Alright then, I'll give the 2 pole a shot, I'd rather have the 3 pole, but it looks complex/I don't have much room at all/I can't find any in black xD
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hmmm. way to go, man. i cant believe i didnt see it before...

this should do it.

a better way would be to use a 3-pole switch, though, to disconnect the wiper of the trimpot so it doesnt load the circuit. Like this:

I dont think it matters much at all in the case of guitar wiring, though, especially with actives. Let me know what happens with the 2-pole version.

Brilliant dude XD
So the "out" wire of that will just allow me to go into the volume pot like normal without the trimpot affecting it?
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a thought occurs.

the trimpot makes this impossible since there isnt a seperate output for each setting. the trimpot would affect bth settings no matter what.

but the hi/lo switch is easy.

Hmm, so no switch could both jump the output pins and pass the pickup signal in a position?
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post a good pic labeling the normal output and the jumper thingy. this sounds very easy but i'm not at all familiar with ahb-2's. from the sound of it, the hi/lo switch can be a spst and the trimpot is gonna be wired as a volume pot.

Heres the diagram from the SD website (I couldn't be bothered pulling the pickup out and getting a picture of the back of it.

I just wanna be able to switch between high/low output and then low with the trimpot for clean, as it's impossible to get a clean tone on high output, and switching to low then rolling down the volume would take far too long.
Alright, so here's a complex, perhaps impossible wiring request, I just bought a seymour duncan blackout AHB-2 (The 'metal' version) and chucked it in my Jackson Kelly, and I wanna get a little wiring setup done on it, which using one switch would allow me to switch between the high output mode, normal output mode and then (Here's the tricky part) normal output through a trimpot, to allow me to set it to be clean.

I've tried figuring this one out myself, but it's way too complex for my knowledge.
If you're unfamiliar with the blackout AHB 2 design, it has the standard active pickup output wiring, except with an added (But seperate) 2 pin piece for the output switch, which can be changed from high output to normal output by removing the jumper.

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I'm not sure why i can't figure it out,but I'm hoping someone will have a schematic for a tele with a humbucker in the bridge, to 1 vol, 1 tone and a 3 way LP style switch? Thanks a lot

You could just use this, and just substitute the neck pickup with the tele's stock pickup
If you put a locking nut on a guitar that doesn't have fine tuners on the bridge, it'll be a pain in the ass, you'll go out of tune when you lock the nut and wont be able to fix it.
JCM 900 dual reverb will get an oldschool exodus tone.
For new exodus a 5150 would work.
I just got another cup then.

It really depends, sometimes my caffeine addiction comes through, and I just drink cup after cup.
But normally about 6 - 8, at the most 10.
And I like it black

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I have a question for everyone. How does caffeine affect you? I know it affects everyone different.

For me, it wakes me up a little bit but it also calms me down a lot. I find it very relaxing. Waking up and relaxing may seem like opposites, but not really - for me at least. When I am tired I am very tense. Anyway, some people I know get really hyper from just a little caffeine. Other people I know get sick. So how about you?

Same as nicotine for me, doesn't really wake me up too much (Gets me just a tad more alert, but not noticeable unless I'm really tired) but it does make me feel relaxed and calm
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Also he's going to need more saddles, and machine heads.

A new bridge could be fitted with ease, but machine heads would definitely be an issue, unless TS had a headstock wit all the existing machine heads on one side, then something could be figured out.

But yeah, basically it wouldn't work without a hell of a lot of pointless work.
Better off just buying an 8 string.
Quote by Jason Jillard
your neck wont be wide enough, or storng enough, and your pickups wont be wide enough, and your bridge doens;t have enough saddles.




If I'm to understand correctly, I believe TS is thinking of an 8 string bass in the same respect as a 12 string guitar.

In which case pickups will be fine, but the neck would most likely need to be wider and definitely thicker.
I don't see any reason not to use all 4.
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But it's Br00talz, so who cares?
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Either you have a 666 fret guitar or the other 6s are completely unnecessary.

Triplets, far more metal
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At this point I would take it to a guitar tech and not mess around with it anymore. I wouldn't have bought a floor model in that condition in the first place- unless you know what you're doing as far as adjustments/repairs go, you'll now be spending more money to have someone else fix the issue.

Well as I said, it was a cheap bass, when you pay $250 for an instrument, you get $250 worth, it's still playable and sounds fine, it's just annoying with such a large bow. And I don't believe it would be worth it to pay some guy to turn an allen key a few times and put a new set of strings on there when I'm capable of doing that myself. My normal guitar does have a floyd rose, so I guess I am used to setting all this shit up.

The point of this thread was just to see if there were any tricks or special ways to set up a bass/fix a neck that has too much of a bow naturally. I made a couple more adjustments before and it seems to be straightening out fine.
Alright, so I've played guitar for like 3 and a half years now, but I've always wanted a bass, and when I was doing work experience the place I was at had a bass marked down to $250 from $380, so I decided to get it.

It had obviously been sitting on the floor for ages (It was covered in dust) and was way out of tune.
When I first played it I noticed the action was really high, but I figured it was nothing and I'd just adjust it when I could be bothered.
I've now had the saddles lowered all the way down, and the action is still high, I've discovered this is due to the neck having a large bow (It dips down between the 15th and 9th frets).

