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My girlfriend in underwear is enough to turn me on, but when its hot underwear it just makes it that much sweeter. Yes, we do notice.

Thats a relief. I have a heap and sometimes i think... yeah.. why bother?
Meh, they would be like 'Hey thats nice' 'i wonder how long it takes for me to get it off'
*rip* Okayl ready for action!!!!!!!!!!
like a see through net mini dress?
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Pretend it's a girl from behind. If you pretend it's a girl, it's not gay.

That's what they teach you in prison.

Alright ladies, we spend money, to buy lingerie, to look good for the males.

In the end, it gets taken off anyway, right?

And what type do we get? preppy? gothic?

Do they even notice?

Does it make a difference?

Guys.... spill.
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"I have so much to giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeee"

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' i never found a woman to give up her fist virginity to me'

Thats sucks. sorry
What would be the last thing you'd say before you died?
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You've obviously never tried to lick a girl out with long hair drooping everywhere.

This guy Ataxia has the most sexiest hair ever lol And yes he has a point, Altho, the girl can hold your hair back, but from all the head/neck movements its easier if you just tie it up.

And little elastic ones are fine, white, black, whatever.

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A voice of reason in the pit?

Kudos coming your way maam!

*laughs* Thank you
Well i dont eat red meat, not because i am a vegetarian, but i just don't like the taste. But People who are vegetarians are doing what they feel is right, yes them not eating meat isn't going to make much of a difference the the ratio of people who do. But they would feel better within themselves and their beliefs i guess.
This is similiar to religion. If you don't believe it, don't worry about it, it doesn't affect you. Move on.

Go Vegans
Go meatlovers.

Doesnt matter
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I wouldn't know, I've never used one. Let me ask a question that will pertain to me more..

Do you girls feel any different when we use a Dorito bag and a rubber band?

By the word 'WE' im assuming you meant YOU.

Well i dont know. Ask one of your x's.


Condoms arnt that expensive
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I'm allowed to be Not all men are asses, though most of the women I know seem to think we are

Uhh, sort of. Though they did more for my ex-gf than they did for me.

Well i know they do things for us just wondering if it did anything to you guys.
And well, can you blame us? Half of he males step over females like dirt.
I guess that goes both ways, there are b****s out there too. Okay im done complaining. Thanks for adding the romance, good to know there is still some 'love' in sex.
Hey question for the males

Do you guys feel any different with ribbed condoms?
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Now that you say it, shower sex is great too. So's sex in the pool, especially at night, under the moon etc etc..

But doing it in a car is hella awkward!

Car sex is over rated, for sure.

Under the moon... naaawwrrr. Since when are guys romantic these days?
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Lol, that's my preferred way of proceedings.

YAY i think i beat my grilfriend.
Here what the voted were.

Girl on top
Girl on Bottom (missionary)
When both parties are sitting up
Shower sex
Back wards cowgirl
and Doggy Style....

Yaha. Good old sleepovers. lol
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Take the headstock off and the fretboard is ribbed for her pleasure.

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and of course, a great view of boobies. by gf is DD, so its perfect

Well have you ever tried backwards cowgirl? You don't see boobs, but you get an ass veiw? lol
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i love it.

oh good its fun. Besides, it gives the girl a chnace to controlt hings, and a guy a chance to sit back and well, enjoy the ride.
Does anyone think missionary is getting old?
Doesn't anyone like the good old girl on top anymore?
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I have one, but I think another UGer would get a little pissed off...

You've already brought it up, so share it.
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hand-on-cock position, it's the only one I know.


Alright i had a few of my girlfriends over before, and once girls start talking... especilly on the subject of sex, quite a few opinions come out!

One debate came up "Whats your favourite position??"
There were quite a few responses.

What do you guys think?
Hmmm well .... with the domination, whats the poit of being insane? Its there a crossing line between 'domination' and being insane?
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TS, did you make this thread because I asked you for pictures of your feet?

Yes i made this thread from that comment! lol

Everyone enjoy?

BTW, domination is great, i agree.
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An ex girlfriend told me she liked watching men piss.

I wasn't with her for much longer.

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And we welcome you my lady, here is a flower .

Nawwwwrr. Im happy again now
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Indeedy, It's UG loike. We aint THAT bad.

EDIT: Here's a list of some. Some are quiet wierd.

THAT bad. Well not yet. *laughs* Well the curiosity started when i heard of a pinky fetish. Odd huh. lol
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Exactly, I don't think anyone would actually admit such a fetish. It's odd that you would half-expect something like that to appear in such a place as well.

Um, you just quoted yourself...weirdo

Does that count as a fetish? The liking of weird people/weirdos?

Lol. sorry. Im new.
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Exactly, I don't think anyone would actually admit such a fetish. It's odd that you would half-expect something like that to appear in such a place as well.

They dont necessarily have to have it. Just curious as to what people have heard of.
Geeez the pit is pretty full on
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Umm yea?

Ever heard of a scat fetish. Really disgusting.
I guess, even if someone DID have that fetish, the wouldnt admit it on UG! lol

settle. /b/ is horrible.

Its not like im into the sick ones. Jut curious as to what ones were out there. That's all.
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Umm yea?

Ever heard of a scat fetish. Really disgusting.
I guess, even if someone DID have that fetish, the wouldnt admit it on UG! lol
to be honest. im quite disappointed i was expecting some sick and twisted ones.
Hmm has anyone ever heard of the pinky fetish???
I heard it from someone. Odd huh.
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Blood, vampirism, possible domination. >.>

Heh! Your awesome.
*Adding you now*
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OKAY so we have all heard of the feet fetish, maybe a domination fetish. But did we ever understand them.

And im am sure there are some fetishs out there that arnt very common. I'd like to hear them..

Be nice, No spammers, enjoy.

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^ I did ........ for dinner! tuna and cheese with chilli sauce!

Oh yum *licks lips*