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I used to have the vampire thing bad.

Sometimes I still dream about it.

Eternally young, cool powers. Quite liked the idea of finding some chick to be my vampire bride.

Yeah and the overall view of "without beauty - your nothing". Your not eternally young, unless you become a vampire at the age when you are young.

Vampire bride? lol
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obviously a scene kid, everyone knows that vampires arent 'mythological creatures'

Scene? Haha not quite darling. Well they are a myth, arn't they?
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I fuck her harshly, how's that?

Well better. **** her like you mean it. And did you mean roughly??
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When did we get a bunch of asian girls on ug? "(hugz)"

Where are the asians??? *looks puzzled*
Mythological Creatures.

Well at the moment i have a thing with vampires, sounds stupid i know.

But I'm curious if anyone wishes they could by a mythological creature, or admire one.

Not much. I am a cadbury.


In Mist She Was Standing - Opeth.
Go to a doctor, and eat something. If you keep vomiting, and there is nothing to vmoit up, you'll start throwing up stomach acids, which will effect yur teeth. Make your your burshing them a lot. And if you vomit a lot, you can vomit your stomach lining. So go eat, get a doctors appointment, and get off UG and lay down.

[hug] hope you feel better
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I fuck her gently

Pffft gently? Eh, thats no fun.
Well anything. If she is really into you, you can do anything and she'll be happy. Go for a walk, maybe show her some games you play (if you do) she might suck, kill your levels, and not be interested, but she'll be thankful your trying to include her. Play cards, WATCH a movie. And then, if you've earnt it.. i have to say it... sex.
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Apocalypse or no Apocalypse, there's fuck all we can do about it.

Really? Sure about that?

Going to bed now. Night [hugs and squeeze]
So with this allignment that has only happened once before. If it is such a huge thing, and its not the apocalypse.... what do you think will happen... nothing?
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I will forgive your spelling of creativity, and yes I am currently uninspired in my art.

*there there* Well i think i've had enough flattery for one night. Im going to keep the thread on topic for a bit, okay darl? Have a good night, all the best with the girlfriend.

Okay well i'll give my opinion then. As people have said, yeah its bull****, a prediction is almost a guess, althought he did back it up with some reasoning.

Although, as i think someone has mentioned, he is just giving an outline or reminder to us of how our actions are effecting the world. Althought his prediction could be off time, and things can be altered due to some changes.

I don't believe it as such, but it is a bit of a wake-up call.
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Well, I'm a right brainer, so i'm a natural romantic.

The two I have on my profile pic are nothing compared to the ones on my hard drive

Does that also mean you have no creativety streak in you.

And yes i am female.

And no i was actually trying to keep this on track, thank you. And if you are so concerned, bring it back and stop complaining.

[sends thanks to Carswell] *hug*
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Yes I'd like to meet you, I would relish meeting the face behind the words. My girlfriend isn't the jealous type, that's part of why I love her so much.

And what did you do to deserve this flattery?

It's not what you did, it's what your mother did.

She gave birth to you.

Where do you get all these lines from? Lol. And she wouldn't want to be, or you would be single by now. Face behind the words... Ok i can settle for that excuse. If you haven't gathered I'm not easy to crack. Those sweet lines only get you so far, honey.
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Thank you

Too bad you live down under..... I'd like to meet you one day.

Well maybe when I replace Petrucci and go on tour in australia I'll make arrangements with you.

But until then, I shall keep serenading you with prose and flattery.

Down under.. yeah. Well you know what they say about us. You'd like to meet me? Well, I'm sure you would. What would you girlfriend think of you showering me with such sweet words? And what did i do to deserve the flattery?
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=_= That's Chanelle........

Sorry, darling.

Nice poem tho. Btw, i'll stop being rude to you now. Nice job.
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Well if mere free speech cannot convey my message, then perhaps some of my prose will..

An intense humidity, it makes me uncomfortable.
My body sweats. My cheeks turn red.
The heat is unbearable
I need to cool down.
But I love the heat.
How it ravages my body, it makes it humble.
Burning, singing, it makes my blood roil with a furious tempo
I love that fire
I want to spread it to others and make them feel the heat that I so love.
I bask in it, every lick of the flames, I feel it touch my very soul.
This fiery inferno, which ignites my own fires, will never go out, it burns everlong, and I stoke it and kindle it because that fire is you

Well nice poem... did you get it off a website that 100's of lovestruck teens write deep poetry about a fling they'll forget about two weeks later?


is this the poem you maybe used on the girl chantelle in your signature? Seeing as i don't see myself mentioned.

Those are very strong words, darling. Especially to someone you barely know. Keep trying.
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I watched the same show you watched tonight, i was even going to make a thread on it too.

Anyways, it is really strange. Apparently 1992 is when everything was meant to go downhill; everything is meant to come to a dramatic end in 2012; as predicted by Nostradamus and the Mayans'. I cant remember the exact words, but in the Galaxy, two axis' are going to merge in the centre of the galaxy in 2012, with Earth being straight in the middle of these two merging axis (I think one was the called the divine cross and the other was the terrestrial cross, or something like that). There was also talk of three lunar eclipses' and a solar eclipse' or something like that happening during this period. Well anyways, when these axis are said to cross, all hell is going happen (Apocalypse). I think it was also said that before the 'Apocalypse' was going to happen, there was going to be a large or worldwide flood, there was also talks about fire engulfing worldwide, said to be caused by meteorite collisions. Basically he is saying that this has all happened because of us (which is true), all this killing of innocence in war, global warming and countless other things, has been caused by none other than us.Basically if this prediction is true, Nostradamus is trying to, or has warned us about this impending disaster, but he is also implying that there is still time to change the future.

