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Being a closet nympho

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When they say they want to see you tomorrow then it comes tomorrow and they say they can't see you now because there going out for dinner or some other bullshit excuse. I have a better idea. Come see me you Fucking bitch.

Oh where does she live?? 300 metres down the road... Is it that hard to walk over and say Hi??!!


When your with them at night and they fall asleep on you!! There Fucking boring when there asleep. Wake UP!!

Me = Pissed Off
Girlfriend keeps doing this too me.

Well maybe you should do a bit more to keep her awake?
*laughs* So overall, guys wants us to shut up, have no opinion, cook and clean, and be their little sex ***** in private, and a quiet lady in public. *hmmm* this can be done.
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corpse, inflames, or chimara alot of there songs do that for me, and i listen to nyphetimine by Filth before i fight( MMA)

Its: Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth.

And it's a good song, actually.
Yep when i was younger i was learning how to ride a motorbike and my toenail got hit on a passing rock (iwas an idiot and didn't wear shoes) It didn't come off completely.... and it killed. Have fun with that. It took mine about a month to grow back. *cringes at memory*
Anything by Jesse McCartney. *shudders*
It revolves around... piano, singing, sex, and work....

You be the judge?
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Yeah but the pit everyone does. Everyone on here is a horny teenage male even you welcome to The Pit my friend.

QUOTE=Sabu]The people who wank in classrooms - that's kinda creepy.

My thoughts exactly.

okay i'll give you that. And thank you for the welcome.
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So erm crazy stuff you'vr wanked with? +10,000 profile views by the way for saying your a girl.

Pfft not everyone is so testosterone overwhelmed and horny that they look at a girl profile.

And honey, my hand work just fine. That and a thing called a BBB.
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Dont joke. thats hurts.
Ohhh... well i enjoy the milk
Whoa you seriously need to find a girlfriend.
Haha! This is hilarious, you guys make me laugh.
Its so much more exciting from a females perspective
Haha. That's awesome. *replays*
Fantasies anyone?

And i don't mean sexual - but their welcomed.


I'm lesbian now.
So? I'm new too and you don't see me posting blogs about it.

But hey
Hmmm every guys is different. Your boyfriend is probaby just worrying for you, and/or he is wanting to maybe be able to be a bit more rough with you without a fear of breaking you.
I would like to find some images similiar to this:

Any help?
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condoms if im bothered, though usually im too lazy to put one on and will just pull out instead

Wow your game. For ten minutes of pleasure (if you last that long), you'll face a lifetime of pain (hence a child).
Okay. We all know about condoms, the pill and "the withdrawal method" (though technically that ISN'T contraception).

So I'm curious UGers', what's your preferred technique?

Even though I'm quite sure the guys are more concerned with the pleasure factor *laughs*

I dont know you.... but


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This thread is misleading

I know
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Surely you can't be serious?

Oh i am. The guys here are wimps.
This MIGHT have been asked, but im not sifting through 162pages.

Well i do have a thing with rough sex... biting, scratching, everything.
But, I can't find anyone who is willing to just go for it. The guys i have dated are all afraid of 'hurting' me.

Any suggestions on how i can get through to them?
LOL is this a joke mocking the other thread of "help my friend is gay" ?

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Dude, my girl loves drinking my blood...

I say Squeeze Pop.

Iv used them before. They're a bit sticky. *shrugs*
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and everyone should know me

I'm sure they do..

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Tieheria, I noticed all you threads are somewhat sex related, it's hot!

Also: I have to agree with the strawberry syrup thing.

Oh please, their not all revolved around sex....... Just majority.

Okay, so i have a sexual appetite.

Can't a girl enjoy sex, too?
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whipped cream

Oh how original.
Best food to use in the bedroom?

My vote: Strawberry syrup.
I smiled. then thought 'wtf'?
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i honestly think youd be better off growing your hair out and styling it like this:

Hahaha. Win.
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Some girls get really unnoticeable haircuts, it's the truth.

Okay i'll give you that one.
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me and my ex never chilled out. we were always too horny to chill.

doing stuff together is foolproof like watching a concert or going to a museum...?

or try teaching each other something. keep the kink to a minimum so she'll want it more.

Or she'll get restless and give up.

Either or.

Depends on whether she's a nympho or not.
Relationship thread.

And your a lousy boyfriend.

Ummm why are you asking UGers???