If only i could.. - Amy someone.
Confession.. I own lesbian porn :O
My hands and toes. I have tiny little hands. and my little toe on my foot is retarded.
I got suspended from pre-school.
Unless you separe frost and bitten, then its

Frost bitter Skog

There you go
Frostbitten Skog

I was born in Norway.

Id know.

Not our fault we are favoured.
Oh.. i thought it was because like the sirens took them into another dimention, i thought they were stuck there.
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i think the acceptability of penis size has a lot to do with the size and vaginal looseness of the girl. it's like the difference between a porn star and a virgin midget.

This is a bit weird. Guys all talking about their dick sizes to eachother lol
In a pre-school or low primary school..

Your first sign of being a pedophile. lol.
guy : is it in?
I dont know you, so i can't insult you.

10/ 10

Aww this thread has made me happy.
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You usually make a V.2 when the thread has died or it has a ridiculous amount of replies. It's not time to make a V.2 of this stupid thread, so delete it.

I don't even get why people think it's funny in the first place...

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I do it when I'm sick too! I'm not sure if it actually helps or not, but it makes you feel better afterwards.

Me too
Of course we masterbate.
Some do more than guys
Some less.
We are human too
We do have a sexual appetite
We do have hands (some toys)

And we do enjoy it.

Grow up and ask somethign decent.
Okay well sex in high school might not be the best suitable thing. But if people have done it, so what, its not your dick entering a chick. And if they brag, well, ignore them. If your wrapped up and concentrating on your 'music life' or 'education' then, concentrate harder, im sure it isn't difficult to not give a crap.

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I'm not the first to say this, but it's all about perception.

+ 1
Really corny, but from Moulan Rouge.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love, and to be loved in return."
Sorry guys didn't konow it'd been done. Newbie *waves*.

Sorry guys!
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i think i prefer not being an asshat over looking like a total tool. but some people like sucking dick. it's all just a matter of opinion. ladies all think you're a total homo anyways.

ps, you really look cool with your track record for being a jerk.

Thank you for that.

AND IM BACK!!! Well I've done, Fetish Thread, Favourite Position, Lingerie... waste of time?

And someone suggested last night to do a thread about the prefered breast size/type.

The stereotype is 'bigger is better'

or 'more than a handful is a waste'

What do you think guys?


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Dude if I was her I would have posted some random ugly ass fat chick wearing almost nothing to scar these people for life xD

Then like 5 pages later ensure everybody that it wasn't her.

I thought of that. But anyone could just click on my name and see my profile. It screams Trap. Anyway im new only been on here 6 days and i only have 180 friends

Well anyway NOW I AM GOING. i keep getting distracted and its 3.10am lol

im off to bed everyone. hope you enjoyed the thread, theres anotrher one about lingerie people are liking too. Goodnight
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no no, thank you. this is a great thread. lol. you got my girl on UG!

Nawwwrrr. Because of my kinky/sex/nympho topics what a great rep LOL

Comment or PM me sometime.

Okay everyone. Im going to bed i think. Or maybe in a while. Add me if you like. Enjoy the thread everyone, thanks for the input
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I think a "What size are your breasts?" thread is in order.

People will think im a lesbian.
But i guess they already think im a nympho so what the hell. maybe tomorrow its 2.15am here lol
What to start next iv done

Favourite position
Fetish Thread
Lingerie Thread.
What would you say before you died.

Those are my first 4 threads.
ahhh i feel so new and dweeby. Oh well
Oh your welcome. I need some new friends on my profile. Im lonely.
BTW, why does everyone call me TS?
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why thank you. Im not a nympho tho. I just get accused of being one.
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I said that to my ex girlfriend and she accused me of being a nymphomaniac

Your not alone
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Bah Tieheria, it's not how quickly you can get them off, it's how it gets taken off. Sensuality, etc. If a lady dresses up nicely, goes to an effort to look sexy or whatever, then I'm going to thank her for it!

Teenage boys on UG need to learn that sex isn't about the whole "wham-bam-thankyou-mam" approach, the guys need to learn to please the girl, first and foremost. Everything else comes second!

You win.
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Post some pics of you in your lingerie?

Haha you wish baby. Im not a local cam*****.
Well im new on UG, be expecting more
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What's with all the sexy/risqué threads Tieheria? Doesn't your man keep you busy enough offline?

LOL not all of them are bad. Just a whole lot of guys in one place, good time to ask questions. Besides, maybe i have a healthy sexual appetite ? lol
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also a bra does prevent your nipples being seen when it's cold and turning every guy into a horny sex crazed staring machine.

not it its a fine netting.