfect note clarity, fret squeak, or all the other little imperfections that come with playing. Not to say I botch all my notes, but I much prefer to hear someone playing enthusiastically rather than gingerly tip-toeing through songs.

If I have one peeve about some players' styles, it's that they too often overlook the emphasis in their playing. In my opinion, it takes a good player to play lots of notes fast and make it sound good, but it takes an exceptional player to play three chords and make them sound good. It's really an underrated skill.
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Local thugs? That's screaming Windham High

Dang, you're good.

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any current projects (of the band sort?)?

Not since finishing school. With the pool of potential bandmates so radically shrunken, I can't seem to find anything besides other guitarists. I could potentially play with my brother, the drummer, but family bands rarely turn out well.

I have recruited one of my good friends to do some lyric writing for me, which is great because creating lyrics is my least favorite part of the whole music making ordeal. Maybe I'll get to work on some of that. ...hmmm...
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Any particular favourite artists? Or at least currently most listened to music?

In no particular order, I like Nickel Creek, Tupac, the Ting Tings, the Kooks, the Strokes, Bela Fleck, Foo Fighters, Florence and the Machine, Bob Dylan, Nelly, Billy Idol, Mos Def, the Rolling Stones, etc. The only artists I don't really like are those who are super talented but write dumb songs. John Mayer and U2 would be fine examples.

Most recently, I've been listening to this sweet swing band called "Royal Crown Review." I highly recommend them to everyone.

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You say you don't normally dress like Sid, so does your girl usually dress like...that?

Don't I wish.
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What got you into playing guitar in the first place? And is there a band/musician in particular that you look upto, that gives you inspiration to play?

I blame my brother for getting me into it. He was actually a drummer, but having all his bandmates around just seemed so cool to me as a kid. As for inspiration, I'd give Jack White the most credit. Not that I always like what he plays, per say, I just like his whole attitude toward the thing.

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and GC Shred Off, what guitars do you presently own?

Only four, actually. For acoustics, I have a Sigma DR-28H and a Tacoma EK36-C. For electrics, I have a Univox Les Paul and a Mexican Strat. I don't plan on adding any more additions soon because I've found that the instrument I'm playing doesn't really dictate how much fun I have.
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No offense to you, but this seems kind of boring...

Then let's just talk about strings instead.