Organic is definitely better, and I try to buy organic (or at least local) as much as possible. There are studies that show the damages pesticides and other chemicals can have on your body, and there are studies that say they're fine for you. BUT most of the latter are funded by food companies who specialize in nonorganics. coincidence? no.
so i found out today that my university is going to be raising the price of tuition come next to fall to a rate I can no longer afford. I have already requested more aid and am currently receiving as much as I can get, but it still won't be enough, especially considering housing. Thing is, transfer application deadlines have already passed. Does anyone know if schools sometimes accept transfer students after the deadline, or have any similar experience?
not sure if anyone has seen/posted this already, but some look really cool. bob dylan is probably my favorite artist of all time, and i really like a lot of the artists covering his work, and it's great it's for a good cause. some, however, look like they will be cringe-worthy... ke$ha.................. i dont understand.

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my friends here at school are all pretty slutty to be honest. i mean dont get me wrong i like a roll in the hay as much as the next guy, but i'm in a relationship with someone back home, so it's kind of awkward a lot of the time if we go out and theyre putting the moves on people and i'm just trying to make friends
I've tried a couple times but my iron was always too low, then a bit under a year ago i got a tattoo and i dont think youre allowed to for at least a year after that.
but i swear i want to!
quick question: has anyone here had or know anyone who has had a long distance relationship that has actually worked out?
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Muse are famously really good live. Not so much these days, but Muse on stage during the early 00s was a sight to behold.

Not that I ever saw them during that period, but youtube loves me.

i actually saw muse this past saturday. they're still damn good.
well my summer was really awesome, in part due to the people i was with, and in part due to the stuff i did. i went to two large music festivals featuring a lot of my favorite bands, and i went camping/backpacking a lot with friends.
somewhat big name bands:
bob dylan
jackson browne
streetlight manifesto
arcade fire
black keys
the shins
ben folds
bright eyes
cold war kids
eminem (heh)
explosions in the sky
gaslight anthem
ke$ha (heh)
Matt & Kim
Mumford and Sons
My Morning Jacket
The Strokes

and a bunch of smaller ones, at festivals and local shows
as a girl, i use men's deodorant when i travel, and women's at home. not entirely sure why.
i've seen arcade fire twice now, and i would recommend their live shows to anyone, regardless of whether or not they're a huge fan. the band has a collective energy making each song powerful and amazing.
i went. dressed as dobby!
Boston, once school starts back up!
do it. fuck bitches get money.
i tend to kill pictures.
just found out the kings are staying in sacramento... !
conspiracy theories and tie-dye. my dad's the shit.
bitches man. no but really, i dont know what it is but something about being catty is just satisfying sometimes. releases tension, i guess. guys do it too, i've noticed, just not to each other, but to their girlfriends, and in more subtle (and therefore more annoying) ways.
bonnaroo music festival in tennessee and outside lands music festival in san francisco!
my mom's name is joy!
age 18
1. wake up
2. go to class/community service/what have you
3. homework or studying
4. dinner with friends
5. phone calls/ skype/ facebook to family and friends
6. sleep
most attractive: i've been told i have nice eyes and a nice butt. also that i am pretty nice overall.
least attractive: i have pretty low self-confidence which i know bugs the hell out of my significant other. workin on it though! other than that, i sometimes just like to annoy him by tickling him and touching his teeth when he smiles.
i'm quite a catch.
Whats good in your life at the moment?
i get to go home and see my family and old friends for the first time in months, this saturday

Whats bad in your life at the moment?
just negative feeilngs in general, i guess.

Are you happy?

Are you sad?
i'm pretty damn awkward when meeting new people. i either stay pretty quiet, which makes people think i dont like them, or i just get really giggly. it's kind of embarrassing, really. after that initial stage, i guess i'm still somewhat awkward, but i've been told it's endearing. plus i have like a million friends.
i can be very selfish in terms of talking about my problems to other people, burdening them unnecessarily. that and self consciousness.
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emphasis on the "jokes" i can be quite the prude.
losing my phone charger. will i ever have contact with the outside world again?!
pretty much anything by Jackson Browne- my dad's favorite artist when I was growing up, or i'd probably hate his music. but now i love it.
wouldn't it be nice by the beach boys -oh hey middle school, what's up
500 miles by the proclaimers- classic song with one of my old best friends.
-people who blindly hate on all organized religion, specifically christianity.
-people, men or women, who cheat on their partners
-hateful words towards minority groups- yeah, they might be just a word, but there is meaning behind it you can't ignore
-child abuse
and then various things that are more personal- jokes about me being a slut, disrespect to my family, etc.
teenage dream -katy perry <3
Shots -LMFAO
Church on White -Stephen Malkmus
Drum Song -The Temper Trap
Annie Waits -Ben Folds
Karma Police -Radiohead
trust, humor, intelligence, and kindness, i suppose. also i don't mind if they're extremely good looking.
On a date once...
Mom- robe
Dad- christmas ornament (a little tradition we have)
Grandma- mug from my university
Friend at home- shot glass from my university
Secret Santa for someone i dont know very well- bottle of rum
Boyfriend- can't say here, you never know who will be reading.
dancing is really fun, even if it's just a group of friends jumping about to music from the 90's. in fact, especially then. grinding can be fun, i guess, but i dont think i'd really do it with a random stranger- i'd rather with someone i'm dating. and if i'm dating, might as well do the real thing :p
The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire

This Is Happening, by LCD Soundsystem