I've tried adjusting the truss rod, but that alone doesn't seem to really do much, it even sometimes seems like tightening it makes the bow worse, but as I understand it, tightening the truss rod makes the middle of the neck rise/go straighter or whatever. (Knowing my luck I've gotten this completely wrong)

No pictures, because I have no clue where the camera is, and if I did I'd spend ages not getting many good shots.

Edit: As this was only a cheap bass (Stagg) I'm not expecting it to be perfect, but I do believe there is room for improvement.
It wasn't really my fault, but not long after I got my amp I went to crank it up on the cleaner channel, and one of the tubes arc'd, setting fire to the tube socket.

IT was pretty metal, but I was ****ing devastated.

Worked fine when I got new tubes for it though

Other than that the worst I've done is a few dings with the guitars I've used over the years (Mums boyfriends Jackson Kelly and Les Paul, and my flying V) No big damage on those though.
Considering it's a line6, depending on how far/hard the drop was it could've broken a number of things, probably just the fuse/cable, but with so many high tech circuit boards and shit, breaking something is a huge risk.
If it's your best song, and you come from the point of view that the song makes you look like posers... It seems you may indeed be posers, so playing it will be no problem.
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Now if it's like a JCM900, the pots are mounted to a bracket made of thin angle iron which is then bolted to the front panel, you unbolt the bracket - plus you have to remove the nuts from input and footswitch socket. There are two or three screws holding the board down as well iirc.
Got some photos?

Nah, DSL's are ****ing retarded.
I think they're mounted to less, but the pots are smaller and mounted to a tricker PCB

TS, it could be a valve.
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Oh, I think you got something wrong here. Amps in general don't have a "backplate". You have to take out the whole metal chassis to get access to the electronical guts.

All Marshalls that I know of (except really early combos) have some form of grille on the back of the amp/over the tubes.
This is what he's referring to.

TS: If there's anymore screws on the chassis (other than handles/feet/speaker ect) unscrew them.
Something is bound to get rid of it
There IS a button to look at your past posts.

Aww heck, I'll do it anyway.
I like my Hartke HA3500 4x10 combo.
But what do you play, ect. ect.
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Terminal velocity for a person is something like 120mph, although maybe he'll get to the speed of sound because its so high up and the air is thin?

He's also gonna be wearing a huge suit.
But according to that calculator, the speed of sound is like 710mph at that altitude, so he'll have to hope he does get an extra advantage from the height.

I tried figuring out his terminal velocity at that altitude too, but it wont go higher than 100,000 feet, and I have no clue the cross section area of him + the suit.
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Use this calculator at NASA to find out the speed of sound at any altitude:

Even if it's on Mars.

I've ALWAYS wondered how fast I'd have to go in my jet plane to break the sound barrier on Mars. THANKS NASA!
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Wouldn't he reach terminal velocity first?

Although the suit sounds fairly crazy, maybe they've modified it so that terminal velocity is far higher.

5 minutes of falling would be kinda cool though I guess...
Listen to an awesomely fitting song on the way down, high speed dirt by Megadeth could be interesting.
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So what do you usually use? 1,000 watts?

But if somebody handed me a 1,000watt tube amp (Well... if a few people handed), I wouldn't hesitate to crank the ****ing thing up xD
Also depends on the efficiency of the speaker.

Most 15watt tube amps with a good speaker will be able to do it fine, but some may fall behind a little.

But hey, I'm a power kinda guy. 100watts is as low as I'm comfortable with.
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i dont know much about electric guitars

This much is apparent.
*points to shitbox next to guitar*
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Then I saw this

I'm afraid I'm gonna get attacked by sharks AND notice it! D:

*smokes as much as possible*
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i'm not buying this either, need more proof

So what are you buying. Dio never existed?

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Jesus Christ on a Crutch!

Someone, come to a CONSENSUS! First, the Brits, and now, Metal Media!

3rd time. Settle down.
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blackstar ht-5 is probably the best small watt head i have ever played

The HT-5 heads are awesome.

If you want a Marshall, just got for a full power head, you'll hear the tube amp at any volume, and it'll have a massive punch.

Edit: You'll hear any tube amp is a tube amp at any volume (Even my JCM900DR sounds like a tube amp at 0.5 on the volume)
People seem to like tung-sols, although some amps (Marshalls at least) with a high plate voltage can blow these tubes in the cathode follower position. Don't use JJ's in the preamp if you want less low end. You could try N.O.S if you want to spend some decent money, that'll get you the best tone, and they'll last a lot longer.

For power amp, I hear great things about Svetlana and TAD black plate 6L6GCs
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does it really matter just get heaps drunk so you dont care and enjoy your night out


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btw I'm 15 and this is gonna be my first concert.

And gigs aren't scary.
Toughen up and get into the pit.
Get a nice valve amp, and get rid of the effects processor.
On shitty amps - no.
On decent - good amps - Most likely, although you may have to select a different tap on the transformer (Some amps have voltage selectors though)
You'll also have to make sure it'll run on 50hz

Edit: If it's a tube amp it will most likely be able to.
What amp?
I'm pretty sure if you can use EL34s it's only like 1 or 2 resistors that need to be changed.
You need to make sure you have enough room though. KT88's are massive.

Edit: And KT88s are 45watt tubes, so you wont get very much overdrive out of them (If any)
You're on the right track with the guitar though. From what I've picked up, an alnico pickup will get you closer.
Dude, with an effects processor pedal and a shitty amp, you wont get that. You can get digital sounding versions, but you'll never get those tones.
If you really want to get those tones, try a Marshall JCM 800 and some decent individual overdrive pedals.