hard please...soft beds are for the weak.
D A D E A C#

For the song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan :')
For real?

That's lame they enforced blocking their intellectual property this way
Hey Pit!

I just wanna know why are the tabs blocked in my country? Like...all of the Stairway to Heaven ones?

Play co-op, problem solved.

Otherwise, only noobies do what we here call"screening".
I looooove Skyrim.


I kind of got bored after obtaining Dragonplate armor set and Daedric Longsword because I could just march in anywhere and kill everything(honestly, I think slaughtering everyone at Solitude will be a stroll in the park, but I'm a good guy so it won't happen). Even lookng for treasure got boring and after I bought every single decoration for my both homes(Whiterun & Solitude) and equipped all my manequins and weapon stands will all sorts of exquisite items, I simply didn't play for a couple of days.

Then yesterday I discovered Blackreach. HOLY S*IT!!!oneoneoneone!1!!1!

I love this game again! So ****in beautiful! The last time I had such a childlike experience was when I came out of the Helgen ruins with that Imperial dude!


tl;dr Skyrim is AWESOME. Exactly when you think it's getting boring, you will find a dungeon that will blow your mind....AGAIN!
- That Santa and everything related to him is real
- That cowboy is an actual profession
- That wolves come to the streets at night
- That my dad should be the president
- That the world was in black and white when my parents were little
- All cartoon characters are real
- That medieval forts, tanks& helicopters and alien spaceships are all from the same era, and their battles I drew on A3 papers were actually happening somewhere in the world.
- That I'm the fastest runner in the world
- The toilet is a creature that eats our poo. And if you fall into it, you'll get eaten too!

Oh those were the days
You might want to give a little insight on the matter in your OP next time.

Pointless, boring, useless thread.
Quote by jani92jani
Walltext of RED quote

That was simply her(girls') way of saying: I want to bang you again.

OFC she knew you'd look. My bet is she was counting on it. Making guys jealous is part of slutty girls' strategy.

Sorry TS, but I've had some bad experiences.
I see you've done a little bit of smithing there? Or just a couple of days too much scavenging the caverns/barrows of Skyrim?

What you all playing btw?

I'm a greatsword-using, heavy armor wearing Nord thief. Taking no sides in the war - I'm just here to kill the dragons. Member of Thieves Guild and Companions, though.

EDIT: Oh yea. I'm a bard, too. But I hate it. Every one of those "groups" forces you to do their quests and join up because there's no option to tell them to go F themselves...
So...if I pick A, I will have bad luck for a week?
And if I pick the other (B), there won't be a difference?

..As in I'll still have bad luck for a week?

What is exactly the point of this poll then?
I say don't show her you care that much. Just go with the flow.

And I'm not saying not to care at all. That'd be equivalent of digging your own grave before a unceremonious execution.
Let's make a Chuck Norris out of "yellow". We can't lose!
And yes - I did what you requested.
So if they realize that you used "illegal" tricks to get that many votes.

Will they still let you win?

If they do, then it's like a mini-EMA. Rickroll'd
Away! Begone!
The clatter of it's pleas
My gosh! Ur dead!
Now I realize the "please"
This is not the Pit. Answers don't come in dozens over the period of 5 seconds.

I thought it was meh. Didn't spark my imagination. Sorry.
Quote by guitarist41
Fat goths aren't animals.

This made my day *wipes tear*

My favorite animals are:

Smooth. A bit too dissonant for my tastes but then again Jazz never made me cringe about itself. Kind of hated the generic singing voice, though.
The song speaks of the ever-so-strong desire to be the best (in everything), when you're young. Ends as if you'd grown up and realize there in fact really isn't such a need.
Picking sides
just to buy more time
as I crawl all over
your corpse.

Breaking rules
you worked hard on
but you knew I would
all along

Fight to win
a place to be
to rest before
you fall

Friends you had
now up above
don't realize
you're gone.

We fight to be the last one
they remember on the top
And they cheer when we get to
kill the ones who try to follow

Seeking crows
to crown us kings
but all we find
is war

Fight to hold
the line too long
won't let them take
your life

Prying off
the veil of hope
I see now with
blind hate

Crash and burn
is not my course
I still withheld
free will
which can never be found;
never be deciphered
or bound
which is far from our dreams of sound
and silence;
shroud light from our faces to the ground

All Star - Smash Mouth
Because he's never there when I need him!
I was about 9 or so.
Blur - Song 2

(FIFA 98' - RTWC opening music. I loved that game)
Sweet. Good point about the crown - I don't quite like it either. I just had no idea how to improve it, but thanks to you, I now do
Is it not all in one shade of black?