There you go, you explained it well. lol. Yeah and the 8 ponts crosing over, and the 13th horoscape between i think saggitarius and capricorn or something?
Carswell98. I like you.

[adding you now.]
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Will do, mon cheri.

How about now?
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I give up on this thread, Tieheria, you're doomed to a life of flattery, lol

No i never quit. And doomed with flattery? Well yes, unless someone is good at it. I have yet to establish whether "sock_demon" is. We'll see.

Back on subject now.
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I apologize for my forwardness, I have not earned the privelidge to silence you yet.
A thousand roses, all of them red, except for a sole white one, that's you, because you stand out among all the others. And what would we do with the time?

Anything you want, my dear.

(Btw guys, the water and energy debate is good, loving it.. i won't say who i agree with as of yet)

Don't apologise just don't do it again. Silence me yet.. How do you intend on shutting me up, darling?

I'd prefer black ones, but of course you'd know they don't exist only in a deep red. A white one? I'm not innocent enough to handle the colour white, Sorry.

Your an interesting unit. You know that *sends you another kiss* Go back to my thread, I was qute disappointed that you never replied. Meet you there.
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So.... what are you doing later tonight Tieheria?


Just you shut your mouth, sweetcakes.

I have a bottle of Dom Perignon and a thousand rose petals, and all the time in the world.

Be mine?

Well. Telling me to shut up doesn't mean i will. Make me.

A thousand rose petals... I'd rather a thousand roses.

All the time in the world.. what would we do exactly?

Okay to stop the argueing.
*kisses for everyone*
Okay, now, can we please get back to the point, guys?

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"and old rich family ended up getting killed"

I r speechless. Please explain, TS?

It was a three hour documentary, you cant expect me to remember everything, can you? I might be a woman... but come on.


It was some royal family in france, He and his wife got beheaded, and their children got killed, due to some rumour of where their religious beliefs were.
*ahem* Guys... can we get back on subject? Thanks *blows a kiss*
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His quatrains are vague and easily interpretable by anyone who wants to make it appear like they are accurate predictions.

For example:

Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
When the child of Germany observes nothing.

This is supposed to be a prediction of the German army invading France in WW2. Huh?!

I thought that was about 'hilter' if i can remember, but hey, true. I don't believe it much either, im just grabbing opinions as i do know some people who truely believe the world will end in 4 years. Butyes, thanks for the normal contribution.
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I know you're knew here, but you see those red letters? Well, sweetie, that means he's an administrator, don't call him pissy and you won't get warned for flaming.

It wasnt aimed at him... lol Sorry i should quote.
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BS i can predict you read something in the future.. there we go... done... believe me do ya?

i dont think so.

Your one of the people that need to grow up.

Re-read the post. Did i once say i believed it.
God, why does everyone get so pissy. I think *some* people need to grow up. Cant a civilised debate occur? And i didn't once say i believed it or not. I was just getting opinions.
Nostradamus prophecy on the Apocalypse

Well i watched a documentary on it. And the new book they found in a library of france of Nostradamus.

They were saying how in his past writtings, he fortold the happenings on many events, including old history of a prince being be-headed, the twin towers, the 2 shootings of the pope, the terroism, osama bin laden etc

This new book has no writting, as it was too dangerous in the 1600's to put anything derogatory about the church on paper.

There are 21 images all together, ultimatly leading to the end of the world, with a date of 2012, due to the 8 points meeting for the second time in the world history after 3 eclipses.

A load of bull? Or do you think this guy has it down pat, like he did with the other visions that happened?
Well you can't buy it was there is only one copy is the world, although its a good read on the wedsite.

Nostradamus prophecy on the Apocalypse.

There has been a new founded book in france of some events leading to the end of the world, up to the time and date.

Who knows if its true. But in his past writtings, he frotold the twin towers, an old rich family who ended up getting killed, some pope incidents, osama bin laden.

And they all came true, he obviously wasn't spot on. Im not saying i believe it, but its a good read.

Someone is trying to hide a list of tit related google searches from their parents i think

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you probably updated your itunes. that happened to me yesterday and it resulted in apparently not all the itunes files installed so i uninstalled and reinstalled etc. just open the new version of itunes that you've installed from your start bar. if that's not the case then i haven't got a clue


Thanks you.

Okay so. I went through some stupid update thing for it.

Then, the thing wont turn on.

Then i plug it in and it isn't even recognised.

Any idea's?
On my tum-tum cuddling a pillow
Okay well, Asking people on UG isn't really a good idea, i mean yes some people would know, and yet there are sure to be some people on here who are prattling ****. Go to a licensed website from a medical background, its more reliable then some people on UG. As for asking people opinions and getting them to tell you what to do. You're a big boy, im sure you can make you own decisions for you. Obviously you know asthema and drugs don't mix, seeing as you mentioned it yourself. There is nothing wrong with being curious, just remember the old saying With people you trust, and in a location your comfortable in .

make the right decision.