I havent had my amp nor guitar for a while now so I've been messin around with fl studio

lemme know what you guys think, c4c
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i actually enjoyed the deep voice, i'm quite a fan of deep voiced singers and the chord progression was very... warm. something about all of that makes me want to listen to it on a cool day out in the city. although i have to say you should drop the autotuned effect and focus a bit on singing each day, if theres one thing i really hate is autotuned people. aside from that the music itself it quite fantastic, just work on it and your voice and i'm sure you'll have a very melodic song prepared for the masses

thanks dude, haha yah i didnt plan on keeping the autotune..

interesting sounds you guys have here, stockholm love was real good real original i could see hearing this at a backyard party or something
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I think your vocals sound a little monotone (I'm no singing either tho) your guitar playing is good. I say keep practicing and you got it!
Yah i have a deep voice and i rarely sing so its kinda ****ed up...i also autotuned the vocals(something ive been ****ing with)

the guitar is decent, havent been able to record shit in a while and that was a rough run i used.

thanks dude
Check out the samples i have on my page and let me know what you think, there short, not finished but I need some feedback..Will crit back
Check them out, theres 2, I'm not sure which synth is better. Its just a little jam i did, check it out and leme know what you nigas think
I think you can play a little cleaner then that. Your notes need to flow better
personally i think the beginning of the lead is just alright, good rhythm guitar. Get a good bass riff and drum beat
the dream is very good, catchy riff. my only complaint is backup vocals in chorus, its a good chorus, but i think the pitch on the backup is a little off..overall you guys got some really good tunes. I recommend you all start saving for a better recording setup
Its called Newest, i forgot to change the drums up a bit but lemme know how it sounds so far
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that was pretty interesting.... not bad though.

I'm ****ing around till I get a recording interface xD
K so i'm new to using FL studio and making beats in general been doing it about a week now, i've been very bored over summer hahaha check it out please, leave feedback
32 views no repliesss???
very good, it reminds me of the intro of this song
in profile, lemme know how ****ty it is
PLUR? fizz? pink tabs and 80 thousand kids

Sounds like a rave
Find some good finger stretching exercises. Even scales would help
Never had a teacher. Just familiarized myself with the fretboard, learned a few scales, and found techniques on the interweb.
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Gotta agree with goest that this should be closed. It's obviously a referral link and the only reason he added "I've made like $75 in 2 days GUYS!" is to bait idiots into signing up and him getting referral points and whatnot.

I'm sure you'll get a few, good job.
Yeah it benefits me but whats so bad about that? Its ultimately your choice whether or not you wanna do it dude...Plus Im also trying to get OTHER ideas too
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He's not an add bot, he's been here for over a year. It's quite clearly a discussion about making money online.

Ya TS, it can be done. for instance will give you a job finding search results (provided you have a permit to work in the USA). But to be fair the pay isn't exactly great, like all online pay things.
Thank you, I might look into chacha the only thing I dont dig about it is the fact you gotta give your social security up...
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It's an advertisement. Not an "in yo' face" advertisement, but an advertisement nonetheless. You've lost. Give it up, sonny Jim.
No, it will be unfair if my thread is deleted
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No, he's breaking rules by blatantly advertising another site in his post.
No, I read the rules brah
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- This does not include linking to sites that are relevant to a particular discussion, or linking to your profile on a social networking site such as MySpace.

My link is simply pertaining to the discussion, which is making money online
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Get out. Just get the fuck out.
wut im following the rules
I go on ... to try and earn cash online and it seems to be actually working! it says im up to like $75.00 and ive only been doing it a couple days, anyone else do this?
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What, how you have no money for anything, and theres a massive hole in your basement wall that you can't fix?

that sucks man, its somethin like that..
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Usually Sadepisara by Alex Kabasser
most of what I've heard from Jaya The Cat
most things Meshuggah
the Tetris cover by Powerglove

& if all else fails, I usually watch the Roadrunner United DVD & get inspiration to write some new stuff
Roadrunner united???
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Prayer Of The Refugee by Rise Against makes me feel teenagery.

Especially In Michigan makes me feel ****ty to live in Michigan.
that song is pretty good..

You and I both, but I live in california. I just wish I wasnt here in this time, I hate it, I hate what everything has come to. Its very depressing actually
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any song by 311.
Nice, 311 was one of my favorites for a while
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"Everything Means Nothing To Me" by Elliott Smith
R.I.P. Elliot!!!
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uhm...listen up by Oasis

there are probably more...just can't remember them at the moment.
Oasis is good some of the stuff on the new album is kinda odd imo tho
Just curious to hear about which ones get YOU through 'hard times'

Mine personally = 'Like a rolling stone' by bob dylan
Just start writing dude..

I usually make the music and let the subconscious do the writing

edit: are you even trying to write songs now?
Live and breath rockabilly music, seriously
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You could set winamp visuals to what u hear, then play... Probably not exactly what your looking for, but it's the closest I can think of

that sounds wishful thinking buddy.
That I would be able to connect a guitar to a computer so that when I play notes, there are visuals responding accordingly?

A sex scene in a vampire movie??! lmfao... you are weird my friend! haha
Gosh man, the sound was so unique bro, Definetely very awesome...Nice use of harmonics too. This was perfect man
I would listen to dragonforce if there name wasnt dragonforce
Go to google
Find an online tuner
Match the pitch of the string to the tuner...wahlah
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You have to be joking right? Neither me nor my brothers or any of our friends are that small. The smallest of us all is a 14 year old at he's 7 1/2 ...and he's still got years to grow.
Wow strong e-stats