I'm not the one who made it so it's hard for me to say with all that white in the background

And thanks.
Yeh I forgot that the place I copied the first link was our MSN Skydrive page so it didn't show for you guys(no access) so I threw it up on imageshack now...

And thanks

Can you see it now?

We just got a band logo and I was just thinking what UG thinks of this.

We do mostly post-rockish songs but we dabble almost in any from of rock music, except all them metals. Some punk elements in some songs. Not yet fixed on a certain genre.

Make sure you vote!

Any ideas about the logo would be appreciated. Any likes/dislikes about it, too.
Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate, Prince of Persia(oh, wait!)

Wow. Just wow.

Though I'm not sure what this speaks of(environmentalism was my first idea), I can sum this up with one of your own lines:

so beautifully clear, and yet it lulls me

The next 5 lines of it were kind of choppy though..requires a bit too much figuring out if you ask me.

Very enjoyable read none the less. Has a nice flow to it(albeit the one part I wasn't sure of).
1. **** him
2. let him **** you
3. get sober
4. ???
5. Profit!

(old? yes I know)
Alcohol does not help. If you think it does, you're too drunk.

Same goes for drugs.
Did c4c. Go check it out.

More observations, please
I wish I could say something critical about this but I'm rather in awe.

This was greaT! Yes, with a capital T in the end, so freakin' incredible. I mean the emotions are so well and easily understandable and I simply love the bar theme you've put in the poem. I feel it gives so much of the aura it's supposed to create. So melancholic but yet the acceptance of defeat seems so natural in the beginning. Brilliant poem IMO.
So I wrote these lyrics keeping in mind a fairly usual break up routine. Sorrow - Hate - Acceptance. However as this is a story-lined song, I'm uncertain at best at some parts. So I need your help. I'll bold some lines in that I don't know what to do with and you can help me by saying whether they fit in there or should be exchanged.

-Here goes-

I haunt the seas at night
and roam the roads till dawn
I'm looking for my heart
I fear it's gone away

A stranger in the light
Alone he walks on by
can you hear his heart
It bleeds but it's still there

I glance at growing darkness
The man is nowhere now
it's hard to fight the sadness
I simply walk away

I feel alive
But I'm not sure
The pain inside
Makes me weep

*#* *#*

And all the while the dauntless
have yet to force their hearts

For my heart is broken
I found it on the ground

The man is laughing smoothly
as if to break his fall
I cast my eyes in the sky
it's raining all the time

As I stand here in darkness
I realize it's time
to break these chains on my mind
so I break down and cry

I feel alive
but I'm not sure
The pain inside
makes me scream
*#* *#*

This is the Sorrow part. Will post the other parts when I've received enough feedback from this. Also because I don't have the entire song finished as of yet.

All your opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and I will do a Comment4Comment if you wish it so...
Quote by Abacus11
Your English is very good. Line 6 in Verse 1 and Line 6 in the Chorus are a little off but besides that it's great.

A great idea would be to point out the mistakes, no?

Today you wear a dress
And you leave me breathless
You fill my emptiness
I'll be there when you stress
Because anything else
Then you seem so useless
And I wish our nights could be endless
And I want you to stay for the rest of my life
Cause you are the best

When you're with me baby
And I see you're so pretty
I can only thank God to have sent me
This Angelic Girl
When I look at your eyes baby
And I see you're such a cutie
I can only pray God won't take from me
My Angelic Girl
No problem, dude. A tip to write about "happy" songs is to actually write about stuff that would be cool. As in - you really love a Lamborghini Murcielago but you know you probably won't own one.

So what you do?

You write a song about escaping from the police with it!!!

Hey this is a pretty good idea..... there's a Pandora's box to be opened.

I wrote a 3 chord song. It's 4 minutes long. Verse has 2 chords, chorus all 3.

I made and finished the song at home and when I presented it during my band's practice session, the first thing I head was: "Mmm. I like it. It's catchy."

And I was like

So "catchy" is a relatively loose term. What seems dull and simple to you, might not to others.